Chapter 3474: 3474

Chapter 3474: The Three Azure Bamboo Ancestors

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When Meng Tian, Huang Muyang, Bei Ting, and the others returned to the Meng Tian World several months later, they were greeted with a tragic sight. The entire world had been turned upside down by Huang Xiaolong’s actions.

Along the way, they prepared themselves mentally for the damage Huang Xiaolong might have caused. From the looks of it, they had underestimated him.

To put it more seriously, the Meng Tian Divine Palace was basically a pile of rubble at that point.

Meng Tian didn’t say a word as he glared at the shattered mess made by Huang Xiaolong. Killing intent gathered around him, and it became wilder by the moment.

As the Gods of Creation around him felt the murderous intent leaking from his body, no one dared to say a word. None of them wished to incur Meng Tian’s ire.

“Where is Meng Han?” Meng Tian finally asked after a long time.

A grand marshal of the celestial empire squeaked, “Old ancestor, the emperor… he was taken away by Huang Xiaolong!”

Meng Tian’s eyes turned bloodshot despite already expecting such a result. “Huang Xiaolong, you’ll die a miserable death! I’ll personally crush your dao soul!”

“Pangu too!”

Meng Tian’s voice echoed in the surroundings.

Huang Muyang and the others looked at each other in silence. They knew that Meng Tian had trapped one of his enemies in a separate space in the Meng Tian World, but they never learned his name. Now, they finally knew who it was.

However, where in the world did Pangu come from?

What relationship does Pangu share with Huang Xiaolong? Why would Huang Xiaolong save the man if they weren’t related to one another?!

“Search! Hunt them down even if you have to turn the entire universe upside down!”

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“Anyone who can give me a lead on them can raise any request! I’ll fulfill it no matter what!” Meng Tian roared with rage.

The experts standing around gasped in shock.

It was too tempting to be able to raise any request they had to Meng Tian. A favor from the strongest expert in the Meng Tian Universe was more valuable than a set of creation artifacts.

His order caused the entire universe to go crazy in an instant.

Pangu chuckled with amusement when he heard Meng Tian’s announcement in the world they were hiding in. “This b*stard is pretty arrogant… He’ll grant any request?!”

“Master, were you also lured over here by Xuan Hai?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

In the past few months, Huang Xiaolong didn’t find a chance to ask Pangu about the past. He was extremely curious as to why Pangu would appear in the Meng Tian Universe.

“Nope.” Pangu shook his head.

“No?” Huang Xiaolong gasped in shock. He had always thought that Xuan Hai lured Pangu over, but as it turned out, he was wrong!

“Of course not. This has something to do with the mysteries of the universe, and I’ll tell you when you enter the God of Creation Realm in the future,” Pangu sighed. “Right now, you have to focus on breaking through!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled bitterly, “It’s not that easy to break through…”

When he entered seclusion in the Ice Palace, Huang Xiaolong thought that breaking through to the God of Creation Realm would be a piece of cake. He realized how wrong he was after exiting seclusion.

Pangu frowned, “There is a place in this universe that can assist in your breakthrough.”

“Is that true?!” Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow in shock.

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Pangu nodded. “Yes. It’s called the Yin Yang Road of Death. You can temper your dao soul when training there, and you will be able to experience the cycle of life and death. Many experts broke through there.”

“Yin Yang Road of Death?!” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“However, no one knows when the road will open. The entire region is shrouded by universe storms, and one will only be able to enter when the storms weaken,” Pangu explained.

“When will the storms weaken next?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“No one knows when it will happen. After all, the universe storms come and go as they please. You can only wait patiently. There will be a period of a million years when the storms weaken, and that is when experts will enter the Yin Yang Road of Death.”

One million years was enough for a breakthrough to the God of Creation Realm.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s head started to hurt when he thought about when the Yin Yang Road of Death would open.

None of them chose to idle around as they continued to cultivate.

Pangu’s injuries were severe, and even with Meng Han’s bloodline to shatter the restrictions, he had to recover slowly. He needed several hundred years to recover to his peak state.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t remain idle either. He used the four Universe Origin Fires to devour universe energy to strengthen himself.

The Yin Yang Road of Death was an option, but Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t place all his hope on it.

During his cultivation, Huang Xiaolong got the various draconian beasts he captured in the Dragon Cave to look for news on the Yin Yang Road of Death. He told them to make a report if the universe storms showed any signs of weakening.

Several hundred years passed in the blink of an eye.

Pangu recovered to his peak state, and he got to his feet slowly.

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Loosening his shoulders, he growled, “It’s time for us to head out there after so many years of hiding…”

Several days later, all of them left the world they were hiding in.

Huang Xiaolong intended to form an alliance with the rest of the scattered cultivators to oppose Meng Tian!

He could also choose to join Zhao Jinkun!

Pangu was pretty supportive of his intentions.

In the Meng Tian Universe, if one was a God of Creation who hadn’t gone under either banner, they would probably be looking for strong support. Pangu was a great choice to follow.

After all, Pangu was also an expert second only to Meng Tian.

He might not be Meng Tian’s opponent, but he was still at the peak of the grand completion stage. He would be able to fight Meng Tian head-on, and the only reason he was caught in the past was because he fell into Meng Tian’s trap!

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There were seventy-two Gods of Creation in the Meng Tian Universe, and twenty-three of them chose to follow Meng Tian, whereas twenty-eight of them supported Zhao Jinkun, and there were twenty-one others left.

If he managed to gather all twenty-one, they would turn into the third power in the Meng Tian Universe!

In the Meng Tian Divine Palace…

“What?! You managed to receive news on Pangu and Huang Xiaolong?!” Meng Tian didn’t dare to believe his ears.

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“Yes! Old ancestor, the two of them are currently in the Azure Bamboo Mountain.” one of the grand marshals of the celestial empire reported.

“Azure Bamboo Mountain?” Meng Tian frowned.

The Azure Bamboo Mountain was established by three God of Creation Realm experts, and they were all at the grand completion stage. If they joined forces, they could possibly pose a threat to Meng Tian and Zhao Jinkun! As such, the two had never tried to mess with the three ancestors of the Azure Bamboo Mountain.

“What are they doing there?” Meng Tian asked.

“They seem to be forming an alliance with the three ancestors…” The grand marshal hesitated for a moment before replying.

A sneer left Meng Tian’s lips. “Haha! What a joke?! They’re overestimating themselves!”

Meng Tian had paid a visit to the three ancestors of the Azure Bamboo Mountain in the past, but he had failed to tempt them no matter what type of conditions he gave. He refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong would be able to move the three eccentric old ancestors.


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