Chapter 3487: 3487

Chapter 3487: Saving Huang Long

After cleaning up the battlefield, Huang Xiaolong brought the rest to rip a hole in the void. They traveled straight towards the True Dragon World in order to strike Huang Sheng before he could prepare himself. Now that the Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor managed to escape, he would definitely alert Huang Sheng. The earlier they moved the better.

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Initially, the old dragon was against them barging into the True Dragon World. However, he changed his mind after seeing the hidden experts Huang Xiaolong brought along with him.

As they rushed towards the True Dragon World, Huang Sheng received the battle report and learned that everyone he sent was wiped out.


“Pangu returned! There are three other mysterious Gods of Creation beside Huang Xiaolong!”

“The old ancestors were captured by Huang Xiaolong, and only the Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor managed to escape! Everyone else was killed!”

Huang Sheng couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Just a moment ago, he was confident Huang Dinghai would bring Huang Xiaolong back to the True Dragon World. He had already imagined the scene where Huang Xiaolong would kneel in defeat.

“I wonder who are the Gods of Creation beside Huang Xiaolong…” Huang Sheng’s expression turned ugly as he looked at the report from the Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor.

“I have no idea! The three of them seem to hail from another universe!”

Another universe!

Huang Sheng’s face turned green with anger as he asked about the strength of the three mysterious Gods of Creation.

When he heard that Zhao Jinkun was comparable to Pangu in strength and the power the other two possessed, his face turned gloomy.

God f*cking damn it! How the f*ck did Huang Xiaolong enlist their help?

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Not to mention the fact that he got the help of three experts at their level at the same time!

One had to know that it was insanely difficult to get a single God of Creation at the grand completion stage to listen to his commands.

Adding on to the fact that Huang Xiaolong had already broken through to the God of Creation Realm, Huang Sheng couldn’t be angrier. He was extremely afraid of the day Huang Xiaolong would surpass him. It was easy for him to deal with the punk before he entered the God of Creation Realm, but now, things were going south really quickly.

Huang Sheng got several other people to investigate Huang Xiaolong’s whereabouts. When he learned that they were rushing towards the True Dragon World as they spoke, he stared at the informant in shock. He roared with laughter as his body appeared in the space Huang Long was sealed.

“Huang Long, let me give you a piece of good news!”


“Your son, Huang Xiaolong, has already entered the God of Creation Realm.”

A trace of joy formed in Huang Long’s heart when he heard the news.

“Moreover, he’s preparing to save you.” Huang Sheng’s tone changed as he addressed Huang Long.

A trace of despair soon took over the joy Huang Long had.

“He joined forces with Blazing Dragon, Pangu, and three other Gods of Creation from other universes to attack my True Dragon World!” Huang Sheng sneered. “The two of you will be able to reunite soon. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to break through after devouring your bloodline. Now that your son is back, I am a hundred percent sure I will surpass the God of Creation Realm!”

Huang Long’s expression turned ugly.

“Relax. Once I devour your bloodlines, I will allow you to live. I will release you and Huang Xiaolong back into the Blazing Dragon World!” Huang Sheng chuckled. “How about it? Don’t you think you should thank me?”

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A trace of hatred flashed in Huang Long’s eyes, and he growled, “Huang Sheng if you dare to touch him, I’ll curse you even in death!” 

“Hahaha! Relax! You won’t be able to die!” After he spoke, he turned to leave.

If Huang Xiaolong didn’t enter the True Dragon World, Huang Sheng wasn’t confident that he could catch the slippery brat. However, things were different if Huang Xiaolong came.

Even the Blazing Dragon and Pangu would fail to protect Huang Xiaolong!

The moment I obtain Huang Xiaolong… Hehe! Huang Sheng knew that the universe would belong to him.

He quickly expanded his will to cover every inch of land in the True Dragon World.

“Huang Xiaolong, I’ll be waiting for you!”

Huang Sheng’s order to gather the Gods of Creation in the True Dragon World soon reached the ears of those under him.

Several months later…

Huang Xiaolong and the rest looked at the True Dragon World floating in the space before them.

“It’s been several months, and Huang Sheng managed to gather several experts. They are waiting for us in the True Dragon Divine Palace,” the old dragon peered through the restrictions around the True Dragon World and growled.

A smile appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face. “Since he’s waiting for us, we shouldn’t keep him waiting.”

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“Xiaolong, Huang Sheng is strong. Even I have no idea how strong he became. We should take some precautions before entering the True Dragon World,” the old dragon reminded. Even though he knew that Huang Xiaolong had three other experts to assist him, he knew that the True Dragon World belonged to Huang Sheng. If they were in the Blazing Dragon World, he wouldn’t be afraid no matter how strong Huang Sheng was! Now, a seed of doubt was forming in his mind.

“Master, you can relax.”

Wasn’t Meng Tian the same? No matter how strong Huang Sheng was, he wouldn’t be too far off Meng Tian.

As such, they tore through the defenses of the True Dragon World and entered.

The instant they stepped into the True Dragon World, Huang Sheng’s eyes snapped open. His gaze tore through the void and landed on Huang Xiaolong’s group.

“Huang Xiaolong, since you’re here, you won’t have to leave.”

Getting to his feet, his figure blurred.

He charged towards Huang Xiaolong’s party.

It didn’t take long for them to run into each other.

With his hands clasped behind him, Huang Sheng released an unbearable pressure. He was like an overlord that dominated the universe.

Everyone who met Huang Sheng felt their hearts trembling a little. The only person who was bursting with battle intent was Zhao Jinkun.

Staring at Pangu and the rest, Huang Sheng’s gaze eventually landed on Huang Xiaolong. A mesmerizing smile appeared on his face. “Huang Xiaolong, seeing as you’re a filial son, I won’t let you die a miserable death.”

“I hope that you can keep up your smug face when you run away like a beaten dog later…” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

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Staring at him in shock, Huang Sheng roared with laughter, “Huang Xiaolong, do you really think they can stop me? In the Blazing Dragon World, the old man might be able to save your life. However, this is the True Dragon World! I am in control here! Now that you’re here, there’s no need to leave!”

Pangu’s axe cleaved at Huang Sheng, “Huang Sheng shut the f*ck up! Eat your daddy’s axe!”

The old dragon and Zhao Jinkun unleashed their attacks in succession.

“Do it! Capture Huang Xiaolong!”

Stopping the three of them, Huang Sheng grinned. As soon as he laid down his order, several dozen figures appeared in the void. All of them were Gods of Creation!


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