Chapter 3490: 3490

Chapter 3490: Third Princess

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The thirteen universes weren’t born at the same time. The First Universe was the oldest, and it possessed the strongest experts. The Star Dragon Universe came right after, and they were only second to the First Universe.

Naturally, the amount of time a universe existed for didn’t represent its strength. The Blazing Dragon Universe was the youngest universe, but their strength ranked in the top four!

“Xu Long might be strong, but we’re not afraid of him.” Pangu snorted and released his aura. He might not have reached the peak of the grand completion stage, but he was capable of fighting Xu Long.

Huang Xiaolong and the others went straight for the core region of the Bearded Dragon World.

Along the way, they saw countless flying ships all around them. Like what Pangu said, almost everyone there was a member of the Dragon Race. It was hard to find an expert of another race even after screening through ten thousand experts.

Half a month later, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived in the capital city of the Bearded Dragon Celestial Empire. Purchasing a manor, they settled down in it.

Huang Xiaolong sent Gu Yuan and Long Yi out to look for clues about the Star Dragon Essence.

However, they failed to bring back any news after several years.

In the years that passed, Huang Xiaolong devoured the universe essence at night while comprehending the laws that governed them. During the day, he would accompany his father on a stroll around the Bearded Dragon City. Occasionally, he would discuss the dao with Huang Long and Pangu.

One fine day, Huang Xiaolong was enjoying a cup of tea with his father in an amazing tea house. It was Huang Long’s favorite place when strolling about.

The teahouse was called the Xianqing Tea House, and the prices were out of the world. A single bottle of alcohol cost several hundreds of dao coins, and only Dao Venerables would be able to enjoy themselves there.

Huang Xiaolong and Huang Long sat around a table beside a window on the second level, and they looked at the pedestrians strolling about below. Huang Long sighed, “There are countless ways to live, and the journey of cultivation is long. We cultivate to improve ourselves, but we might not even be as happy as them…”

Huang Xiaolong fell silent as he looked at the crowd below.

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A round of cough left Huang Long’s lips and his face started to turn pale. It was clear his injuries were acting up.

Huang Xiaolong grabbed a bunch of dragon marrow for Huang Long.

However, a gasp of surprise came from a table in the corner when they saw what he brought out. “Dragon marrow!” Someone’s arm tore through the void as it tried to snatch the Dragon Barrow in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

It was too bad the person was sent flying before he could even come close. His entire arm exploded, and he vomited mouthfuls of blood.

The experts on the second floor stared at the scene in shock.

The Xianqing Tea House was one of the largest establishments in the Bearded Dragon City, and the power that backed them was huge. No one would dare to make a move in the tea house.

“Third Brother!” A youngster leaped to his feet and yelled. He assisted the man Huang Xiaolong sent flying.

Glaring at Huang Xiaolong, he roared, “You went too far!”

Huang Xiaolong ignored the man as he handed the dragon marrow over to Huang Long.

After swallowing the marrow, Huang Long’s complexion turned much better.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had ignored him, the youngster’s expression sank. “I am Xu Jian of the Radiant Dragon Palace. How can I address you?”

“Radiant Dragon Palace!”

“Xu Jian, the second prince of the Radiant Dragon Palace!”

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The tea house broke out with commotion as everyone started talking about Xu Jian.

“Third Brother? Don’t tell me… That’s Xu Fei, the Third Prince of the Radiant Dragon Palace!”

Huang Xiaolong remained impassive as he snorted, “You’re not qualified to ask for my name. Get out of my sight!”

Xu Jian stared at Huang Xiaolong in stunned silence.

The experts in the tea house were equally as shocked. In the Bearded Dragon World, not many people had the guts to tell Xu Jian to scram!

The old ancestor of the Radiant Dragon Palace was an expert who had reached the grand perfection level in all thirteen elements!

“You’re going too far…” Xu Jian’s expression sank.

Huang Xiaolong raised a single eyebrow and muttered, “No… This is how I act normally.”

As Xu Jian narrowed his eyes, he snapped, “Alright, I shall see how strong you really are!” As soon as he spoke, he released his aura completely.

He was an expert who had comprehended twelve elements, with eleven of them at the grand perfection level!

With his strength, he could be ranked among the strongest in the younger generation of the Bearded Dragon World. It’s no wonder he dared to challenge Huang Xiaolong.

At the same time, rays of light covered Xu Jian’s body and it illuminated more than half the city. It was evident he was using the power of his Radiant Dragon Bloodline.

As soon as he unleashed his power, everyone in the city was alerted.

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A pretty lady in the Bearded Dragon Palace turned to stare in the direction of the Xianqing Tea House.

“The Radiant Dragon Bloodline is really pure! I wonder which prince that is…” The lady asked her maidservant.

Getting a report from those near the tea house, the maidservant replied, “Third Princess, it’s Second Prince Xu Jian from the Radiant Dragon Palace.”

“It’s no wonder…” Ao Wen nodded slightly. She soon continued, “I wonder who made him angry…”

“It’s someone in yellow robes… I don’t think he’s going to live to see tomorrow,” The maidservant replied.

In the tea house, Xu Jian charged at Huang Xiaolong as his hands transformed into claws. He appeared behind Huang Xiaolong as his claws stabbed forward.

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His claw stabbed at Huang Xiaolong, and his eyes widened in shock. He didn’t expect to land his strike that easily, but his expression soon changed. A terrifying power slammed into Xu Jian, and he shot out into the streets like a shooting star.

Everyone in the tea house was shocked.

A terrified expression formed on Xu Fei’s face as he tried to retreat. He ran to a corner of the tea house before trying to make his escape.

“Forget it.” Huang Long shook his head slightly before Huang Xiaolong could take things further.

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong tossed a bunch of dao coins over to settle the bill before leaving the tea house.

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It didn’t take long for the news to rock the city. The second and third princes of the Radiant Dragon Palace were seriously injured by a random expert!

When they learned that the conflict started because of the dragon marrow Huang Xiaolong possessed, they were even more shocked.

Dragon marrows were split into different grades, but even those of the lowest grade would be fought over by countless experts!

“Oh? Xu Jian was defeated!” Ao Wen was slightly surprised when she learned the news. “Does the youngster really have dragon marrow with him?”

She had been looking for some dragon marrow for the past hundreds of years but to no avail.

“Investigate the youngster’s background. Send him an invitation. I would like to meet him.”

After Huang Xiaolong returned to his manor, he received Ao Wen’s invitation to the Bearded Dragon Palace.


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