Chapter 3495: S rap Metal

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“That old dragon is really extravagant…” Huang Long looked at the gates and sighed.

Pangu roared with laughter, “My *ss! He’s a stingy old b*stard! He’s a universally renowned miser! The only reason he brought out the dragon soul crystals is to show off his wealth! This is the only thing he spent on in his life!”

Huang Xiaolong and the others roared with laughter.

“Even so, this does show that the old freak is rich…” Pangu muttered. “The Submerged Dragon Institute owns the largest chamber of commerce in the Star Dragon Universe. The Submerged Dragon Chamber of Commerce can support half the entire universe on its own!”

Huang Xiaolong was tongue-tied.

If Pangu could say something like that, Old Dragon Yu Long was really filthy rich.

“If we get the time, I want to try stealing that old dragon’s treasury,” Pangu snickered. “It’s said that the Yu Long Treasury is the most well-stocked treasury in the Star Dragon Universe! It probably has everything other than Star Dragon Essence.”

“What about universe-level spiritual veins?” Huang Xiaolong couldn't help but ask.

Even though the most important thing they needed to acquire was the Star Dragon Essence, Huang Xiaolong didn’t give up on improving his strength. After all, no one knew when Huang Sheng and Meng Tian would show up. As such, he would have to enter the large completion stage of the God of Creation in order to protect himself.

His master, Pangu, couldn’t protect him at all times.

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Pangu chuckled when he heard Huang Xiaolong’s question. “Little brat, are you really thinking of robbing old dragon Yu Long?! I know… Why don't the two of us work together? After we stabilize your father’s condition with the Star Dragon Essence, we’ll rob the old miser!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in embarrassment.

Amidst their laughter, Huang Xiaolong and the others entered the gates of the Submerged Dragon Institution.

As the institution was split into the outer and inner courtyard, everyone could enter. However, only inner disciples could enter the inner courtyard. As such, Huang Xiaolong and the others weren’t obstructed at the gates.

Stepping through the gates, they could see that the Submerged Dragon Institution was located on a giant plane. Countless palaces could be seen on it, and experts of various races filled the lands.

“The headquarters of the Submerged Dragon Chamber of Commerce is located right here, and it’s the busiest place in the Star Dragon Universe! It’s even more lively than the Bearded Dragon City.” Pangu introduced.

“It’s no wonder…” Gu Yuan exclaimed.

As Pangu was familiar with the place, they soon made their way towards the inner courtyard.

Nothing noteworthy happened along the way, and they arrived in several days.

When they reached the entrance to the inner courtyard, they saw hundreds of disciples guarding the place. All of them reached the grand perfection level in two elements or more.

Huang Xiaolong felt that it was a little weird that the guards were experts who had comprehended several elements to the grand perfection level. After all, experts at that level would be regarded as important figures even in the various creeds.

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“If you wish to enter the inner courtyard, you will have to comprehend several elements to the grand perfection level! As such, even the patriarchs of top creeds might not be able to enter!” Pangu explained. “There are countless disciples in the inner courtyard who have comprehended two to three elements to the grand perfection level. Only those who have reached the grand perfection level in five or more elements would be counted as elite disciples!”

“In order to become core disciples, one will have to reach the grand perfection level in nine elements!”

“No matter how many talented disciples there are, the number of disciples who reached the grand perfection level in thirteen elements can probably be counted on one hand. Out of ten thousand of them, it would be great if one of them could reach that level!” Pangu sighed. 

“How many disciples are there in the Submerged Dragon Institution?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Probably several tens of millions…” 

Huang Xiaolong and the others were shocked.

Tens of millions! And all of them were experts who had comprehended the elements to the grand completion stage!

That was indeed a shocking amount of power.

“That… Wouldn’t that mean that they would possess several thousand experts who had comprehended all thirteen elements at the grand perfection level?” the Ice King gasped.

Pangu nodded slightly. “When I was messing about in the Star Dragon Universe in the past, they had nearly three thousand experts at that level.”

Huang Xiaolong and the others looked at each other in disbelief.

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Even though tens of millions of disciples who had comprehended the elements to the grand perfection level was shocking, three thousand disciples who reached the grand perfection level in all thirteen elements was terrifying!

Even in the Meng Tian Universe and the Blazing Dragon Universe, no singular power would be able to gather so many experts.

“Even though they possess that many experts, the number of disciples with more than a billion units of grand cosmos energy number in the twenties,” Pangu continued.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in understanding. That was a lot more explainable. If they had more than a hundred disciples at that level, their existence would be in defiance of the heavenly laws.

“The number I just said doesn’t include the teachers. They hire their teachers separately, and there are several students who choose to be teachers in the Submerged Dragon Institution after graduation,” Pangu sighed. “There are more than a hundred teachers in the institution, and all of them possess a billion units of grand cosmos energy.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head in amusement, “I’m afraid that there aren’t many powers that possess as many experts as the Submerged Dragon Institution…”

“Of course there is. The Creation Divine Palace in the First Universe is one of them,” Wang Meiqi replied.

Everyone stared at her in shock.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

“Creation Divine Palace?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“That’s right. That’s where Mei Jie is from!” A trace of hatred flashed in her eyes.

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Pangu nodded his head. “Indeed, the Creation Divine Palace in the First Universe is a behemoth. Not even three Submerged Dragon Institutions would be able to match up to them!” 

Huang Xiaolong’s heart sank.

When they approached the inner courtyard, the entire party was stopped.

“Bring Lu Qianqian out. Tell her I’m here,” Pangu spoke to the guards.

They were shocked to hear her name.

“Are you talking about Teacher Lu?” Someone among the guards stepped out and looked at Pangu from tip to toe.

Lu Qianqian wasn’t a mere treacher in the Submerged Dragon Institution. She was the most talented one out of all of them, and everyone expected her to enter the God of Creation Realm in the future.

Moreover, she was the top beauty in the institution, and everyone adored her.

Pangu nodded and muttered, “Go look for her. Tell her it’s me.” After speaking, he threw a copper plaque over to the guards. There wasn’t anything on the plaque other than the insignia of an axe.

The disciple stared at Pangu suspiciously. He looked at the plaque, and sneered, “What kind of scrap metal is this?! Do you really think you can meet Teacher Lu by throwing this piece of trash at me? Not even the patriarchs of the various creeds can meet with Teacher Lu, much less someone like you!” 

After he spoke, he threw the copper plaque back at Pangu’s face. “Take your junk and f*ck off. Don’t block the entrance of our Submerged Dragon Institution.”

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