Chapter 3493: 3493

Chapter 3493: Dragon Eye Cliff

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As Huang Xiaolong, Huang Long, and Wang Meiqi strolled towards the entrance, Huang Xiaolong stopped to stare at Ao Guang when they passed him. In that instant, Ao Guang felt as though the god of death had descended on the lands.

“I’ll spare your life this time because of Xu Long. If you try this again, I’ll kill you,” Huang Xiaolong stated.

If Ao Guang dared to pull something like this again, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t care if he was Xu Long’s descendant.

Ao Guang was stuck in his place even after Huang Xiaolong and the others left. As for Ao Wen and the others, they felt as though they were stuck in a dream.

“God… God of Creation?!” one of the maidservants yelled after a long time.

Ao Wen sucked in a cold breath, and she muttered, “I have no idea… Even if they aren’t, they should be close.”

At the very least, they are at the peak of the grand perfection level!

They definitely have more than three hundred million units of grand cosmos energy!

“Is Wang Meiqi the God of Creation among the three?” someone else asked.

“Probably…” Ao Wen paused for a second before replying.

Just a moment ago, none of the three did anything out of the ordinary. As such, she had no idea who killed the thousands of experts on Ao Guang’s side.

“Who are they?! Why would they have such a powerful bodyguard around them? Huang Xiaolong’s father looks like he suffered from some serious injuries…”

Ao Guang finally snapped back to reality, and a look of fear and resentment flashed in his eyes.

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He only managed to gain the thousands of experts he brought with him after spending tons of effort! They could be said to be more than half the power he possessed! Now, in ten breaths of time, all of them were annihilated!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

“Second Brother, what do you think you’re doing?!” Ao Wen yelled when she noticed the killing intent leaking from him.

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Ao Guang glared at her and snapped, “What do you think I’m doing?! This is all because of you! Ao Wen, you allowed suspicious people into the palace to kill my subordinates! They killed members of our Bearded Dragon Celestial Empire! I will look for Emperor Father in a while, and he shall mete out your punishment!”

He left as soon as he spoke to meet with Celestial Emperor Ao Wen.

Third Princess Ao Wen could only stomp her feet angrily in response.

“The Second Prince is full of lies! Didn’t he bring all his men over in order to force Huang Xiaolong to hand over the dragon marrow? How is this your fault?” a maidservant complained.

Ao Wen’s expression fell, and she caught up to Ao Guang. She turned to her maidservants and ordered, “All of you shall follow me to meet with Emperor Father.”

A moment later, Celestial Emperor Ao Wen heard the story from the raging Ao Guang, and he was stunned. The experts in the hall were equally as shocked.

“What did you say?! Someone killed thousands of your subordinates in the Bearded Dragon Palace?! Even Li Xufei and Zhao Yitong were killed?!”

The two of them were experts who had comprehended all thirteen elements to the grand perfection level. They were supreme experts in the celestial empire, and they even caught the attention of the celestial empire.

The only thing more surprising was that none of them in the main hall of the imperial palace noticed anything when Ao Guang’s subordinates were slain. Otherwise, the experts around him would have long since alerted him.

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“That’s right!” Ao Guang repeated everything that happened during the ‘battle’.

Celestial Emperor Ao Wen and the others fell silent after hearing what he said.

“None of the three made a single move and the time around your men slowed down?! They exploded soon after?!” Celestial Emperor Ao Wen’s expression was serious.

“Yes, Emperor Father,” Ao Guang replied.

Turning to one of the experts beside him, Celestial Emperor Ao Wen asked, “Elder Yu, what do you think?”

There were four eminent elders in the Bearded Dragon Celestial Empire, and Ao Chengyu was the strongest among them. He was at the grand perfection level of the Dao Venerable Realm, and he was close to entering the God of Creation Realm. His strength was comparable to Gu Yuan and Long Yi before they broke through to the God of Creation Realm.

Ao Chengyu frowned. “Even I can’t do something like that.”

The experts of the celestial empire were shocked to hear that.

Ao Guang’s eyes went wide as he gasped in shock, “Elder Yu, do you mean that out of the three, one of them has reached the God of Creation Realm?!” He stumbled over his words.

God of Creation!

The entire hall fell silent.

Ao Wen, who wanted to say something, fell silent.

“That’s right. If I’m not wrong, either Huang Xiaolong or the woman he brought with him should be a God of Creation.” Ao Chengyu nodded slightly. He was sure of what he said.

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“Emperor Father, this…” Ao Guang turned to Celestial Emperor Ao Wen and asked.

“Your Majesty, should we get Senior Ao Yu to see how strong they are?” Ao Chengyu asked.

Xu Long wasn’t the only God of Creation in the Bearded Dragon Celestial Empire. There were other Gods of Creation, but the only one present was Ao Yu.

Celestial Emperor Ao Wen paused for a second, but he soon nodded his head. “Alright. I will look for senior Ao Yu later.”

Huang Xiaolong and the others were indeed suspicious. Now that they were residing in the Bearded Dragon City, he had to know how strong they really were.

At the same time, Celestial Emperor Ao Wen got several men to investigate Huang Xiaolong. He sealed the news of Ao Guang’s subordinates’ death, and everyone in the hall was made to take an oath of silence.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others returned, he told Pangu of the location of the Star Dragon Essence.

“Oh? Submerged Dragon Institution?” Pangu was stunned by the news.

“However, Ao Wen said that she has no idea where it is. Master, where do you think it could be located?” Huang Xiaolong asked Pangu.

Since Pangu had lived in the Star Dragon Universe for quite some time, he should be familiar with the institute.

“Submerged Dragon Sea, Coiling Dragon Divine Tree… It might also be in the Sleepy Dragon Pool. Dragon Soul Wasteland…” Pangu spoke of several locations that came to mind.

The Submerged Dragon Institution was explored a long time ago. If any of those locations held the Star Dragon Essence, it would have been dug up by some lucky soul. As such, only several hidden regions were left.

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Huang Xiaolong noted down the locations of everywhere Pangu mentioned.

However, Pangu seemed to have thought of something, and he cried out, “Wait! The Dragon Eye Cliff!”

“Dragon Eye Cliff?” Huang Xiaolong and Huang Long asked.

“That’s right. The Dragon Eye Cliff. It’s a cliff face made of jade, and it contains a ton of dragon eyes. It’s said that the cliff has been in existence since the start of time, and it’s even older than the Bearded Dragon World! Not even the old dragon, Xu Long, knows for how long the cliff has existed! The Dragon Eye Cliff is located in the depths of the Submerged Dragon Institution, and no one has been able to comprehend its mysteries. Not even Xu Long and Yu Long understood the intricacies behind it!”

Huang Xiaolong, Huang Long, and Wang Meiqi stared at Pangu in shock.

“Is the Dragon Eye Cliff really that mysterious?” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Pangu sighed, “I tried to comprehend the mysteries behind the Dragon Eye Cliff in the past, but I failed to fully understand it. The dragon eyes in the cliff face have always been closed, and legends have it that anyone who can cause the dragon eyes to open will be able to understand the mystery behind the Star Dragon Universe! They will also be able to obtain countless treasures!”


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