Chapter 3486: 3486

Chapter 3486: Father, I’m Here

Huang Xiaolong chuckled lightly, “Huang Dinghai, you should be celebrating. I allowed you to live a few million years more than Huang Jia.”

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Chilly light flashed through Huang Dinghai’s eyes, and he roared in rage, “It was you! You’re the one who killed Huang Jia and the others!”

In the past, they suspected as much. However, they failed to find any evidence that Huang Xiaolong was behind it.

“That’s right. Huang Jia isn’t the only one. I killed Huang Shengdao, Fu Luosen, and the others.”

The old ancestors were unable to control their anger when they heard what he said. Their aura started to fluctuate. Huang Xiaolong was like a broken boat in a stormy sea when their power filled the lands.

“You caused the disappearance of the experts of the five factions back in the World of Departed Souls?!” The Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor roared. However, he didn’t believe that Huang Xiaolong had the ability to do so. After all, he knew how strong they actually were. The Extreme Bliss Celestial Emperor was among those who had disappeared, and he was no weakling!

However, the old dragon roared before anyone could react, “Attack!” 

Huang Xiaolong didn’t hesitate. He charged towards Huang Dinghai.

A snort left Huang Dinghai’s lips. “Huang Xiaolong, who the f*ck do you think you are?! I have already accumulated more than 1.2 billion units of grand cosmos energy!” He revealed his full strength as he sent a punch flying towards Huang Xiaolong’s face.

Even though Huang Xiaolong revealed what he did in the past, Huang Dinghai didn’t think that Huang Xiaolong did it alone. According to him, the old dragon definitely did something to help Huang Xiaolong.

A sneer appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face. Huang Dinghai was a fool.

As he grabbed Huang Dinghai’s fist, the man failed to budge an inch.

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Huang Xiaolong no longer hid his strength and the power of a God of Creation filled the skies.

“God of Creation!” 

The four old ancestors were shocked to discover Huang Xiaolong’s actual power. An incredulous look appeared on their faces. In the past, Huang Xiaolong took the old dragon as his master before reaching the perfection stage in the Dao Venerable Realm! It hadn’t even been ten million years since then!

Ten million years to reach the God of Creation Realm…

The change was too drastic.

None of the four dared to believe what they were seeing.

All of the experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire who came along with Huang Dinghai were equally as shocked. They were clear on how strong Huang Xiaolong was, and some of them present were stronger than him during the apprenticeship ceremony! Now, they couldn’t even comprehend the thirteenth element to the grand perfection level!

Huang Xiaolong clenched his fist and miserable shrieks left Huang Dinghai’s lips. Huang Xiaolong shattered Huang Dinghai’s organs and bones with a single strike.

“You… Huang Xiaolong, you dare?!” Huang Dinghai screamed.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “I told you. You should be thanking me for allowing you to live several million years more than Huang Jia. Rest assured that I’ll handle you the same way Huang Sheng treats my father!” 

Huang Dinghai screamed in fright.

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“Release Dinghai right now!” The Extreme Bliss Old Ancestor roared as he charged at Huang Xiaolong.

However, an arm appeared from the void to crush him the moment he moved.

The earth cracked, and a figure emerged from the void.

“Pangu!” The three other old ancestors gasped in shock.

They didn’t just know Pangu. They were extremely familiar with him.

After all, Pangu challenged the Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor frequently before he disappeared.

Of course, the ending was the same every time…

When the three of them stared at Pangu, countless weapons appeared behind them.

The Great Myriad Old Ancestor and Buddhist Yang Old Ancestor failed to dodge in time and their bodies became riddled with wounds.

The Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor turned to stare at three new figures who appeared, and he saw three of them holding different weapons in their hands. There was a person with a giant blade in his hands, and there was someone else with a golden spear. Finally, there was someone with an azure sword.

“You?!” The Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor gasped.

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Those who came were Chen Yihui, Zhao Jinkun, and another God of Creation called Wan Jian. There wasn’t a need to speak of Zhao Jinkun’s strength as he was the second strongest expert in the Meng Tian Universe. He wasn’t weaker than Pangu, and Chen Yihui was as strong as the Azure Bamboo Chief, Zeng Rui. They were experts who had reached the grand completion stage, and Wan Jian was the weakest among the three. Even so, he was someone who had 8.5 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

The three of them were the strongest experts he brought along with him back to the Blazing Dragon World.

Wang Meiqi and the others didn’t show themselves. With the Blazing Dragon and Pangu added into the mix, all five of them were more than enough to deal with the four old ancestors. 

The Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor stared at the newcomers in shock. The stench of a conspiracy filled their noses. He finally understood something. It seemed as though Huang Xiaolong was back for a reason!

He was right. Huang Xiaolong deliberately showed himself when he entered the Blazing Dragon World. His goal was to draw out the experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire.

Huang Xiaolong guessed that Huang Sheng wouldn’t leave the True Dragon World even if he appeared. He would send other Gods of Creation over to capture him, and Huang Xiaolong laid down a great ambush. He would capture those who came in order to weaken Huang Sheng’s strength before going over to save his father. It would make things much easier when he went over to save his father.

Seeing that the Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor was planning to run away, Pangu and the old dragon locked onto him. They blocked off any routes he could take.

Zhao Jinkun turned to face the Extreme Bliss Old Ancestor, and the others picked their opponents respectively.

“Everyone…” The Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor wanted to address them, but Pangu and the others unleashed a barrage of attacks before he could complete his sentence. 

The battle started in an instant.

Huang Xiaolong dealt with the experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire easily.

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As the battle between the Gods of Creation erupted, the Blazing Dragon World trembled unceasingly.

Half a day passed.

“It’s a pity… The Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor managed to escape.” The old dragon frowned.

The True Dragon Army that came was basically wiped out. Only the Excessive Darkness Old Ancestor managed to leave with his life intact. The others were captured by the Gods of Creation on Huang Xiaolong’s side.

Turning to stare in the direction of the True Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong sighed.

Father, I’m coming to save you!


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