Chapter 3470: 3470

Chapter 3470: Breaking Through

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There were two giant golden river-like objects floating before him, and they emitted dense waves of spiritual qi!

The two spiritual veins caused mirages to appear all over space, and Huang Xiaolong and the rest saw a bunch of Ice Marrows, Hearts of Ice, and many other treasures revolving around the spiritual veins!

Long Yi couldn’t help but yell in fright, “What… What the f*ck!”

Gu Yuan and Yang Han didn’t know what to say. The number of treasures there dazzled them! In fact, they had no idea how many were floating about! A thousand? Ten thousand? Hundreds of thousands?!

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Huang Xiaolong was equally as shocked.

Along the way, he managed to obtain hundreds of sets of Ice Marrows, and close to a thousand Hearts of Ice! He was more than satisfied with his finds, but now, they lost all their splendor and appeal before the godly amount of treasures!

Huang Xiaolong took several deep breaths before he finally calmed himself down.

A moment later, he appeared in the skies above the two spiritual veins. Their purity and size far surpassed anything Huang Xiaolong had seen before!

“We’ll enter seclusion together!” Huang Xiaolong declared.

Gu Yuan, Long Yi, and Yang Han were dumbfounded.

“Your Highness, we’ll just guard the area while you enter seclusion…” Gu Yuan shook his head in response.

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“I know what you’re worried about. Relax. Meng Tian and Zhao Jinkun will never be able to enter this space. There’s no need to care about them. You can cultivate at ease here. This might be your only chance to enter the God of Creation Realm, and if you miss it, you might never be able to in the future!”

Gu Yuan and Long Yi would be lying if they said that they weren’t tempted.

“Alright. It’s decided. All of us will enter seclusion here. Yang Han, you too,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

The serious look on his face made it impossible for any of the three to reject his decision.

After considering that the energy fluctuations might disturb Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation, Gu Yuan and Long Yi each left to a secluded corner to break through.

After they chose their location, they laid down countless formations to reduce the energy waves to a minimum.

Yang Han also chose a corner for himself.

After seeing that the three of them had settled down, Huang Xiaolong sat above the two spiritual veins and closed his eyes. Calming his heart down, he circulated the Pangu World Creation Art. Swallowing the spiritual energy from the two universe-level spiritual veins, Huang Xiaolong released the four Universe Origin Fires to protect himself. They were also helpful in absorbing the universe source qi around him.

The universe source energy contained in the two spiritual veins poured into his body unceasingly, and they were quickly converted to grand cosmos energy.

When Huang Xiaolong was devouring the spiritual veins, the Pangu Axe hovered in the air above him to swallow the Ice Marrow and Hearts of Ice to restore itself.

The spirit of the Pangu Axe swallowed the treasures happily.

As the axe started to recover, divine dragons started to appear around its edge.

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The divine dragons increased in number slowly, and there were eventually billions of them.

The aura around Huang Xiaolong grew stronger and stronger as time passed, and the amount of grand cosmos energy contained in his third world approached the 1.29999 billion mark.

Several thousand years passed just like that.

The space of the 932nd space trembled as huge blasts rang through the skies. Energy fluctuations rocked the entire space as Meng Tian bombarded his surroundings with everything he had.

He had been trapped for nearly a hundred years in the 932nd space, and he couldn’t find a way forward!

Exasperated, he could only smash everything around him in an attempt to break the grand formation supporting the Ice Palace.

No matter how hard he tried, the grand formation didn’t budge in the slightest.

Eventually, Meng Tian chose to give up.

He stared into the void with a gloomy expression, and he growled, “Huang Xiaolong, I refuse to believe that I can’t find the exit to this space!”

After he spoke, an awl appeared in his hand. It was the creation artifact he had spent all his time nurturing, and it was extremely close to becoming a top-grade creation artifact.

Several years later…

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Meng Tian finally entered the 932nd space.

Several hundred thousand years passed, and Huang Xiaolong finally opened his eyes.

He finally managed to devour the two universe-level spiritual veins after such a long time, and his third world reached the limit of 1.2999 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

According to Huang Xiaolong’s estimation, he would need four universe-level spiritual veins in order to do so. However, reality proved him wrong.

Boiling with excitement, the only thing left to do now was to break into the God of Creation Realm!

All he needed to do was to take the final step!

However, he knew that it wouldn’t be easy for him to do so. Like Gu Yuan and Long Yi, they had been trapped at their current levels for countless years.

The Blazing Dragon had once told him that the more anxious he was to enter the God of Creation Realm, the harder it would be.

His thoughts were interrupted by a massive blast that came from a distance away. Energy waves swept through the space, but it was contained by the restrictions laid down all around. The entire space trembled slightly.

Releasing his dao souls, a smile formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face. “Gu Yuan finally broke through.”

The fluctuations came from Gu Yuan who was cultivating in a corner of the 1000th space.

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Soon after, the next disturbance came. Long Yi entered the God of Creation Realm!

Seeing as Long Yi had also broken through, the smile on Huang Xiaolong’s face became even wider.

Even though the two of them were extremely close to entering the God of Creation Realm in the past, they were still Dao Venerables. Now, they could use the power of the universe and they would be able to stay alive even if Meng Tian came.

After ensuring that the two of them were fine, Huang Xiaolong checked up on Meng Tian and Zhao Jinkun. He jumped in fright when he saw that the furthest someone had gone was the 984th space.

Zhao Jinkun was a little slower than Meng Tian, but he had already entered the 980th space.

They were extremely close to each other!


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