Chapter 3460: 3460

Chapter 3460: Ice River World

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Long Yi roared with laughter, “Bei Yanrui will definitely mention what happened to Bei Ting when he emerges from the Ice Palace! He will definitely ask the old ancestor to stand up for them to seek out Your Highness!”

Gu Yuan chuckled. “Hahaha! It’s not like His Highness is afraid of Bei Ting!”

The two of them chuckled with amusement.

Yang Han, who was standing behind them, laughed, “I will have to trouble Your Highness to explain the situation to the God of Creation, Bei Ting.”

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and laughed, “There’s nothing to explain. Don’t worry about it.”

Two days later…

The group arrived above the Ice River.

Staring at the massive lake of ice hanging in the space before them, not the slightest bit of imperfection could be seen in it! It was extremely pretty, but the river of ice behaved shockingly like water!

It flowed through the space like a liquid!

Huang Xiaolong’s group of four saw groups of experts emerging, entering, and traveling across the Ice River World like a little trail of ants. They were experts from various worlds. Despite the danger residing in the Ice River, many people were there to try their luck in hopes of finding amazing treasures within!

Naturally, everyone who could enter the Ice River World belonged to factions at the creed level. The weakest of those who entered were Primal Ancestors!

Even if they were Primal Ancestors, they were close to the Dao Venerable Realm!

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Huang Xiaolong retrieved his Purple Lightning Peak before descending towards a world of ice below them.

Huang Xiaolong saw that everything around them was covered in ice. However, the ice glowed a variety of colors.

There were even flames that burned in solid ice! It was a special existence called frozen flames, and it was extremely rarely seen in the universe.

The Ice River World was truly a special existence.

That was the name given to it by countless generations of experts who visited the Ice River.

The Ice River World was even larger than the Dragon Cave, but not many people could venture to its extreme depths. Not even God of Creation Realm experts could explore the entire area.

When Huang Xiaolong’s group was silently observing the various types of ice, an arrogant cry rang through the air. “Get out of our way! The Third Young Master is coming through!”

From what it seemed, the group who yelled at Huang Xiaolong’s party of four had just entered the Ice River World.

Turning around, Huang Xiaolong saw that there were quite a lot of people coming their way. Faint light surrounded their robes, and they looked extremely eye-catching.

From their get-up, they were members of the Floating Light Holy World Manor!

There were countless holy worlds in the Shi Li World, but the Floating Light Holy World ranked in the top five!

They were a monstrous existence in the Shi Li World, and they were ranked right below the Shi Li Celestial Empire and the Northern Court Celestial Empire!

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“Blocking your way? Did you carve your name here or something?” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

The Ice River World was massive. Huang Xiaolong’s group barely took up any space at all, and there was no reason the other party couldn’t walk to the side.

A sinister smile formed on Long Yi’s face. “Right now, His Highness claimed this path. Get the f*ck away! If you don’t… Hehehe…”

The experts of the Floating Light World couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They didn’t expect anyone to be more pretentious than them!

A youngster who emitted an air of confidence stepped out of the group. It was clear that he was someone more important than any of those around him.

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“Interesting. I, Gao Boyang, would like to see how qualified you are to claim this area for yourself!” The youngster sneered.

Gao Boyang was precisely the third son of the World Master of the Floating Light World. He was extremely famous in the Floating Light World, and he was an expert who had comprehended eight elements to the perfection level.

He turned to order his subordinate beside him, “Toss them out! I don’t wish to see any of them!”

His meaning couldn’t be more clear.

“Yes, Third Master.” Four experts stepped out from their ranks as soon as he gave the order.

The four of them looked exactly the same. They were obviously quadruplets, and their skin was slightly green in color. They were experts from the Green Giant Race!

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They moved in unison, and four palms shot towards Huang Xiaolong’s group. Giant pillars of green light fell from the void and turned into a huge river that shot at Huang Xiaolong’s party of four.

The green river moved extremely quickly, and the members of the Floating Light World couldn’t react in time! It exploded before Huang Xiaolong’s group. However, the green river turned into specks of light that swarmed towards the members of the Floating Light World, and miserable screams soon came from them.

Gao Boyang and the others were shocked as they tried to distance themselves from the battlefield, afraid that they would also be affected by the specks of light.

They stared at Huang Xiaolong’s group with terror in their eyes.

“Third Young Master… These people are extremely powerful. We have no idea how strong they are… Why don’t we take another path?” someone advised.

The experts who acted earlier comprehended four elements to the perfection level. Even so, they were killed without much fanfare. It was obvious that the two parties weren’t on the same level. They didn’t even know which of the four before them made the move!

In fact, Yang Han was the one who acted earlier.

Huang Xiaolong and the other two were too lazy to bother.

Regardless, Yang Han was an expert who had accumulated 1.0 billion units of grand cosmos energy. Killing the four green giants was as easy as breathing.

With his expression sinking, Gao Boyang growled, “I’ll remember this!”

After he spoke, he brought the members of the Floating Light World away.

Huang Xiaolong stopped Long Yi who wanted to send them all to hell. “Right now, locating the universe-level spiritual vein and the Ice Marrow outranks everything.”

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Soon after, their group left.

Not too long after they disappeared, Gao Boyang reappeared with a frosty look on his face.

“Look into their identities.”

“Third Young Master, the middle aged-man looks pretty familiar. I can’t remember where I’ve seen him before!”

The person he was referring to was Yang Han.

Of course, Gao Boyang didn’t care too much about it. Instead, he sneered, “My father will arrive in a few days. When he comes, We’ll deal with that bunch of lowlives!”


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