Chapter 3477: 3477

Chapter 3477: Yin Yang Road of Death

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Zhao Jinkun didn’t expect the battle to be so one-sided! Not a single person on Huang Xiaolong’s side suffered serious injuries.

Instead, the strongest expert in the Meng Tian Universe was defeated.

Even though Meng Tian was perfectly fine, his alliance was basically slaughtered during the battle. Zhao Jinkun and the rest couldn’t believe their eyes. Meng Tian might not have dominated the entire universe, but he possessed undeniable strength. He had never been defeated since the start of time, but now, he was ruthlessly stepped on!

“Pangu’s strength is something to behold… He’s too strong!” someone on Zhao Jinkun’s side added.

Pangu might have joined hands with the three ancestors of the Azure Bamboo Mountain, but he was on the same level as Meng Tian. With the help of the three ancestors, they managed to defeat the strongest individual in the Meng Tian Universe!

Zhao Jinkun’s expression sank even further. He didn’t expect Pangu to be so damn strong! He thought that Pangu was a God of Creation at the grand completion stage at best, but it seemed as though the other party was no weaker than him!

“Lord Jinkun, what should we do now?” someone else asked reluctantly when they looked at Huang Xiaolong’s tiny figure in the distance.

Zhao Jinkun was similarly dissatisfied. He thought that he would be the final beneficiary after both parties battled each other. He would swoop in to capture Huang Xiaolong at the end, uncovering the mysteries in the kid’s body. The treasures from the Ice Palace would belong to him too, but everything came crumbling down.

Zhao Jinkun glared at Huang Xiaolong, and his expression twisted.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others disappeared back into the Azure Bamboo Mountain, he failed to make up his mind. He could only choose to retreat.

Huang Xiaolong and the others might have suffered some slight injuries, but that didn’t affect their overall combat power. Zhao Jinkun might suffer the same fate as Meng Tian even if they launched an attack, and he chose to give up.

After returning to the Azure Bamboo Mountain, Huang Xiaolong’s party erupted with cheers.

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“Nice! That’s freaking amazing! Hahaha!” Zeng Rui downed his glass of wine before roaring in satisfaction.

Everyone was in high spirits as they celebrated their victory.

“Hahaha! Just the sight of Meng Tian retreating with his tail tucked between his legs is enough for me to celebrate for ten thousand years!” Chen Yihui laughed.

“No! We can celebrate for ten million years!”

“Look at Bei Ting! He couldn’t even wear his pants properly when he escaped!”

“Zhao Jinkun didn’t dare to move a muscle when he watched the battle…” Zeng Rui said all of a sudden. “If he were to move against us in the midst of the battle, things could have gotten ugly.”

Pangu laughed. “If he dares to do anything, I’ll f*ck him up too.”

Laughter filled the air.

After Meng Tian’s alliance suffered a humiliating defeat, all of them entered seclusion to hide from the world. The universe seemed to turn a little quieter as the various experts left the eyes of the public.

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As for Zhao Jinkun’s alliance, they didn’t dare to make any big moves.

The third power in the Meng Tian Universe solidified its footing and a power triangle formed.

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Huang Xiaolong continued to cultivate in the Azure Bamboo Mountain, and he tempered all three worlds with the power absorbed by the Universe Origin Fires.

Hundreds of years passed, and Huang Xiaolong felt that his control over universe energy increased by a huge margin. When he finally fused with the universe, it would be the day he stepped into the God of Creation Realm.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t let up on the Yin Yang Road of Death either. He sent out countless experts in order to report on the situation, but the universe storms showed no signs of weakening.

“I wonder how my father is…” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself as he stared into the starry skies above.

When he thought about how Huang Sheng was devouring Huang Long’s bloodline every day and night, he became more and more anxious.

A light flashed in his eyes. He made a decision to return to the Huang Long World to save his father the moment he entered the God of Creation Realm. Defeating Huang Sheng could wait. With Pangu’s help, he would definitely be able to save his father and that was the most important matter.

No one knew how long it would take for him to reach the large completion stage anyway.

When he returned to the Blazing Dragon Universe with Pangu and the three ancestors of the Azure Bamboo Mountain, there was no doubt that they would be able to suppress Huang Sheng. After all, Huang Sheng was a notch weaker than Meng Tian.

Moreover, he learned of the way to return to the Blazing Dragon Universe from Pangu.

From his new master, Huang Xiaolong learned that there were a total of thirteen universes. The Blazing Dragon Universe and the Meng Tian Universe were merely two parts of the puzzle.

The thirteen universes were split into stronger and weaker universes. The Meng Tian and Blazing Dragon Universe were ranked above average due to the existence of Meng Tian and Huang Sheng. Zhao Jinkun, Pangu, the Blazing Dragon, and several other Gods of Creation at the peak of the grand completion stage were also important figures in ranking the universes.

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Weaker universes only had Gods of Creation at the grand completion stage, and the weakest universe only had a God of Creation at the large completion stage.

The thirteen universes didn’t possess an expert who surpassed the God of Creation Realm. Everyone was searching for a way to break through, and the moment someone did, they would become the ruler of these universes.

“Surpassing the God of Creation Realm…” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

The mysteries of the universes were so well kept that not even existences like Pangu and Meng Tian knew much.

Several dozen thousand years passed eventually…

Meng Tian’s alliance finally started to return, and they walked out of their shadow of defeat. They started to clash with the third alliance, and Meng Tian would often meet with Zhao Jinkun. It seemed as though a storm was brewing.

“Your Highness, we have great news! The Yin Yang Road of Death seems to be opening!” Long Yi reported one fine day.

In the years that passed, Huang Xiaolong cultivated in seclusion in the 1000th space in the Ice Palace. He would enter the Dragon Cave at times.

Huang Xiaolong leaped to his feet and yelled, “Is that true?!”

After so long, he had already touched the entrance of the God of Creation Realm. He was lacking an opportunity to break through. Entering the Yin Yang Road of Death would be ideal in his current state.

“Yes! The universe storms started to disperse yesterday, and they should disappear in a few months!” Long Yi chuckled.


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A few months!

That’s the time he would need to arrive at the Yin Yang Road of Death!

However, Pangu was worried that Huang Xiaolong would run into trouble, and he chose to follow his disciple to the Yin Yang Road of Death. Huang Xiaolong had to agree.

Several months later, Huang Xiaolong and Pangu stood before the Yin Yang Road of Death.

True to its name, it was teeming with the power of yin and yang. The entrance was nowhere to be seen.

“The Yin Yang Road of Death might allow you to break through, but it’s filled with dangers. Experts at the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm might also lose themselves there. Once you lose your mind, there’s no coming back,” Pangu warned Huang Xiaolong solemnly.


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