Chapter 3483: 3483

Chapter 3483: Capturing Huang Muyang

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“I’m finally out…” Complex emotions welled up in Wang Meiqi’s heart when she looked at the world around her.

Huang Xiaolong and the Ice King had only been in there for several hundred thousand years, but she hid in there far longer than them! She had been in there for several hundreds of millions of years, and she didn’t even remember the exact amount of time she spent in there.

It wasn’t surprising that she felt that way.

“Your Highness, are we going back to the Azure Bamboo Mountain?” the Ice King asked.

“No.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head slightly.

The Ice King stared at him in shock.

“We’re going to the Muyang World!”

The Muyang World, Huang Muyang!

Huang Muyang was like himself. They had the Huang Long Bloodline, and to Huang Xiaolong, Huang Muyang was a precious tonic. The effects of devouring Huang Muyang would be even better than devouring a universe-level spiritual vein.

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Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t benefit much if he devoured other God of Creation Realm experts, but someone with the Huang Long Bloodline was a different story.

In the past, he devoured the experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire. He was only able to convert a tenth of their grand cosmos energy, but that was enough to save him a hundred million years of cultivation.

Huang Muyang was a God of Creation at the large completion stage, and he had almost three billion units of grand cosmos energy. One-tenth of that would be around three hundred million units.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t waste time as he charged towards the Muyang World.

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A month passed, and the three of them soon arrived in the vicinity of the Muyang Divine Palace.

Hiding in the void around the palace, Huang Xiaolong used his divine soul to locate Huang Muyang.

There were also Bei Ting and Shi Li, two other Gods of Creation along with Huang Muyang.

Joy filled Huang Xiaolong’s heart.

“Lord Meng Tian has already formed an alliance with Zhao Jinkun! We will move against the Azure Bamboo Mountain within a year!” Huang Muyang chuckled, “There is no escape! They will be wiped off the face of the earth!”

When Bei Ting thought about how he was injured by Huang Xiaolong in the past, he sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, your days are numbered!”

“We didn’t manage to get any news on Huang Xiaolong all this while,” Shi Li muttered.

“According to reliable sources, Huang Xiaolong entered the Yin Yang Road of Death to cultivate.” Huang Muyang explained.

“What?! If he chooses to stay in there forever, we will never be able to kill him!” Bei Ting frowned.

Huang Muyang shook his hands and chuckled. ‘There’s no need to worry about that. He will definitely emerge the moment he enters the God of Creation Realm. With his talent, he will emerge in a couple hundred thousand years. We’ll exterminate the Azure Bamboo Mountain first and capture Pangu before guarding the entrance of the Yin Yang Road of Death. As soon as he emerges, we’ll capture him!”

“There’s no need for you to wait that long. I’m already out.” A chilly voice rang in their minds.

Huang Muyang and the others leaped to their feet as they stared at the entrance of the hall. With the Ice King and Wang Meiqi behind him, Huang Xiaolong sauntered into the hall.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Their faces changed.

They were like a cockroach who had seen the light as panic settled in their hearts.

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Since he could emerge from the Yin Yang Road of Death, wouldn’t that mean…

“You… You’re a God of Creation!” Shi Li’s voice was hoarse as he yelled in shock.

Out of the three of them, he was the strongest cultivator with nearly 4 billion units of grand cosmos energy. Despite his strength, he knew that even if the three of them joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to deal with the kid.

Shi Li started thinking about the ways he would escape.

However, his gaze soon turned to Wang Meiqi. He thought that as long as he managed to capture her, he would be able to threaten Huang Xiaolong.

He started to move as he roared at the other two, “Hold him back! Use everything you can to stop him!” As soon as he spoke, he leaped at Wang Meiqi.

Bei Ting and Huang Muyang understood what he meant when he shot towards Wang Meiqi. The two of them lunged at Huang Xiaolong to buy him some time.

Huang Xiaolong and the Ice King knew what they were planning to do, and a smile formed on their faces.

Looking at Huang Muyang and Bei Ting charging at him, Huang Xiaolong sent them flying with a single slap.

At the same time, a miserable shriek left Shi Li’s lips as he was sent smashing into the wall beside the other two.

As the walls rumbled, the three of them looked at Wang Meiqi with shocked expressions.

God of Creation at the large completion stage!

Huang Xiaolong started to walk towards them.

“Split up and run!” Shi Li screamed as his figure disappeared.

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The other two started to escape, but Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan on letting Huang Muyang leave.

Sending Wang Meiqi after Bei Ting, he went after Huang Muyang personally. No matter what happened, Huang Muyang wasn’t getting away.

As for Shi Li, it was fine if he ran away.

Transforming into his true form, Huang Muyang appeared outside the Muyang World in the blink of an eye. He charged into the universe, but Huang Xiaolong was a tad bit faster. He appeared before Huang Muyang.

“Huang Muyang, there’s no escape. Surrender now.”

“Huang Xiaolong, I have already sent a transmission to Lord Meng Tian! He will be here soon!” Huang Muyang retreated while threatening Huang Xiaolong.

“Do you think Meng Tian can save you?” A sneer left Huang Xiaolong’s lips. With a single step, he appeared above Huang Muyang. When he grabbed Huang Muyang, the God of Creation with more than 3 billion units of grand cosmos energy found it hard to move.

“Huang Xiaolong, you can’t kill me! If you release me and submit to Lord Meng Tian, you will be able to live!” Huang Muyang struggled like a cornered animal.

“Even if I can’t kill you, I can devour your Huang Long Bloodline. I can refine your grand cosmos energy and turn it into my own.” A smile formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

Roaring with laughter, Huang Muyang continued, “You have to be kidding! Refining my grand cosmos energy?!” Not even existences like Meng Tian would be able to do something like that. Much less Huang Xiaolong.

He wouldn’t believe anything so absurd.

Instead of explaining himself, Huang Xiaolong threw him into the Sun Moon Furnace.

The furnace trembled constantly, and it was clear it was pretty difficult for a pseudo-creation artifact like the Sun Moon Furnace to suppress a God of Creation.

The thought of upgrading the furnace appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s mind once again.

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After capturing Huang Muyang, Huang Xiaolong tried to go after Shi Li. However, he didn’t even manage to catch the man’s shadow. Reluctantly, he could only return to the palace.

Naturally, Bei Ting was unable to escape from Wang Meiqi.

Without a word, he threw Bei Ting into the Sun Moon Furnace before leaving.

Instead of returning to the Azure Bamboo Mountain, Huang Xiaolong chose several larger worlds that belonged to Meng Tian’s subordinates.

If Meng Tian planned to work with Zhao Jinkun, he would strike first. When his subordinates were panicking, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t have to worry about their assault on the Azure Bamboo Mountain.


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