Chapter 3456: 3456

Chapter 3456: Was That What He Said?!

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“Master, We have more than a billion disciples in our Heaven Breaking Gate. Are we really unable to deal with three of them?!” Wang Jun cried out. “Moreover, we have many allies out there! We can call for Zhu Molin, Tian Yigu, Jin Ge, and the rest!”

“That’s right! Patriarch, please think this through!” The eminent elders cried out in succession.

Shaking his head, Shi Potian thought about what had happened in the past and sighed, “If that’s who I think it is, it doesn’t matter who I bring along. Not even the world master of the Black Flame World can do a thing…”

Everyone felt their jaws dropping in fright.

The world master of the Black Flame World ranked among the strongest masters in the Shi Li World! He comprehended thirteen elements to perfection level, but from what Shi Potian said, that wasn’t enough!

In fact, there was something Shi Potian didn’t tell them. If the Dragon Cave Master was really the one who did it, who in the world was the Dragon Cave Master’s master?!

The more he thought about it, the more he felt like his legs were about to give out.

The Dragon Cave Master was a supreme expert who reached the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm! He was an inch away from breaking through to the God of Creation Realm! Unless one was a God of Creation, they wouldn’t be able to defeat him!

In the past, there were dozens of world masters present. Eighty of them were experts who had comprehended eight or more elements to the perfection level. As for the rest, they weren’t exactly weaklings either. More than a hundred experts joined hands, only to be beaten badly by the Dragon Cave Master!

They couldn’t even fight a single dragon!

“I’m leaving!” Shi Potian warned all of them solemnly. “No one is allowed to spread rumors regarding this. If the lord gets angry, he might exterminate our entire Heaven Breaking Gate!”

The experts in the hall nodded in acknowledgment.

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Wang Jun wanted to ask about the identity of the ‘lord’ his master mentioned, but he eventually swallowed his words. Shi Potian tore through the air and headed for the Myriad Star Palace alone.

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Li Wei was refining the pill to save her father using the two stalks of Dragon Heart Grass when one of the grand elders made a report that Shi Potian had arrived.

Jumping in fright, Li Wei cried out in shock, “Shi… Shi Potian?!”

Shi Potian!

He was the strongest expert in the region.

When her father met Shi Potian in the past, he had to act like a mouse before the man!

“Yes… Young Lady, what should we do?” the grand elder squeaked in trepidation.

“How many people came along with him?” Li Wei asked.

“He… He came alone.”

“Alone?!” Li Wei was dumbfounded. In fact, everyone who heard the report couldn’t believe their ears.

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“Yes… Patriarch Shi Potian is currently standing outside the Myriad Star Palace, and he says that he wishes to meet with Lord Dragon. He hopes that young lady can make the report to Lord Dragon.” His expression turned weird all of a sudden. “He also said that if Lord Dragon is unwilling to meet him, he’ll kneel outside the Myriad Star Palace till he does.”

Li Wei stared at the grand elder in shock.

Kneeling outside the Myriad Star Palace until Lord Dragon meets with him?!

“Are you sure that’s what Patriarch Shi Potian said?!” Li Wei asked in disbelief.

The grand elder nodded his head. “I even asked him if he was referring to Lord Long Yi, and he said that he was!”

Staring at the grand elder silently, Li Wei realized that Long Yi might not be lying when he said that Shi Potian and the others couldn’t even stand up to his fart. He wasn’t kidding!

“Young Lady, this… Patriarch Shi Potian is still waiting outside.

Li Wei hesitated for a moment before running off to one of the palaces. “I… I’ll look for Lord Long Yi immediately!”

She felt that Long Yi was pretty strong, but she didn’t expect Shi Potian would beg to meet him!

It finally dawned on her that Long Yi’s status was much more exalted than Shi Potian, and her heartbeat accelerated when she realized that she was going to talk to someone more important than the strongest expert in the region! Not to mention the fact that there was Gu Yuan and Huang Xiaolong!

A moment later, she arrived at Huang Xiaolong’s palace. No longer barging in like before, she yelled outside the entrance, “Your Highness, Patriarch Shi Potian of the Heaven Breaking Gate is here! He wishes to meet Lord Long Yi!”

After pausing for a moment, she continued, “He said that he’ll kneel outside the Myriad Star Palace until Lord Long Yi agrees to see him!”

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Huang Xiaolong and the others were sparring in the courtyard when her cries rang through the air. Long Yi was sent flying with a single punch by Huang Xiaolong, and he roared, “F… Ah!!!!”

Li Wei stared at the palace in fright.

However, Gu Yuan’s voice rang through the skies next. “Your Highness, you’re too strong! Ouch! It’s too painful!”

Li Wei’s face flushed red as her thoughts went wild. From their yells, she couldn’t help as dirty thoughts filled her mind.

However, they didn’t mention Shi Potian, and she didn’t dare to repeat herself. She could only wait outside patiently. After more than an hour, she gnashed her teeth and reminded them. “Lord Long Yi, Patriarch Shi Potian requests to meet with you!”

A response came from Long Yi after several dozen breaths of time. “Fine! Call him to get in here! Tell him to roll his way in!”

?! Even though she was startled, she went out to relay his order.

Outside the Myriad Star Palace, Li Wei repeated what Long Yi said word for word. She was afraid that Shi Potian would fly into a fit of rage, but the smile that appeared on his face confused her. “Yes, yes, yes! I’ll go in there right now!” It was as though it was his honor to meet Long Yi.

She stared at him in amazement as he got to his belly and started rolling towards the Myriad Star Palace. He went all the way towards Huang Xiaolong’s palace.

Li Wei followed behind him, and when she obtained Huang Xiaolong’s permission to enter the palace, she entered with Shi Potian.

The moment they saw Huang Xiaolong, Long Yi, and Gu Yuan, Shi Potian fell to his knees and cried, “Shi Potian greets Lord Dragon! My disciple isn’t aware of Lord Dragon’s lofty status and offended you unknowingly! He didn’t mean any disrespect! I am here to seek forgiveness on his behalf. Please, show mercy!” He took out all the Dragon Liquid in the Breaking Heaven Gate and handed it over to Long Yi.

Li Wei’s eyes widened to the size of saucers.

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Long Yi turned to look at Huang Xiaolong and asked, “Your Highness, this…”

“Alright, we’ll accept the apology.”

Long Yi quickly accepted the Dragon Liquid brought by Shi Potian, and Huang Xiaolong allowed Shi Potian to get to his feet. After all, Shi Potian didn’t offend him in the slightest. There was no need to make things difficult for him.

“In the future, you can remain behind as my subordinate,” Huang Xiaolong muttered. “I’ll remain in the Myriad Star Palace for some time. If you have any questions on cultivation, feel free to look for Long Yi.”

Shi Potian, who didn’t know what to do, stared at Huang Xiaolong in bewilderment when he heard what he said.


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