Chapter 3467: 3467

Chapter 3467: Entering the Ice Palace

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When they heard Shi Li’s name, the faces of Gu Yuan and Yang Han sank. No matter how fast the other experts were rushing over, they would take some time. Shi Li was already in the Ice River, to begin with! How long would it take for him to come?

The moment he arrived, the three of them would be squished with a mere thought by the man!

The second day passed in a flash.

As the corpses of ice beasts around the three piled up high into the mountains, the Ice King was nowhere to be seen. The only creatures who came to ambush Gu Yuan and the others from time to time were the great generals under the Ice King!

Gu Yuan and the others were completely enraged by the Ice King’s actions. Killing intent swept through the area and the bloodlust in them had completely awakened due to the two days of the massacre.

All of a sudden, the three of them stopped. They stared into the distance with a look of fear on their faces.

“This…” Long Yi whimpered.

“It’s Shi Li! He’s here!” Gu Yuan felt his throat going dry as his heart palpitated with fear.

A terrifying pressure that belonged to a God of Creation filled the skies.

Even though he was billions of miles away, the three of them were suffocated by the endless pressure.

It was too damn strong.

Shi Li, who was a God of Creation at the large completion stage, was on a whole new level compared to Bei Ting!

Staring at Huang Xiaolong, they saw that he was still absorbing the runes without a care in the world.

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“What do we do now?” Gu Yuan, one of the oldest existences among the three, started to panic. No matter how many years he had lived through, the possibility of a God of Creation bearing down on them was too hard to bear!

Every single possibility that could happen flashed through their minds.

When the three of them were still panicking, the pressure disappeared. A figure appeared in the air above them, and they were shocked to discover that Shi Li had already arrived.

Gu Yuan and Long Yi returned to their true forms in order to be at their peak state in the event Shi Li attacked them the moment he appeared. When Shi Li noticed the two of them, he stared at them in stunned silence. “Old Man Gu Yuan? Cave Master Long Yi?!”

Gu Yuan had existed for a nearly endless amount of time. His seniority outranked many God of Creation Realm experts!

“Looks like it’s the two of you…” Shi Li frowned after some time. “Since I recognize you, I’ll give you a chance to run.”

Gu Yuan’s expression turned solemn, and he shook his head resolutely. “No. Our lives belong to His Highness!”


Narrowing his eyes, Shi Li groaned, “Since that’s the case, all three of you can go to hell!”

He struck the void before him and a terrifying power crashed down towards the three. They felt as though every single bone in their body was breaking and their organs were about to explode. Even their dao souls were squeezed to the point of popping.

When the three of them were about to be popped, a ray of inky blue light emerged from inside the Ice Palace. It shot towards Shi Li at a shocking speed.

Gasping with shock, Shi Li no longer bothered with the three of them as he raised his hand to counter the inky blue light.


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The Ice River trembled when the light collided with Shi Li. Retreating slightly, Shi Li’s gaze landed on Huang Xiaolong. “It’s you!”

From the looks of it, Huang Xiaolong managed to control the grand formation inside the Ice Palace to send out the attack.

The Ice Palace was rumored to be a creation-level artifact, but no one could make the verification.

In fact, the Ice Palace was a divine artifact created during the formation of the universe. It wasn’t any weaker than the Pangu Axe at its peak state, and after Huang Xiaolong absorbed a huge part of the runes around the Ice Palace, he could control a huge portion of the grand formation. Shi Li’s guess was right. Huang Xiaolong used the power of the grand formation against him.

When Shi Li was still stuck in a state of shock, Gu Yuan and the others ran over to Huang Xiaolong as the joy of staying alive overwhelmed them.

Huang Xiaolong continued to absorb the runes along the Ice Palace as though nothing happened.

“Humph, you’re just messing about.” With a snort, an axe appeared in Shi Li’s hand. The axe was completely white in color, and a weird light danced upon it. That was Shi Li’s creation artifact, the Ice Axe!

Raising the axe, the Ice River seemed to lose its color. Rays of blinding light were emitted from the body of the axe.

Gu Yuan, Long Yi, and Yang Han could feel the power contained in it. It had surpassed anything they knew about the frost attribute, and it contained energy countless times stronger than anything they could muster.

It was energy only controllable by the Gods of Creation!

Under their terrified gaze, the axe came crashing down towards them.

The instant it did, the Ice River trembled violently.

A tear ripped through the space, leaving behind a scene Gu Yuan and the others would not forget as long as they lived.

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However, Huang Xiaolong’s growl rocked the Ice River while the axe was falling towards them. “Scram!”

A giant axe emerged from his body and it smashed against the Ice Axe above.


Shi Li saw his axe exploding into countless fragments when it came into contact with the giant axe.


The Pangu Axe didn’t slow down as it slashed into Shi Li’s body. A giant wound was sliced open in his chest.

If not for the fact that Shi Li used everything he had to defend himself, he would have been sliced in half!

The Pangu Axe returned to hover above Huang Xiaolong’s head.

With fear in his eyes, Shi Li didn’t dare to remain behind with his creation artifact destroyed. He grabbed the shards of the axe and disappeared into the void.

Gu Yuan and the others looked at each other, dumbfounded. The situation changed too quickly!

After Shi Li escaped, the ice beasts that used to swarm them started to leave. Not a single one remained behind and the space around the Ice Palace became empty.

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Huang Xiaolong kept the Pangu Axe, and he continued to absorb the runes quietly.

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When Gu Yuan and the others finally snapped back to reality, they went back to guarding the area around Huang Xiaolong. Even though Shi Li had escaped, they didn’t dare to let their guard down.

The final day passed and Huang Xiaolong managed to absorb the final rune along the Ice Palace. Opening his eyes, a faint smile formed on his face. He didn’t expect to receive such great benefits before coming. Initially, he was thinking about how he should comprehend the runes around the Ice Palace. He didn’t think that the Universe Origin Fires would assist him so perfectly!

Now, the runes were imprinted on his dao soul and the mysteries they contained filled his mind.

“Let’s enter,” Huang Xiaolong said before bringing them into the Ice Palace.

The Ice Palace’s gate was shut tightly and if one wanted to enter the first space contained in it, they would have to waste a lot of time and effort. However, Huang Xiaolong entered it without any difficulty, and he continued without stopping. In the blink of an eye, they crossed hundreds of spaces in the Ice Palace.


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