Chapter 3469: 3469

Chapter 3469: 1000 Spaces!

Meng Tian stared at the Ice Palace and a weird light flashed in his eyes. He seemed to be able to peer through the countless spaces within the Ice Palace.

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“I’ll go in there to force him out,” Meng Tian stated.

There were more than fifty great worlds in the Meng Tian Universe, and there were seventy-two Gods of Creation.

However, there were only twenty-three of them who were in Meng Tian’s faction.

As such, the reaction of those outside was varied.

Meng Tian swept his gaze across everyone present and he didn’t say a second word before entering the Ice Palace.

Not too long after he did, a God of Creation who was covered in golden flames did the same. He was the second strongest expert in the Meng Tian Universe, Zhao Jinkun!

Zhao Jinkun’s strength was comparable to the Blazing Dragon, and like the Blazing Dragon Universe, one mountain could only house a single tiger. Zhao Jinkun and Meng Tian were on bad terms with each other. If they were able to kill each other, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so. The number of experts under Zhao Jinkun was more than Meng Tian’s alliance, and there were twenty-eight of them. As such, Zhao Jinkun had the ability to challenge the strongest existence in the Meng Tian Universe.

After the two of them entered, no one else moved. Everyone guarded the perimeter of the Ice Palace.

After entering the first space within, a ray of light emerged from Meng Tian’s eyes. It covered everything around him, and he could feel the slightest movement clearly.

That was the creation art he cultivated! He could fuse with any space he was in. The moment he used that technique, he would be able to discover Huang Xiaolong as long as they were in the same space!

Wasn’t Huang Xiaolong planning on hiding in the Ice Palace? He would look through every single spot to dig him out!

He refused to believe that he couldn’t locate Huang Xiaolong.

Now, the area outside the Ice Palace was sealed off. Huang Xiaolong would not be able to escape, and he could only hide in the Ice Palace. As long as Meng Tian looked through every single space, he would eventually capture Huang Xiaolong!

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The moment Meng Tian and Zhao Jinkun entered the Ice Palace, Huang Xiaolong detected their presence.

A strange expression formed on the trio’s faces when they saw that Huang Xiaolong had stopped. Eventually, Huang Xiaolong whispered, “Meng Tian is here.”

“Meng Tian!” 

The faces of the three changed instantly.

That was an existence akin to god in the Meng Tian Universe.

“Zhao Jinkun came with him.” 


“Your Highness, did they join hands?” Long Yi whimpered.


Heaving a sigh of relief, the three of them shook their heads slowly. If Meng Tian were to join hands with Zhao Jinkun, there wasn’t a single way out for Huang Xiaolong.

Soon after, they entered the 903rd space.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t care too much about the two of them. Even though he wasn’t their opponent, they would never be able to find him in the Ice Palace!

That was because they couldn’t enter the 1000th space!

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A month later, the four of them arrived in the 904th space.

It took them a single month to scour through a single space.

Eight years later…

Huang Xiaolong’s group stood before the entrance to the 1000th space.

Gu Yuan, Long Yi, and Yang Han could feel the excitement bubbling in their hearts. No one had been able to enter the 1000th space, but now, they were going to enter with Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong was equally as excited.

Not long after, they entered the final space in the Ice Palace.

The instant they did, they were blinded by a golden light that filled the area.

When they finally opened their eyes, Huang Xiaolong discovered that the world before them was covered in gold. Not a single trace of impurity remained.

Even the spiritual qi in the air was golden in color!

“This… Could this be the legendary Golden Ice Spiritual Liquid?!” Gu Yuan gasped.

Golden Ice!

There were countless types of ice in the Ice River, and there were those that had existed for countless years. The only exception was Golden Ice!

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Golden Ice was the strangest and oldest type of ice created in the universe. It contained the power of a universe in its infant stage!

Golden Ice Spiritual Liquid was formed after the concentration of the spiritual qi emitted from the Golden Ice reached a certain degree!

A single drop was as effective as a creation pill!

Looking at the giant bubbles of golden liquid before them, no one knew how much there was!

Long Yi and the others rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a cold breath, and he suppressed the joy in his heart. He didn’t think that there would be Golden Ice Spiritual Liquid in the 1000th space! Even without the universe-level spiritual veins, he would be able to reach the limit of a Dao Venerable!

Huang Xiaolong slowly calmed himself down and started to search for the other treasures.

“Heart of Ice!” 

Not too long after he started his exploration, he discovered a treasure that was pulsating like a heart!

A smile blossomed on Huang Xiaolong’s face as he slowly grabbed the Heart of Ice.

He finally obtained the first piece in the 1000th space!

Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain a single one from the 900th space. 

As such, there were nearly a hundred of them in the Sun Moon Furnace.

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Huang Xiaolong didn’t believe that there would only be a single Heart of Ice in the 1000th space, and he continued to look.

Soon after, he found a second piece. Not too far away from that, he discovered a ball of Ice Marrow!

One month passed, and Huang Xiaolong realized that the 1000th space was too large! It was dozens of times larger than any space before it!

After one month, they hadn’t explored even a tenth of the space they were in.

“There are so many treasures here!” Long Yi gasped. Since they entered, Huang Xiaolong obtained nearly a hundred Hearts of Ice and several dozen clusters of Ice Marrow.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “No one has ever been in here before. It’s not surprising that there are many treasures here.”

One year finally passed, and Huang Xiaolong arrived at the edge of the 1000th space.


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