Chapter 3465: 3465

Chapter 3465: Ice Palace?

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Bei Ting wasn’t the only one in disbelief. Everyone else couldn’t believe what they were seeing either.

How did someone create three small worlds?!

There were more than fifty great worlds in the Meng Tian Universe, and there were trillions of creeds. Not a single person managed to create a second small world, much less a third!


“Do you really wish to know?” Huang Xiaolong had noticed the burning gaze in Bei Ting’s eyes a long time ago.

Huang Xiaolong sneered to himself. Even at this time, Bei Ting was still thinking about obtaining Huang Xiaolong’s secret!

A sneer formed on his face.

Standing with his back straight, Bei Ting looked at Huang Xiaolong and grinned, “Of course, I would! If I manage to get my hands on such heaven-defying power… Hehehe…”

If he managed to create two more worlds, wouldn’t he possess nearly 9 billion units of grand cosmos energy at his current level?!

He would close in on 9 billion units of grand cosmos energy before entering the large completion stage! He would be comparable to God of Creation Realm experts at the grand completion stage!

A third eye appeared on his forehead after he spoke!

It was a dragon’s eye that was filled with draconic runes!

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It was an innate ability he was born with, and he called it the Mysterious Dragon Eye! It possessed extraordinary might!

A blinding ray of light shot out from his third eye, and they were like mini dragons that filled the space around him.

The beams of light seemed to tear through the fabric of time and space and everyone present started to see weird mirages.

All the evil thoughts they had in the past raced through their minds.

As they tried their hardest to suppress their unease, they realized that it was useless!

Not even Gu Yuan and Long Yi could control themselves.

Huang Xiaolong stopped walking as a dazed look appeared on his face.

Excitement filled Bei Ting’s heart. Huang Xiaolong might possess more grand cosmos energy than him, but his Mysterious Dragon Eye contained the power only a God of Creation would possess! It had never failed him in the past, and he was confident that he could control Huang Xiaolong now!

“What is your name?” Bei Ting asked.

“Huang Xiaolong.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, Bei Ting felt as though Huang Xiaolong had finally fallen under his spell. Even so, he wanted to ask several more questions to confirm his guess.

Huang Xiaolong replied obediently as the smile on Bei Ting’s face grew wider.

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Thinking that it was time to search through Huang Xiaolong’s memories and thoughts to find the secret behind the creation of his three small worlds, he waved his hand to form a dragon imprint that shot towards Huang Xiaolong. As long as it entered Huang Xiaolong’s body, he would seal off the kid’s strength!

When that happened, Huang Xiaolong would be unable to resist his soul search!

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It entered Huang Xiaolong’s body with ease, and happy laughter escaped Bei Ting’s lips.

As his laughter filled the skies, an axe appeared above his head and chopped downwards.

The axe contained the power to shatter worlds, and not even Bei Ting could imagine the power contained within.

When it came slashing downwards, Bei Ting yelped in fright before summoning all the strength he had to defend himself.

Like a bubble, his defensive aura popped, and he raised his hands in a desperate attempt to stop the Pangu Axe.

Slicing straight through his body, Bei Ting felt his body turning stiff, and he lowered his head to stare at the bloody line running through him. A searing pain shot through his body, and it affected his dao soul.

Never in his life had he ever felt so much pain! Especially after he broke through the God of Creation Realm, life had been great!

“You… How can you be unaffected by my Mysterious Dragon Eye?!” Bei Ting roared as his body twitched uncontrollably from the pain he felt.

“I was… Too bad you missed the chance,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

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Initially, Huang Xiaolong was stuck under the effect of the Mysterious Dragon Eye. However, Huang Xiaolong used the power of his three dao souls to shatter the influence the Mysterious Dragon Eye had on him.

The moment he stopped the connection, the power of 3.8 billion units of grand cosmos energy broke the seal that went into his body.

Bei Ting chuckled in resignation, “Who would have thought that I would fall at the hands of an ant…” After he spoke, light surrounded his body, and he disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Huang Xiaolong slashed the Pangu Axe into the void and a miserable cry rang through the air.

However, the sound quickly disappeared and a frown formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face. It seemed as though Bei Ting managed to escape.

As a God of Creation, Bei Ting would definitely be able to outrun Huang Xiaolong as Xuan Hai did.

With his expression changing slightly, Huang Xiaolong decided against giving chase. Even if he could catch up with Bei Ting, he would have a hard time killing the other guy. Even an ordinary God of Creation at the large completion stage would find it hard to kill Bei Ting!

It seemed as though he had to break through to the God of Creation Realm as soon as possible! If he was a God of Creation, Bei Ting would never have been able to escape!

When the members of the Northern Court Celestial Empire saw their old ancestor fleeing for his life, their expressions turned ashen.

Huang Xiaolong looked at everyone around the Ice Palace and they fell to their knees in fright.

His gaze eventually landed on Bei Yanrui, Bei Xue, and Lu Ting.

Bei Yanrui lowered his head as he kneeled on the ground, and he didn’t dare to look Huang Xiaolong in the eye. Bei Xue and the others were the same.

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None of them dared to breathe loudly.

“All of you can leave,” Huang Xiaolong muttered when they were thinking about all the ways he might get back at them.

Staring at him in shock, the members of the Northern Court Celestial Empire didn’t believe their ears.

“I’ll give you one minute. Anyone who remains here after a minute will be dealt with.”

Not wasting a single second, all of them fled immediately. It took a single breath of time for the entire space to clear out! The only people left were Gu Yuan, Long Yi, and Yang Han.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t in a rush to enter the Ice Palace. He stood above the palace as he observed the mysterious runes around the Ice Palace.


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