Chapter 3476: 3476

Chapter 3476: Plans Falling Through

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Huang Xiaolong didn’t panic, and he summoned the Dao Emperor Sword. It countered the sword strike, and the other party obviously didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to possess another creation artifact. He couldn’t bother with Huang Xiaolong any longer as he stopped the sword from slicing him in two.

Huang Xiaolong regained his footing, and he turned to look at his assailant. It was a man with green eyes, and he was the old ancestor of the Peerless Edge Celestial Empire! He was called Chong Wufeng, and he had 4.5 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

Shi Li and Bei Ting ran over to Chong Wufeng’s side and thanked him profusely.

“It’s alright. We’ll join hands to take him down!” Chong Wufeng growled.

Shi Li and Bei Ting nodded obediently.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother sh*ttalking them, and he summoned all the strength he had. This battle would determine if they could deal a blow to the Meng Tian Alliance.


Chong Wufeng acted once again and the sword in his hand disappeared into the void. Soon, his figure faded from the world and countless waves of sword qi appeared above Huang Xiaolong. They resembled heavenly rivers that shattered the space around Huang Xiaolong.

At the same time, Shi Li and Bei Ting moved. A blinding ray of white shot out from Shi Li’s axe as it slashed towards Huang Xiaolong’s head.

Bei Ting summoned a giant dragon spear and stabbed it towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

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A snort left Huang Xiaolong’s lips as he swung the Huang Long Twin Blades around. A whirlwind of blade qi was formed, and they looked like a giant vortex that swept through the universe. Shi Li and Bei Ting were swallowed in an instant.

The Dao Emperor Sword above his head turned into strands of sword qi that devoured Chong Wufeng’s power.


When the sword qi from the two parties clashed with each other, horrifying tears in space were created.

Gu Yuan and the rest were battling the other experts under Meng Tian.

As the battle raged on between experts in the God of Creation Realm, the space around them was crushed.

The three ancestors of the Azure Bamboo Mountain and the others summoned everything they had to resist Meng Tian’s alliance, and the shockwaves of the battle shook the great worlds all around them.

A sea of golden blood filled the air and the stench of blood eventually filled the skies.

Meng Tian went all out, and the universe trembled with every move he made. Pangu was the same and a horrifying shockwave flooded the universe whenever they clashed.

As for the three ancestors of the Azure Bamboo Mountain, they joined forces to suppress Meng Tian.

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The skies shattered and the ground crumbled as the battle raged on.

Zhao Jinkun, who was silently watching the battle at the side, rejoiced when he realized that both parties were planning to go all out. After all, he would benefit the most when Meng Tian, Pangu, and Huang Xiaolong were injured.

When they were exhausted and injured, he would swoop in to deal with them all!

“Lord Jinkun, who would have thought that Huang Xiaolong and Pangu would be able to move the three ancestors… I wonder who did it…” Mu Qian, a God of Creation under Zhao Jinkun, muttered.

A light flashed in Zhao Jinkun’s eyes. “Huang Xiaolong definitely obtained precious treasures in the Ice Palace. He probably used them to tempt the experts to stand on his side…”

“Looks like the treasures he obtained in the Ice Palace are really extraordinary if he managed to move the three ancestors of the Azure Bamboo Mountain.” Someone else gasped. “Did he bring out the Yin Yang Twin Spiritual Veins?!”

The gaze of the experts in Zhao Jinkun’s faction became heated when they heard what he said. Even Zhao Jinkun couldn’t hide his glee. Those universe-level spiritual veins were extremely beneficial to him!

Zhao Jinkun’s gaze locked on Huang Xiaolong.

As long as he captured the kid, he would be able to obtain the secret to creating three worlds. He could also obtain the runes to the Ice Palace and everything in it!

“Huang Xiaolong!”

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His fingers twitched as he stood his ground to wait for the battle to end.

However, the tides of the battle soon changed. A miserable cry left Bei Ting’s lips as Huang Xiaolong plunged the Huang Long Twin Blades through his chest.

With a flick of his wrist, Bei Ting’s chest was sliced open.

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When Huang Xiaolong was done with Bei Ting, a miserable cry filled the skies as Chen Yihui ended another expert on Meng Tian’s side.

It didn’t take long before the experts on Meng Tian’s side suffered horrific losses with Pangu and the three ancestors suppressing Meng Tian.

Huang Xiaolong and the others had long since come up with a solid battle plan before Meng Tian arrived with his army.

Looking at his subordinates falling one by one, Meng Tian roared with rage when he realized that he couldn’t do anything with the interference of Pangu and the three ancestors.

“Pangu, if this keeps up, both of us will suffer serious losses. Zhao Jinkun will swoop in at the end to get us.” Meng Tian snorted all of a sudden.

The Pangu Axe in Pangu’s hand didn’t falter for a second as he ignored the man completely. “Bullsh*t! Why would we both suffer serious losses?”

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Another hour passed and Meng Tian’s side finally fell to a serious disadvantage. He could only choose to retreat.

No longer on the offensive, the pressure on Meng Tian weakened by countless times as he focused on defending the Gods of Creation on his side. Bei Ting and Shi Li managed to escape, albeit by a narrow margin.

Huang Xiaolong and the rest only stopped after Meng Tian and his group disappeared into the horizon.

Zhao Jinkun’s expression darkened when he noticed that his plan was unsuccessful.


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