Chapter 3466: 3466

Chapter 3466: Alarming Countless Parties

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The runes surrounding the Ice Palace were extremely profound! One would need an extremely long amount of time to comprehend a single one, not to mention the countless runes on the walls! Even staring at the walls would exhaust one’s mental energy!

Not even Gu Yuan and Long Yi could stare at the Ice Palace for long! They would need to take a break ever so often.

There was no need to mention Yang Han. He couldn’t last a single day!

As Huang Xiaolong stared at the mysterious runes swirling around the Ice Palace, he felt a strange feeling forming in his heart. The runes were like mischievous children who were playing around! He also noticed that the four Universe Origin Fires started to flutter in his body the more he looked at the runes!

It was as though the four Universe Origin Fires had met their long-lost friend!

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback.

Could the fires have seen the Ice Palace somewhere before?

Huang Xiaolong was right. The Universe Origin Fires had indeed come across the runes around the Ice Palace.

The part that shocked Huang Xiaolong was that the runes were turning into streaks of light as they entered his body under the guidance of the fires!

The number of runes around the Ice Palace decreased at an alarming rate!

There were a total of a trillion runes around the palace, and they charged into Huang Xiaolong’s body like an endless tide.

In a single minute, he absorbed a hundred million of them!

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According to his speed, he would be able to absorb the runes around the palace in less than three days!

Gu Yuan, Long Yi, and Yang Hai thought that Huang Xiaolong was comprehending the runes initially, but they were shocked to see the runes entering Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Was that even possible?!

They had seen Gods of Creation comprehending their first rune in a second, but that was the first time they had seen anyone absorbing the runes directly!

The runes around the Ice Palace weren’t something anyone could absorb as they wished!

“Is His Highness alright?” Long Yi gasped.

“Probably… He should be fine.” Gu Yuan frowned. He had no idea what was going on either.

When Huang Xiaolong was absorbing the runes around the Ice Palace, the news of Bei Ting’s escape and his defeat to a Dao Venerable shook the world.

Very quickly, the great worlds around the Shi Li world received the news.

Not many people could believe what had happened, and everyone thought that those were baseless rumors. Only when Jing Wenxiu and the others returned and confirmed the news did the universe go wild.

“The young man who defeated Bei Ting is called Huang Xiaolong! It’s said that he managed to create three small worlds, and he accumulated close to 3.9 billion units of grand cosmos energy!”

“Three small worlds?! It’s a miracle that he managed to do it! He should be the first person in the history of the universe to do something like that!”

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“I heard that many God of Creation Realm experts are rushing over to the Ice River! Even Lord Meng Tian emerged from seclusion to head over!”

“Three small worlds… Hehehe, everyone hopes to get their hands on his secret! If Lord Meng Tian obtains the secret to creating three small worlds, he will immediately close in on 30 billion units of grand cosmos energy! Even if he hasn’t entered the Universe God Realm, no one will be his opponent!”

“That’s right. It’s too difficult to enter the Universe God Realm. If one manages to create three worlds, they would be even more terrifying than a Universe God! Lord Meng Tian has already given the order. Anyone who captures Huang Xiaolong will be given a set of creation artifacts!”

A set!

He isn’t going to merely give away a single piece!

One could only imagine how terrifying the secret of creating three worlds was. Even a God of Creation at the level of Meng Tian was willing to give away a set of creation artifacts to obtain the secret.

In the Ice River, a middle-aged man stood on a rainbow-colored piece of ice as large as a continent.

The Ice River might be filled with ice, but there weren’t many that had a rainbow glow, much less one that was the size of a continent!

If there was any expert present, they would realize that the elusive Ice Jade Spirit was hidden in the core of the ice continent!

Even though the Ice Jade Spirit was less precious than the Heart of Ice and the Ice Marrow, it was still an extremely precious treasure located in the Ice River.

The middle-aged man raised his hand and a terrifying aura filled the space around him. Not even the strongest of ice beasts dared to approach.

He was the strongest person in the Shi Li World, God of Creation, Shi Li!

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“Three small worlds…”

“Nearly 3.9 billion units of grand cosmos energy!”

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A trace of surprise and desire flashed through his eyes.

“Huang Xiaolong, you are mine!”

“When I create three worlds, not even Meng Tian will be my opponent!”

Shi Li roared with laughter before turning into a streak of light that disappeared from the ice continent. He charged towards the Ice Palace at the quickest speed possible as he gave up on the Ice Jade Spirit.

With his speed, he would be able to arrive in less than two days!

There was no doubt that he would be the first to arrive at the scene!

The more he thought about the possibility of creating three worlds, the faster he traveled. He pushed himself to the limit in order to arrive a little bit faster.

When that was going down, Huang Xiaolong was absorbing the runes along the Ice Palace.

As they poured into Huang Xiaolong’s body, they looked like a pillar of light that shot straight into Huang Xiaolong’s forehead.

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Gu Yuan, Long Yi, and Yang Han stopped the ice beasts that were trying to approach.

About an hour after it started, the number of ice beasts increased by a huge amount.

Due to their overwhelming strength, Gu Yuan and the others managed to fend off all the ice beasts.

“Looks like the old ice b*stard is trying to mess with us.” Gu Yuan growled as he looked at the incoming beasts.

He was obviously referring to the Ice King as the beasts were only attacking due to his command.

“Is he tired of living or something? How dare he plot against His Highness…” Long Yi roared with rage. “After His Highness is done, I’ll personally beat his face in!”

“We can save that for later… The number of beasts is growing by the second. Moreover, I heard that many other God of Creation Realm experts are rushing here as we speak.” A troubled expression formed on Gu Yuan’s face.

“We should be afraid of Shi Li… Isn’t he already in the Ice River?” Long Yi muttered.


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