Chapter 3464: 3464

Chapter 3464: Warming Up

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Bei Yanrui wasn’t the only one who was stuck in a state of shock. The world’s masters and everyone at their level were equally surprised. Bei Xue and Lu Ting finally understood how Yang Han fell into Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

Not even their celestial emperor could take a single strike from the man, much less Yang Han!

However, they didn’t know that Yang Han was taken down by Long Yi. Who knew what their reaction would be if they learned the truth?

Huang Xiaolong ignored Bei Yanrui, and he started to walk towards Bei Ting.

Close to 3 billion? It was perfect for him to warm up.

When he fought with Xuan Hai in the past, Huang Xiaolong was unable to go all out. After all, Xuan Hai only knew how to run!

Bei Ting slowly tensed his muscles when he saw Huang Xiaolong walking over. A trace of shock and excitement rose in his heart.

That was the excitement when a hunter had found his prey.

“Who would have thought that anyone would be able to reach such a terrifying level of strength before entering the God of Creation Realm!” Bei Ting stared at Huang Xiaolong with a heated gaze. “You’re definitely the strongest individual under the God of Creation Realm! Your strength should have far surpassed the Ice King!”

“The Ice King would only be able to take you on if he had a clone of himself with the same level of strength… No wonder you’re so confident!”

Bei Ting chuckled.

“Now, I’m curious about your bloodline. How can you be so strong?!”

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He started walking towards Huang Xiaolong, and he wasn’t afraid that the youngster would be able to escape. After all, he was a God of Creation and the other party was not!

The various world masters jumped in fright when they heard Bei Ting’s evaluation of Huang Xiaolong.

The Ice King, Old Man Gu Yuan, and Dragon Cave Master Long Yi were the three strongest existences under the God of Creation Realm! It was said that if they joined hands, they would be able to suppress a God of Creation who had just broken through!

How strong was that?!

They could defeat a God of Creation even before breaking through!

However, Bei Ting said that two Ice Kings would barely be able to fight Huang Xiaolong! How could they not be surprised?!

Two Ice Kings?! A sneer formed on Gu Yuan and Long Yi’s lips. Even twenty Ice Kings would be stomped to death if they were to go up against the monster called Huang Xiaolong!

When Huang Xiaolong and Bei Ting were standing several hundred feet from each other, they stopped.

“Brat, hurry up and show me what you got. Even if you can fight two Ice Kings, you’re not my opponent!” Bei Ting shook his head and sighed. “Alright. I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll capture you and inspect all the secrets of your bloodline. As long as you agree to take control of the Northern Court Celestial Empire, I’ll make you the Celestial Emperor!”

Everyone stared at Bei Ting in stunned silence.

Bei Ting was actually offering Huang Xiaolong the position of the Northern Court Celestial Emperor!


In the next moment, everyone turned to look at Bei Yanrui who was vomiting blood in the crater he formed in the ground.

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His expression changed slightly, but he soon returned to his usual appearance. No one could tell what he was thinking.

“There’s no need for that. You can make your move now.,” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

What the f…

Everyone thought they had misheard.

Did Huang Xiaolong ask Bei Ting, a God of Creation, to make the first move?!

A strange look could be seen on Bei Ting’s face. “What did you just say?”

“Forget it. I’ll do it.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head in resignation. Circulating the Soaring Dragon Art, Blazing Dragon Grand Art, and Pangu World Creation Art, the power of all three worlds was released.


Along with the activation of his full strength, the Ice River World trembled uncontrollably. The billions of creatures in the region fell to their knees in terror.

As fear filled the hearts of the experts around the Ice Palace, Huang Xiaolong made his move.

He appeared before Bei Ting in an instant as his fist shot out. Rays of light blinded everyone around him and Bei Ting finally realized that something was wrong.

Huang Xiaolong’s grand cosmos energy seemed to be even stronger than his! With no time to think, a massive shield appeared in his hand. Countless dragon runes surrounded the shield, and it seemed to contain a myriad of godly dragons. They slowly rose into the skies to form a giant screen to defend Bei Ting.


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Huang Xiaolong’s fist landed on the massive screen of light, and Bei Ting felt his entire arm going numb. Soon, he felt the bones in his arm shattering into pieces.

A searing pain shot up his arm.

He was unable to hold on to his Dragon Shield, it was sent flying into the air.

He was forced to retreat under the frightening power contained in Huang Xiaolong’s punch. He left deep footprints in the ground below, and he crashed into the wall of the Ice Palace behind. It trembled from the impact.

After Huang Xiaolong’s fist landed on the Dragon Shield, the leftover power swept through the surroundings. There were countless experts standing around who couldn’t defend themselves in time, and they were sent tumbling through the air.

Those who were a little weaker saw their divine armor shattering into tiny pieces. Even experts like Jing Wenxiu spat out mouthfuls of blood. Dao Venerables who had only comprehended three to four elements to the grand completion stage exploded into a bloody mist instantly.

That was merely the remnant energy from the exchange! Of course, it wasn’t something they could resist.

Those who wanted to see Huang Xiaolong getting his *ss beaten crawled to their feet pitifully, and a strange look formed on their faces.

What in the world did we just see?!

Lord Bei Ting, a God of Creation, was sent crashing into the Ice Palace!

The amount of grand cosmos energy he had closed in on the 3 billion mark, but he couldn’t stop the other party even after bringing out his creation artifact!

What the f*ck?!

When they turned to look at the Dragon Shield that was lying a fair distance away, not a trace of its former splendor could be seen. Did the dragon runes shatter completely?!

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Bei Yanrui, Bei Xue, Lu Ting, and the experts of the Northern Court Celestial Empire stared at their old ancestor silently. The world started to crumble around them.

Huang Xiaolong ignored all of them and made his way over to Bei Ting. He shook his head inwardly. Bei Ting was far too weak compared to Xuan Hai!

Even though Xuan Hai only had 200 million units of grand cosmos energy more than him, it was a number that separated them from the large completion stage!

It seemed as though Bei Ting wasn’t enough for Huang Xiaolong to warm his muscles.

“You… How is this possible?! How did you create three small worlds?!” Bei Ting jumped to his feet and roared in fright. It seemed as though he had seen the most terrifying of monsters in all the land.


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