Chapter 3472: 3472

Chapter 3472: Sending Meng Tian’s Son Flying

“We… We’re out?!” Gu Yuan, Long Yi, and Yang Han gasped in unison.

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“Meng Tian and Zhao Jinkun still think that we’re hiding in the Ice Palace, hahaha!” Huang Xiaolong chuckled with amusement.

“Your Highness, what are we going to do now?” Yang Han asked.

“We’re going to the Meng Tian World!” 

Since Pangu’s disappearance was related to Meng Tian, Huang Xiaolong suspected that his fate was similar to Huang Long. Pangu might be captured by Meng Tian in some secret space.

Now that Meng Tian was still playing around in the Ice Palace, it was Huang Xiaolong’s best chance to rescue Pangu.

Soon after, the group of four tore through space to race towards the Meng Tian World.

In the Ice Palace, Huang Xiaolong reached the extreme peak of the Dao Venerable Realm. He also comprehended the way to control universe energy, and his speed was much faster than before.

Even though Gu Yuan and Long Yi had broken through to the God of Creation Realm, their speed wasn’t even a thousandth of Huang Xiaolong’s! Grabbing the three of them, Huang Xiaolong brought them along with him.

As he thought, Meng Tian and the others didn’t detect his departure from the Ice River World. When Huang Xiaolong arrived in the Meng Tian World several months later, Meng Tian and Zhao Jinkun were still furiously bombarding the grand formation in the 990th space.

A trace of coldness flashed through Huang Xiaolong’s eyes when he looked at the Meng Tian World. With a single step, they crossed the world barrier before teleporting continuously towards the Meng Tian Divine Palace.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive even though the Meng Tian Divine Palace was located at the heart of the Meng Tian World. The divine palace was made up of a massive piece of universe dream stone. It was a world of its own, and even though it wasn’t larger than the Ice River World, it was comparable to a massive holy world.

“Who?!” The guards discovered Huang Xiaolong’s group the moment they appeared as none of them bothered concealing their auras. Countless guards rushed towards them.

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All of the guards in the divine palace were Dao Venerables who comprehended ten or more elements to the grand completion stage.

There were several dozen experts who accumulated 1.0 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

Even Gu Yuan and Long Yi who had broken into the God of Creation Realm would find it difficult to break into the divine palace. After all, the grand formation was laid down by Meng Tian himself. 

The guards that appeared were the weakest in the palace and there were definitely strong experts deep in the palace.

However, Huang Xiaolong simply waved his hand once in order to deal with all the guards. They were frozen in space and Huang Xiaolong sent out countless rays of purple grandmist aura to control them.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan to kill them as he needed all of them to activate the grand formation around the Meng Tian Divine Palace. Not a single one of them could be missing when activating the formation.

After controlling them, he ordered them to release the restrictions around the divine palace.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bring Gu Yuan and the others in with him. Instead, he left them outside in case anything happened.

When he flew towards the interior of the divine palace, he hid his presence, and he controlled countless guards as he made his way deeper and deeper.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong met countless experts who were loyal to the Meng Tian Celestial Empire. He either killed them with a single strike or he would control them before throwing them into the Sun Moon Furnace.

He tried to detect Pangu’s aura along the way. After all, the Pangu Axe would tell him if Pangu was in the palace.

Flying all the way into the divine palace, Huang Xiaolong frowned all of a sudden.

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A trace of joy filled Huang Xiaolong’s heart when he felt a type of energy similar to that of the Pangu Axe.


He was right! Pangu was really located in the Meng Tian Divine Palace! Locking onto the space where Pangu was, Huang Xiaolong smashed the Pangu Axe down on it instantly. Blinding light filled the space around him and countless restrictions were blown apart instantly.

Huang Xiaolong retreated slightly, but a frown soon formed on his face. Even after using all his power, he only managed to break a tiny part of the restrictions that Meng Tian laid down.

“Someone barged into the palace!”

“Listen to my order, surround the intruder and kill them!” 

Huang Xiaolong’s strike alerted the leftover guards. He was surrounded in an instant.

“Huh?!” Meng Tian, who was blasting the 990th space with everything he had stopped, and a frown formed on his face.

He could feel that someone shattered some formations around the space that trapped Pangu.

Is someone there to save the man?!

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Who could it be?

Moreover, he could feel that the person who attacked the restrictions possessed the strength of a God of Creation at the large completion stage.

When Meng Tian was still stuck in a state of confusion, a snort left Huang Xiaolong’s lips as he stood above the space that trapped Pangu.

The Pangu Axe in his hand slashed towards the restrictions once again.

The palace trembled under the terrifying impact.

“Activate the grand formation and kill that man!” Meng Han flew out of the main hall and roared with rage. The spear in his hand shot towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

Meng Han was a God of Creation who was no weaker than Bei Ting! He had already reached the peak of the small completion stage!

Huang Xiaolong stared at the tip of the spear which was growing larger by the second and a snort left his lips. The Pangu Axe chopped down towards Meng Han and a miserable squeal ensued.

He was cut in half, and the armor on his body shattered into a million pieces. 

The instant Meng Han was sliced in two, Meng Tian who was trapped in the Ice Palace roared with rage, “Huang Xiaolong, I’ll kill you, you motherf*cking b*stard!” 

A ray of light shot through the various spaces that were contained in the Ice Palace and it flew towards the Meng Tian World.

Huang Muyang and the others who stood guard outside the Ice Palace stared at each other in shock.

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“Huang Xiaolong?! Lord Meng Tian… This…” 

“It’s headed to the Meng Tian World! Something happened there! Huang Xiaolong is currently wreaking havoc in the divine palace!” 

“Hurry, to the Meng Tian World!” Huang Muyang roared.

Various figures shot through the air and flew towards the Meng Tian World.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t spare a second look at Meng Han as he continued to slash at the restrictions trapping Pangu. At the same time, he waved his arms around and every single expert who surrounded him was blasted to bits. 

No one knew how many times Huang Xiaolong’s axe landed on the restrictions, but they started to weaken eventually. The glow that surrounded the space finally dimmed.


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