Chapter 3484: 3484

Chapter 3484: Returning to the Blazing Dragon Universe

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However, that wasn’t all he planned to do. As such, Huang Xiaolong released the news of him breaking through to the God of Creation Realm. He threatened to exterminate the factions of those who dared to oppose him.

Indeed. After much consideration, Zhao Jinkun chose to break off all contact with Meng Tian after he received the news.

It was no wonder he was so afraid. After all, Huang Xiaolong formed three worlds! Now that he was a God of Creation, his talent and future prospects were too terrifying to imagine! As long as he matured, he would be a supreme figure! It wasn’t wise for them to offend him.

By the time Huang Xiaolong returned to the Azure Bamboo Mountain, Zhao Jinkun paid them a personal visit and he brought about a ton of universe-level treasures to please Huang Xiaolong.

He patted his chest and declared that he wanted to form an alliance with Huang Xiaolong and Pangu.

They didn’t choose to reject the alliance request.

When Meng Tian heard that Zhao Jinkun not only chose to cut off all contact with him and formed an alliance with Huang Xiaolong and Pangu, his blood pressure spiked.

The alliance collapsed and the God of Creations under Meng Tian fled. Those who managed to leave were lucky, and those who didn’t were captured.

Countless Gods of Creation raised their cups in celebration in the Azure Bamboo Mountain.

“Awesome! Meng Tian deserves everything that comes to him!” Zeng Rui, the chief of the Azure Bamboo Mountain chuckled.

“Yeah! Meng Tian dreamed of controlling the universe, but he’s a loser now! I’ve had enough of him!” Chen Yihui howled with laughter.

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“However, Meng Tian is a hidden threat now that he went into hiding. We will need to watch our backs…” Pangu frowned.

Everyone nodded their heads, and night eventually fell.

Within the palace, Huang Xiaolong released Huang Muyang from the Sun Moon Furnace.

“Huang Xiaolong, release me right now! Otherwise, Lord Meng Tian will kill you when he meets you! You’ll die a miserable death!” Huang Muyang screamed the moment he was released.

Huang Xiaolong muttered, “Let me crush your hopes right now. Meng Tian’s alliance has crumbled. He escaped, and no one knows where he is.”

Next, he spoke about the matter with Zhao Jinkun.

Huang Muyang’s face turned pale. “I… I refuse to believe this!”

“I don’t care if you believe me.” Huang Xiaolong continued, “You didn’t believe that I’m able to refine your bloodline and grand cosmos energy. Watch.” The Universe Origin Fires emerged.

When Huang Muyang saw the fires hovering around him, he gasped in shock, “This… This… How do you have the Universe Origin Fires?”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned. Why does Huang Muyang know about the origin flames?

It seemed as though the origin fires didn’t belong solely to the Blazing Dragon Universe.

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As Huang Xiaolong controlled the origin fires, they surrounded Huang Muyang. Like a wall of fire, they encased the man and started to refine him whole. To his surprise, Huang Muyang felt his bloodline fading. His grand cosmos energy flowed out of his body.

Huang Xiaolong revolved Soaring Dragon Art, Blazing Dragon Grand Art, and the Pangu World Creation Art at the same time.

He didn’t waste a single shred of energy.

Huang Sheng needed several hundreds of millions of years to devour Huang Long’s bloodline as he didn’t have the origin fires. He would only need a million years to devour Huang Muyuang!

A million years passed in the blink of an eye.

However, he didn’t emerge from seclusion as soon as he was done. Instead, he refined the four universe-level spiritual veins Wang Meiqi gave him. He refined them directly, and he upgraded the Sun Moon Furnace and Purple Lightning Peak soon after.

When he emerged from seclusion, it had been two million years.

“Your Highness, you…” Those who were waiting for him outside the palace stared in shock.

Gu Yuan, Long Yi, and the others were the same.

Huang Xiaolong’s transformation was too large after his seclusion, and he was like a completely different person.

A chuckle left his lips. His strength increased by a huge amount now that he emerged. He only had accumulated 4 billion units of grand cosmos energy when he left the Yin Yang Road of Death. Now, he managed to gain another five million units of grand cosmos energy.

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His bloodline also received a considerable boost. Especially after devouring Huang Muyang. The effects were much better than the experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire he devoured in the past.

His bloodline was strengthened by two times at the very least!

In the future, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation speed would increase exponentially.

After asking about the recent happenings, he learned that almost every single God of Creation under Meng Tian’s banner was captured. Only a few of them got away, and Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief.

Meng Tian was a commander with no soldiers as long as they were caught.

When he met his master, Pangu, he was shocked at Huang Xiaolong’s increase in strength. When they spoke about Meng Tian, he could only sigh, “Meng Tian should have already left the universe.”


Pangu nodded. “That’s right. I have no idea where he should have gone.” A frown formed on his face. It wasn’t great news that Meng Tian had left.

“In fact, Meng Tian’s escape isn’t a bad thing,” Huang Xiaolong explained.

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If Meng Tian came around to massacre several experts every now and then, things would get troublesome.

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Pangu relaxed when he understood what Huang Xiaolong meant.

Soon, their topic changed to that of the Blazing Dragon World.

Pangu knew about Huang Long’s predicament, and he knew that Huang Xiaolong was in a rush to save his father. He said, “Let’s get ready and gather everyone before heading back to the Blazing Dragon Universe.”

Several months later, an entire group of Gods of Creation gathered. After some negotiations, The Azure Bamboo Third Ancestor would remain in the Meng Tian Universe. Zhao Jinkun, Chen Yihui, and thirty other Gods of Creations would return to the Blazing Dragon World with Huang Xiaolong.

Several years passed…

Crossing the universe passage, they quickly returned. In order not to alarm Huang Sheng and the others, everyone other than Huang Xiaolong concealed themselves as soon as they arrived.

Huang Sheng learned of Huang Xiaolong’s arrival as soon as he entered.


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