Chapter 3479: 3479

Chapter 3479: Break Through

Circulating the power of absolute blaze, Huang Xiaolong tried to incinerate the corrosive death qi in his body. However, he realized that the power of absolute blaze wasn’t cutting it.

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Eventually, he tried to use the light of nirvana. He was shocked it didn’t work either.

The power of the death qi in the Yin Yang Road of Death had exceeded his expectations. Not even the light of nirvana could get rid of it! Wouldn’t it mean that the death qi was stronger than any of the thirteen elements?

Anything that surpassed the thirteen elements was definitely at the level of universe energy!

However, the other party clearly hadn’t entered the God of Creation Realm. If he did, he wouldn’t have turned into an undead corpse!

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face as he pondered over the strength of the death qi. Of course, that didn’t stop him from summoning the four Universe Origin Fires to completely destroy the death qi that was in his body.

When that was finally done, Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the undead corpse reappeared above Huang Xiaolong. Looking at him, Huang Xiaolong realized that he didn't suffer any injuries at all! From what it seemed, the body of the undead corpse was stronger than an ordinary God of Creation!

It was the first time Huang Xiaolong met anyone other than himself who had a physical body stronger than a God of Creation.


Huang Xiaolong rose into the air, and he turned serious. His fists landed on the body of the undead corpse once again, but he still didn’t use his grand cosmos energy. However, he increased the power behind his punch. He used a good half of his actual physical strength this time!

The sound of shattering bones rang through the air as the undead corpse was sent crashing into a nearby mountain range.

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A mysterious fluctuation covered the space they were in all of a sudden, and the undead corpse was sucked away by a strange power. It disappeared in an instant.

Huang Xiaolong raised his eyebrows in shock as he pursued the undead corpse.

It was too bad he was taken by surprise, and the corpse soon disappeared into a cloud of death qi. The death qi seemed to be controlled by a mysterious party as it turned into a churning sea that stopped Huang Xiaolong from venturing any closer.

The other party hid their aura so well that not even Huang Xiaolong could detect their presence.

Trying to destroy the sea of death qi, a terrifying streak of light shot out from within, forcing Huang Xiaolong to retreat thousands of miles.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked to discover a bloody hole where he was struck by the ray of light.

After obtaining the ability to use universe qi, Huang Xiaolong’s combat strength reached a terrifying level! Not even Gods of Creation with 4.5 billion units of grand cosmos energy could hurt him!


Huang Xiaolong released his dao souls, but he failed to discover anyone. 

The undead corpse had also disappeared.

A light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he stared deep into the Yin Yang Road of Death. How could there be such a terrifying expert hiding within?! From the looks of it, they should have already reached the large completion stage of the God of Creation Realm!

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Didn’t his master, Pangu, say that experts in the God of Creation Realm wouldn’t be able to enter the Yin Yang Road of Death?! What in the world was going on?

Huang Xiaolong proceeded cautiously. After ensuring that the existence was nowhere to be found, he decided to travel deeper into the Yin Yang Road of Death.

Right now, the most important thing was to comprehend the way of life and death to enter the God of Creation Realm. The moment he did, he would be qualified to return to the Blazing Dragon World to save his father!

As Huang Xiaolong charged deeper into the Yin Yang Road of Death, the undead corpse appeared in one of the spaces within the Yin Yang Road of Death. There was a majestic palace surrounded by spiritual herbs, and it was filled with signs of life.

An absolute beauty emerged from inside the palace.

When the undead corpse saw her, he fell to his knees instantly.

“Whitey, you caused trouble again.” Her voice rang through the space like the melody of a heavenly harp, and the undead corpse could only groan like a wronged child.

Her gaze pierced through the Yin Yang Road of Death and landed on Huang Xiaolong, who was charging deeper and deeper. “Who would have thought that there would be such a talented monster born in the universe…”

She was the mysterious presence who saved the undead corpse from Huang Xiaolong earlier, and she caused the injury to Huang Xiaolong’s arm.

Of course, she was merely forcing Huang Xiaolong back. If she were to use her full strength, Huang Xiaolong would be in for a lot of trouble.

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Several years later…

Huang Xiaolong finally entered the depths of the Yin Yang Road of Death!

When he arrived, there wasn’t the slightest trace of life or death qi to be seen! There was no Yin or Yang. The only things there were worm-like spirits that were floating about.

When Huang Xiaolong observed them closely, he realized that they were born from the life and death qi!

The yin and yang qi gave birth to their own spirituality. It was shocking to find a single strand of concentrated qi with its own spirituality, much less the sea of them Huang Xiaolong was looking at!

Even if there weren't a trillion strands, there should be several billion!

Huang Xiaolong finally understood why Pangu would tell him to comprehend the power of life and death in the depths of the Yin Yang Road of Death! If he devoured and refined the worms, he would be able to hasten his comprehension by quite a bit!

Huang Xiaolong laid down several restrictions around himself and ensured that the area was safe before starting his cultivation. He circulated the Soaring Dragon Art, Blazing Dragon Grand Art, and the Pangu World Creation Secret Art. He devoured universe energy and the strands of yin yang qi around him.

Tens of thousands of years passed eventually, and the power of life and death surged around Huang Xiaolong. They formed a massive sea that surrounded Huang Xiaolong, and he became encased in a cocoon of yin yang qi.

In his mind, Huang Xiaolong turned into the ruler of life and death! He could command the Yin and Yang as he turned into the god of reincarnation!

As rays of light slowly emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s body, they pierced through the Yin Yang Road of Death to illuminate the outside world. The universe was about to witness the birth of a new God of Creation!

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In the Yin Yang Road of Death, everything was silent as usual…

Hundreds of thousands of years passed quietly, but the change finally occurred on one fine day.

A roaring blast caused the Yin Yang Road of Death to quake, and the qi that surrounded the region pulsated violently.

A myriad of lights covered the Yin Yang Road of Death as a terrifying power emerged from the depths of the Yin Yang Road of Death. It was like a hurricane that swept through everything in its path!

The beauty who resided in her palace widened her eyes in shock as she circulated the power of the universe qi to look into the depths of the Yin Yang Road of Death. She was shocked to discover Huang Xiaolong’s breakthrough.

“How did he enter the God of Creation Realm so quickly?!”


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