Chapter 3454: Chapter 3454: That Huang B*stard

Chapter 3454: That Huang B*stard

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Chen Chao and the others didnt manage to meet Shi Potian. They only met with Shi Potians disciple. After all, Chen Chao and the others werent important enough to meet with Shi Potian directly. Even so, they were ecstatic to meet with his disciple.

When they met Shi Potians second disciple, Tang Yu, they were even happier. After all, he was the most talented disciple among the rest. He was also the strongest among them. He comprehended seven elements to the grand competition stage.

Chen Chao and the others handed over more than a hundred million dao coins and various precious herbs before speaking about the matter with Huang Xiaolong.

Tang Yu waved his hand casually when he heard the story. Relax. Ill deal with the Huang b*stard for you. However, I want the Myriad Star Cup after its done.

The faces of Chen Chao and the others changed.

The Myriad Star Cup was the most important piece of treasure in the Myriad Star Palace. After all, it was used to gather the power of starlight, powering the grand formation of the Myriad Star Palace. Without the Myriad Star Cup, the future of the Myriad Star Palace could only be imagined.

Lord Tang Yu, this The Myriad Star Cup is the most important treasure in our faction

Tang Yu snorted in annoyance, If it wasnt an important treasure, why would I want it?

Chen Chao and the others didnt dare to refute him.

Go back and think about it. Is the Myriad Star Cup more important, or is the position of the Myriad Star Palace Master better?

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As Chen Chaos expression sank, he looked at the various eminent elders who came along with him.

Alright. If Lord Tang Yu can deal with him and allow me to obtain the position of palace master, we are willing to hand over the Myriad Star Cup! Chen Chao growled after a short moment.

Tang Yu grinned in response. You will definitely thank yourself for making this decision in the future. Lets drink! Tomorrow, Ill head over to the Myriad Star Palace with you!

Many thanks to Lord Tang Yu!

Chen Chao and the others bowed respectfully.

The next day, Tang Yu brought along dozens of experts from the Heaven Breaking Gate and went towards the Myriad Star Palace.

All the experts he brought with him were powerhouses in the Breaking Heaven Palace. They were loyal to Tang Yu, and he wasnt afraid that they would leak the news.

Get your men to keep an eye on that kid. Dont allow him to escape, Tang Yu instructed. If he manages to get away, I wont be held responsible. Youll still have to give me my reward.

Lord Tang Yu, you can rest assured. Ive long since gotten my men to watch the kid. In the past few days, theyve been strolling about the Myriad Star Palace. They seem pretty carefree.

In a few days, hell be dead. Tang Yu chuckled.

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Chen Chao and the others roared with laughter.

Indeed, Huang Xiaolong and the others were really enjoying life in the Myriad Star Palace. At night, Huang Xiaolong would revolve the Pangu World Creation Art in order to devour the universe-level spiritual vein. During the day, he would tour the place with Long Yi and Gu Yuan.

He decided to leave the Myriad Star Palace after refining the spiritual vein.

However, he didnt remain idle while doing so. He sent out more than a thousand dragonian beasts he subdued to look for information on universe-level spiritual veins and creation-level herbs.

He only left ten of the strongest ones by his side in case he needed to deal with any trouble that he was too lazy to handle.

There were times when Huang Xiaolong would suppress his strength to fight with Gu Yuan and Long Yi. Despite that, they werent his match.

Even though they were beaten every time, they learned a lot after sparring with Huang Xiaolong.

It was especially so when Huang Xiaolong taught them the way of the dao. Their understanding of how to reach the God of Creation Realm became deeper.

One fine day, Huang Xiaolong was discussing the dao with the two when Li Wei barged into his palace. She didnt care that she was interrupting them, and she yelled hastily, Your Highness, Chen Chao and the others left for the Heaven Breaking Gate several days ago! Right now, theyre back with a ton of experts!

Long Yi chuckled, Did that brat, Shi Potian, come with them?

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Li Wei shook her head. No His second disciple, Tang Yu, is here. Afraid that Huang Xiaolong and the others wouldnt take it seriously, she continued, Hes the most talented among all the disciples, and he comprehended seven elements to the grand completion stage! He came along with a group of experts from the Heaven Breaking Gate, and there are several of them stronger than himself!

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She knew that Huang Xiaolong was strong enough to force a grand marshal of the Northern Court Celestial Empire back, but she still panicked when she heard that Tang Yu was here with eminent elders of the Heaven Breaking Gate.

After all, the Heaven Breaking Gate was too famous in the area.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, Even if Shi Potian came, Long Yi will be able to deal with it. Relax.

Li Wei looked at Long Yi in shock. She couldnt believe that a mere follower would be able to defeat the Heaven Breaking Patriarch. After all, Shi Potian was the strongest person in the region! He comprehended ten elements to the grand completion stage!

If Long Yi could read her mind, he would probably smash his head into the wall to kill himself.

That person you call Tang Yu has already arrived. Huang Xiaolong discovered them in an instant.

Lets go take a look at the experts from the Heaven Breaking Gate. Huang Xiaolong laughed.

Gu Yuan smiled, We will deal with them for Your Highness After he spoke, he turned to stare at Long Yi.

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In the past few days, they had been bullied badly by Huang Xiaolong. They had long since wanted to vent their frustration on someone else.

Now, Tang Yu had conveniently delivered himself over to them.

The three of them headed straight for Tang Yus group.

When Chen Chao and the others saw Huang Xiaolongs appearance, their eyes lit up. He pointed at Huang Xiaolong and said, Lord Tang Yu, thats them! Hes the person were talking about, and those are his subordinates!

His subordinate is pretty strong. Hes an expert who comprehended six elements to the perfection level! Chen Chao continued.

Six? Not bad Tang Yu sneered in response.

He loved to battle experts who were slightly weaker than him. It wouldnt be fun to bully those who couldnt fight back, and he couldnt bully anyone stronger than him. As such, he loved looking for people slightly weaker than himself in order to show off his strength.


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