Chapter 3457: 3457

Chapter 3457: Yang Han

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Before he came over, Shi Potian felt that staying alive would be a massive win for him. He was even prepared to be beaten to half an inch of his life by Long Yi.

In his head, there were no other outcomes.

He was ecstatic when he heard that he could serve under Huang Xiaolong. Falling to his knees, he thanked Huang Xiaolong profusely. “Potian is more than willing to serve Your Highness!”

He kowtowed relentlessly.

Even serving Long Yi was like a dream come true to him, much less Huang XIaolong! He might not know about Huang Xiaolong’s true identity, but for him to have Long Yi as his subordinate, one could only imagine how strong he was!

Li Wei felt as though she was living a dream when she saw Shi Potian submitting to Huang Xiaolong. He swore to the heavens that he would never betray Huang Xiaolong before bowing respectfully to his new master.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t waste any time as he ordered Shi Potian to use the resources of the Heaven Breaking Gate to look for news of universe-level spiritual veins or creation-level pills.

Not too long after Shi Potian agreed to be Huang Xiaolong’s subordinate, a conflicting scene played out in a palace in the Northern Court Celestial Empire. Lu Ting and the other five experts stood silently before a pretty lady.

“Oh? Members of the Myriad Star Palace in the Black Flame World?” The woman frowned.

Ever since they returned from the Dragon Cave, Lu Ting and the others started to look into Huang Xiaolong’s identity. They didn’t forget Li Wei and the others. The Northern Court Celestial Empire might be strong, but the Shi Li World was too damn large! They only managed to obtain the news after some time.

“Yes, Princess.” Lu Ting continued, “The woman is the daughter of the Myriad Star Palace Master. However, no one knows where that man came from. He shouldn’t be from the Myriad Star Palace. After all, the strongest person in the Myriad Star Palace is their palace master, and he only comprehended four elements to the perfection level.”

A light flashed in the princess’ eyes, and she muttered, “Shattering a high-grade dao artifact with a single finger…”

Not even she was able to do something like that!

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At the very least, they were dealing with an expert who had comprehended all thirteen elements to the perfection level.

Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t wish to anger an expert at that level. However, the eggs were too important to her. She needed them desperately.

“Princess, should we look for Lord Yang Han?” Lu Ting suggested after a short hesitation.

Yang Han was Princess Bei Xue’s master, and he was also an existence who had comprehended all thirteen elements to the perfection level. Moreover, he had already accumulated 1 billion units of grand cosmos energy!

“Master?!” Bei Xue frowned.

“Yes… Your Highness, if Lord Yang Han makes a move, he will definitely be able to retrieve the eggs!” Lu Ting explained. “I can feel that the man is hiding a massive secret on him…”

“Oh!” Bei Xue stared at Lu Ting in silence.

“Yes, Princess…” she then explained her guesses.

“Top-grade dragon bloodline?!” Bei Xue felt her heart trembling when she heard Lu Ting’s guess. The reason she needed to obtain the eggs was because of the dragon and phoenix qi in them.

If she could obtain a top-grade dragon bloodline, it would be a great bonus!

“Alright. I will invite my master.” A moment later, she made her decision.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be an easy matter to invite her master to make his move. Even so, she was confident that she could convince him.

Several days later…

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A figure tore through the skies and headed straight for the Black Flame World.

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“Li Ting of the Myriad Star Palace greets Your Highness!” Li Ting greeted Huang Xiaolong respectfully in the main hall of the Myriad Star Palace. The experts of the Myriad Star Palace successfully refined the pill with the Dragon Heart Grass and Li Ting’s condition improved quickly. He learned about everything that happened in his absence, and he decided to thank Huang Xiaolong the moment he recovered.

Helping Li Ting up, Huang Xiaolong pressed his palm on Li Ting’s chest. Pressing down slightly, Li Ting was sent flying as he spat out a mouthful of black blood.


“Palace Master!”

Li Wei and the others stared at Huang Xiaolong in confusion.

“Hold it!” Getting to his feet, Li Ting bowed once again. “Many thanks to Your Highness!” After refining the pill they made, he recovered quite a bit. However, there were countless impurities left in his body and his foundation was affected by the leftover injuries. Huang Xiaolong’s palm cleared out everything, allowing him to return to his peak state.

Huang Xiaolong then asked about the reason behind Li Ting’s injury.

Li Wei had told him about her father’s injury in the past, but she didn’t say a word about the reason behind it.

Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow in surprise after hearing the reason. “Ice River?” Li Ting’s injury was due to a run-in with an ice beast in the Ice River.

Gu Yuan interrupted. “The Ice River is one of the most dangerous places in the Shi Li World. It’s comparable to the Dragon Cave! However, the number of ice beasts there is uncountable!”

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“There’s an Ice King in the river whose strength is comparable to mine…” Long Yi said all of a sudden.

“Oh!” Huang Xiaolong’s interest was definitely aroused.

“Are there any universe-level treasures in the Ice River?” Huang Xiaolong asked Gu Yuan and Long Yi.

If there was one, he might be tempted to make a trip over.

“There might be more treasures in the Ice River compared to the Dragon Cave! I once obtained a piece of Black Ice Jade Marrow!”

“Black Ice Jade Marrow?!” Huang Xiaolong smiled.

The Black Ice Jade Marrow was a treasure equivalent to the Dragon Marrow. It could be used to restore the Pangu Axe!

“However, the Black Ice Jade Marrow is pretty damn rare… I haven’t seen one after so many trips there, but I managed to find several Flowers of Time and Liquid of Life…” Long Yi added.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly. “Is there a universe-level spiritual vein in the Ice River?”

Gu Yuan and Long Yi shook their heads in unison. “Probably not… No one has ever seen one before.”

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t disappointed at all. A universe-level spiritual vein was extremely rare, and it wasn’t uncommon for there not to be one.

Regardless, Huang Xiaolong decided to make a trip down to the Ice River. If he could find a universe-level spiritual vein, it would be great! Otherwise, obtaining the Black Ice Jade Marrow would be fine.

He had already placed the Dragon Marrow he found near the Pangu Axe as he allowed it to devour the marrow slowly.

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When he was still asking about the Ice River, Huang Xiaolong frowned all of a sudden.

Gu Yuan, Long Yi, and the others found it slightly weird, and they turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong in confusion.

“Looks like we have guests.” Huang Xiaolong spoke as he turned to look into the distance.

Gu Yuan and Long Yi were stunned, and they quickly sent their dao souls out to look for the newcomer.

“One billion units of grand cosmos energy?” Gu Yuan chuckled. “Looks like a large fish from the Northern Court Celestial Empire came knocking.”

Li Ting and the others stared at him in shock. An expert from the Northern Court Celestial Empire with one billion units of grand cosmos energy?!

A figure approached the hall with extreme speed, and there weren’t any fluctuations around him.

The person who came was Yang Han, Bei Xue’s master!


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