Chapter 3455: 3455

Chapter 3455: Hand Them Over

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Huang Xiaolong saw the look on Tang Yu’s face when he sized Long Yi up and down. He nearly burst out laughing with Gu Yuan, but that would ruin all the fun.

Long Yi glanced at Tang Yu before sneering, “Brother Gu, hand this brat over to me. I’ll deal with him alone. You can do whatever you want to the others.”

“Hehe, If you say so,” Gu Yuan snickered.

Chen Chao and the others were stunned when they heard the exchange between the two.

Tang Yu could hear the mockery in Long Yi’s voice, and his expression sank immediately. He glared at Huang Xiaolong before looking at the two. “In a bit, I’ll make you wish you were dead.”

“All of you will die a horrible death!”

Long Yi could no longer hold back his amusement. A snort left his lips, and he swiped at the air to drag Tang Yu over. “Horrible death? Brat, do you know that I won’t even bother to deal with a fly like you if I ran into you along the street? Even your master is nothing but a fart in my eyes. With a tiny fart, I’ll beat him half to death!”

Long Yi wasn’t kidding. In the past, a single fart from him blew all of them away. It was a special skill cultivated by Long Yi, and not many people could stop his fart.

Tang Yu stared at Long Yi with terror in his eyes. He tried to circulate his true qi, but he realized that he couldn’t put up the slightest resistance!

Chen Chao and the others were dumbstruck.

“Who are you?!” Qin Zitai, an eminent elder of the Heaven Breaking Gate asked.

“You’re not qualified to ask for this daddy’s identity,” Long Yi sneered. “However, Shi Potian should know who I am. You can go ahead and ask him!”

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“Oh, wait a minute. You won’t be able to ask him!”

The experts of the Heaven Breaking Gate frowned.

It seemed as though the other party knew their patriarch!

“Tang Yu is the treasured disciple of our patriarch! On his behalf, please let him go,” another eminent elder warned.

“On Shi Potian’s behalf?! Didn’t you hear what I just said? Shi Potian isn’t worth a fart before me! Why should I give a damn about him?!” Long Yi growled.

“Eminent Elder Qin, this man went too far! He doesn’t show respect to our patriarch at all! We should join hands to kill him!” one of the grand elders roared.

However, he was sent flying by Gu Yuan the moment the words left his lips. By the time he crashed into the ground, he was no longer breathing.

Everyone stared at the grand elder in shock.

Is he dead?!

Gu Yuan slowly walked towards the others and sneered, “Make your move. Give it everything you got. Bring out all your dao artifacts and try to hit me.”

Qin Zitai roared with fury as he circulated his power to the limit. The blade in his hand slashed towards Gu Yuan.

When he released his aura, everyone in the Myriad Star Palace was shocked.

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Even so, Gu Yuan simply stretched out his hand and slapped the giant blade that was formed by Qin Zitai’s blade qi. It shattered instantly as the shards flew towards the experts of the Heaven Breaking Gate.

When they were busy defending themselves from the blade qi, Gu Yuan sent a single punch flying towards Qin Zitai.


Again, an explosion rang through the skies.

Long Yi looked at Tang Yu who was shivering with fear in his hand and a sinister smile formed on his face. The haughty expression on Tang Yu’s face was nowhere to be seen.

“It’s your turn.”

Before Tang Yu could say anything, Long Yi chopped at his neck with the side of his palm. A searing pain shot through his brain and he was in so much pain he couldn’t scream.

Li Wei stood to the side with her eyes wide. She might have guessed that Huang Xiaolong’s subordinates were strong, but they were far too powerful!

Even an eminent elder from the Heaven Breaking Gate who had comprehended eight elements to perfection level couldn’t take a single blow from Gu Yuan!

In the time it took for her to realize what was going on, Gu Yuan dealt with a huge half of his opponents!

Chen Chao and the others were so frightened that they forgot to run.

Very quickly, Gu Yuan and Long Yi dealt with all of them.

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Huang Xiaolong tossed the half-dead experts over to Li Wei and the others and got them to clean up the battlefield. Turning to look at Chen Chao and the rest, he raised an eyebrow casually.

They had long since gotten to their knees, and they were begging for mercy.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong wanted to deal with them personally. However, he lost interest when he saw their pathetic looks. Shaking his head, he got Long Yi to seal off their cultivation base before handing them over to Li Wei.

Half a day later…

The Heaven Breaking Gate learned what happened to Tang Yu and the others, causing Shi Potian to fly into a fit of rage. However, he fell into a daze after asking for details on the incident.

“Did he actually say that he could destroy me with his fart?!” Shi Potian frowned. The scene that played out countless years ago made him remember some unhappy memories.

It was a humiliation that he would never forget as long as he lived!

The eminent elder that made the report didn’t notice the change in Shi Potian’s expression and he roared with rage, “That b*stard deserves to die! In my opinion, you should skin him alive with his master, that b*stard with the surname Huang. We’ll throw them into the poison pool for a hundred million years!”

When he was still going on about his ideas, a heavy slap landed on his face. He crashed into the wall behind, and he finally realized that Shi Potian was the one who struck him. ?!

“If you say another word, I’ll extract your dao soul and throw it into the poison pool!” Shi Potian glared at him with a gaze that could kill.

After discovering that Shi Potian wasn’t kidding, the eminent elder fell to his knees.

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“Retrieve all the Dragon Liquid in the treasury right now!” Shi Potian roared at his oldest disciple. “I’ll make a trip over to the Myriad Star Palace.”

They thought that they had misheard and the experts standing in the hall looked at each other in disbelief. If the patriarch was going to the Myriad Star Palace, why does he need to bring his treasures over?!

The Dragon Liquid was the most precious of treasures in their Heaven Breaking Gate. They kept it for god knows how many years and not even Shi Potian was willing to use it for himself.

No matter how hard they tried, they would never guess that Shi Potian wanted to use the treasures to seek forgiveness.

After retrieving the Dragon Liquid from the treasury, Shi Potian kept it well before ordering everyone in the hall, “Wait for my news. If I fail to return, Wang Jun will be the new patriarch of the Heaven Breaking Gate!”

Wang Jun was precisely his oldest disciple.

Everyone stared at him in shock. Is he actually laying down his will?!

They fell to their knees in unison and cried out in terror, “Patriarch, please reconsider!”


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