Chapter 3488: 3488

Chapter 3488: Huang Long’s Injury

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As soon as Huang Sheng gave the order, Huang Xiaolong decided to reveal his trump card. Twenty-seven figures appeared as a tear appeared in the void, and they immediately unleashed an unrelenting assault on Huang Sheng’s men.

Those who were summoned by Huang Sheng were sent flying in an instant.

Huang Sheng had close to twenty subordinates in the God of Creation Realm, but three of them were caught by Huang Xiaolong in the Blazing Dragon World. There were only sixteen left, and there was no way they could stop Huang Xiaolong’s group!


Huang Sheng, who was locked in battle with Pangu, the Blazing Dragon, and Zhao Jinkun, stared at the newcomers in fright.

Twenty-seven Gods of Creation!

With Zhao Jinkun, Chen Yihui, and Jian Wan, there were thirty of them!

Huang Xiaolong actually brought thirty Gods of Creation back with him!

When he was still stuck in a state of shock, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from where he stood. He reappeared in the space where Huang Long was trapped.

Raising both eyebrows in surprise, Huang Sheng tried to stop Huang Xiaolong. It was too bad Pangu and the others were hell-bent on stopping him. No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t shake them off instantly.

Along the way, the three of them had been training with each other. They knew how the others fought, and the cooperation they had could be said to be seamless. Due to Huang Sheng’s sudden carelessness, he fell to a disadvantage when fighting the three.

Huang Sheng was at the peak of the grand completion stage, but the three of them weren’t too much weaker than him!

With the help of Pangu, the old dragon, Zhao Jinkun, and the others, Huang Xiaolong was able to tear through all the restrictions to see Huang Long without much obstruction.

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“Xiaolong!” Huang Long felt relieved to finally meet Huang Xiaolong again, but panic soon set in. “Xiaolong, you’re too rash! Hurry up and run! There’s no need to save me!”

Feeling a sense of warmth in his heart, Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Realx, Huang Sheng and his men are stuck in battle right now. They won’t be able to leave for quite some time, and I’m going to save you!”

Huang Long was surprised to hear that Huang Sheng and the others were stalled.

With the Huang Long Twin Blades appearing in his hand, the Dao Emperor Sword materialized above him. The Purple Lightning Peak and Sun Moon Furnace hovered behind him, and four creation-level artifacts slammed into the restrictions surrounding Huang Long.

With 4.5 billion units of grand cosmos energy, resplendent rays of light filled the space they were in.


The restrictions trembled continuously.

“Xiaolong, these restrictions are laid down by Huang Sheng! You won’t be able to break them now! Hurry up and leave! You can save me in the future!” Huang Long panicked.

Shaking his head, Huang Xiaolong attacked again.

Before he entered the God of Creation Realm, he was able to shatter Meng Tian’s restrictions. Now, he refused to believe that he couldn’t blow apart several restrictions with his newfound strength.

Again and again, his artifacts slammed into the restrictions around Huang Long.

The space trembled violently, and after several tries, the restrictions started to dim.

When Huang Sheng felt the restrictions around Huang Long weakening, he turned anxious. He glared at those who were standing in his way and roared, “Blazing Dragon, you can still live on happily if you get out of my way right now! Otherwise, I’ll exterminate your Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire when this is over!”

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A snort left the old dragon’s lips. “Humph. Come exterminate my empire if you can.”

“You old foggy, do you really think I won’t?!”

Pangu and Zhao Jinkun didn’t wait for him to finish before they continued their assault.

An hour later…

The restrictions around Huang Long’s body were blown to bits.

With the Huang Long Twin Blades dancing in his hands, Huang Xiaolong shattered the runes that Huang Sheng used to devour Huang Long’s bloodline. He grabbed Huang Long and yelled, “Let’s go!”

Rising into the skies, they disappeared.

In the distance, Huang Sheng transformed into his true form when he saw that Huang Long was saved. He threw all three of them off with a sudden swing of his tail, and he raced towards Huang Xiaolong. As soon as he appeared, his claw came crashing down.

Countless sword qi slashed into Huang Sheng’s back before his claw could touch Huang Xiaolong. At the same time, a spear light shot towards his skull.

If he was struck, he would go blind for sure. As such, Huang Sheng could only give up on capturing Huang Xiaolong and Huang Long. Once again, he was surrounded by the three.

“Your Highness, are you alright?” Chen Yihui and Jian Wan appeared beside Huang Xiaolong.

They attacked at a critical moment, saving Huang Xiaolong a huge deal of trouble.

“It’s alright,” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

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In fact, Huang Sheng wouldn’t be able to capture him even if they didn’t make a move. He had his ways to evade the previous strike.

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“Xiaolong, take your father and leave!” the old dragon roared from the side.

Nodding slightly, Huang Xiaolong broke through the barrier around the True Dragon World and disappeared into the vast universe.

Going absolutely crazy, Huang Sheng rampaged about. It was too bad for him he was still suppressed by the three.

As the battle continued, those under Huang Sheng’s banner were defeated. Those who were on the verge of losing made their escape, and there were only six who remained. Chen Yihui and the others joined in the fray and launched their attacks on Huang Sheng.

Feeling the pressure increasing all of a sudden, he was struck by the Pangu Axe and he lost concentration for a moment. His dragon scales split apart as blood filled the skies.

After leaving the True Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong brought Huang Long into a secluded small world. He laid down countless restrictions, and he helped his father to recover.

Several days later, Huang Long stopped Huang Xiaolong.

“Xiaolong, it’s useless. Too much of my bloodline and origin essence has been devoured. I will never be able to recover even with your grand cosmos energy.”

A light flashed through Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, “Do you mean that you will only be able to recover if you devour Huang Sheng?”

“It won’t be easy to capture Huang Sheng…” Huang Long sighed.

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Huang Sheng was at the peak of the grand completion stage of the God of Creation Realm, and no one would be able to stop him if he wanted to run away.

Huang Xiaolong frowned. He wanted to speak, but his transmission symbol vibrated. He read the report and learned that the battle had ended. His heart sank when he learned that every single God of Creation on Huang Sheng’s side managed to escape.

“Father, Do you think my Huang Long Bloodline can assist in your recovery?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Huang Long stared at him in stunned silence, but he shook his head. “I know what you mean, but it’s useless for me to absorb any bloodline other than my own.”

As such, they had to capture Huang Sheng if they wanted Huang Long to return to his peak.


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