Chapter 3453: 3453

Chapter 3453: Heaven Breaking Gate

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“Myriad Star Palace… It’s a pretty nice place,” Huang Xiaolong praised.

He could see that every single palace contained a mysterious formation that linked every single star together. As they borrowed the power of the heavenly bodies, they formed an extremely powerful formation.

Li Wei chuckled. “Your Highness is too kind!”

Soon after, she invited all of them into the Myriad Star Palace.

When they entered, the various eminent elders and grand elders were waiting for them.

“Young Lady, how did it go?” Eminent Elder Chen Chao spoke the moment she returned.

As she didn’t tell them about their gains during the trip, everyone wanted to know if they found the Dragon Heart Grass.

Li Wei nodded her head and smiled. “Eminent Elder Chen Chao, please rest assured that we managed to find two stalks of Dragon Heart Grass.”

Everyone in the hall rejoiced.

“We only managed to obtain the Dragon Heart Grass because of His Highness,” Li Wei explained before introducing them to Huang Xiaolong.

Many of them thanked Huang Xiaolong, and Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly in response. However, Chen Chao asked Huang Xiaolong in suspicion, “I wonder where Young Master Huang is from. You’re not related to us… Why did you help our Myriad Star Palace?”

He couldn’t believe that Huang Xiaolong would help them in return for nothing.

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Many people started to stare at Huang Xiaolong cautiously.

Li Wei’s expression changed instantly.

“Eminent Elder Chen Chao, stop right there! You’re not qualified to question His Highness!”

Eminent Elder Chen Chao was slightly surprised, but he glared at Huang Xiaolong suspiciously.

“I helped you guys because it was along the way,” Huang Xiaolong explained. “Do you really think that I’m plotting against your Myriad Star palace? You’re such a tiny faction. There’s no need for me to move against you.”

Another eminent elder sneered in response. “Tiny faction? Are you looking down on us? If you are, why did you help our young lady to obtain the Dragon Heart Grass?”

Li Wei yelled hastily, “All of you, stop right now!”

Eminent Elder Chen Chao of the Myriad Star Palace shook his head in response, “If Young Master Huang does not reveal his background, we will not allow you to enter our Myriad Star Palace.”

Long Yi couldn’t help but sneer when he saw their behavior. His snort was like a massive blast that rang in their ears, and they retreated several steps. When they stopped themselves, they realized that blood was trickling down the side of their faces. They stared at Long Yi in fear.

Li Wei and her guards fell to their knees as they kowtowed respectfully, “Your Highness, they didn’t know better! Please forgive them!”

“Your Highness, please show mercy!” Her guards kowtowed in fear.

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Chen Chao and the others might not know how strong Huang Xiaolong was, but they were there when he revealed his strength.

Seeing Li Wei’s behavior, Chen Chao and the others were stunned.

Everything they were seeing had exceeded their expectations.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Chen Chao and the other eminent elders as a trace of amusement flashed through his mind. Li Wei might not have told him what was going on in the Myriad Star Palace, but he could tell that Chen Chao, Jia Fangyuan, and several other eminent elders, didn’t respect Li Wei at all. They were looking for all sorts of reasons to undermine her authority.

Chen Chao and the others didn’t dare to look Huang Xiaolong in the eyes.

Allowing Li Wei to get up, he followed her into the Myriad Star Palace. No one dared to stop him this time.

“Eminent Elder Chen Chao, this…” Jia Fangyuan asked as he looked at Chen Chao.

“We’ll think of something when we get back.” A light flashed in Chen Chao’s eyes as he looked at their leaving figure.

After Li Wei brought them into the Myriad Star Palace, she arranged for their accommodation personally.

“What’s going on with Chen Chao?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

After a slight hesitation, Li Wei explained, “Your Highness, Chen Chao has always been lusting over the position of the palace master. Now that my father is heavily injured, there’s no one to keep him in check. He has been acting more and more out of line, and he definitely hopes for me to die in the Dragon Cave! Too bad I came back safe and sound.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head slowly. He guessed as much.

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“Chen Chao is an expert who has comprehended four elements to the perfection level. He has some sort of relationship with the patriarch of the Heaven Breaking Gate. Even when my father wasn’t injured, he didn’t dare to mess with Chen Chao.”

She then explained the strength of the Heaven Breaking Gate. It was ranked among the top ten powers in the Black Flame World. It was ranked tenth, but the patriarch of the Heaven Breaking Gate was an expert who comprehended ten elements to the perfection level. Moreover, he was well connected to several caretakers in the Black Flame World Master Manor.

“You don’t have to worry about Chen Chao. Just focus on treating your father’s injury.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Li Wei thanked Huang Xiaolong before leaving the room.

After she left, Long Yi laughed coldly. “Oh, I’ve seen that guy before. He’s called Shi Potian.”

That was the name of the Heaven Breaking Patriarch.

“Huh?” Huang Xiaolong and Gu Yuan turned to look at Long Yi.

“The world masters of the Black Flame World, Heavenly Flame World, and several others came over to look for treasures in my Dragon Cave. They formed an alliance with Shi Potian and other experts who had comprehended ten or more elements to perfection level to venture deep into the Dragon Cave. There were more than a hundred of them, and I completely decimated them! Heh, I beat them half to death until they kneeled to beg for mercy. I was too lazy to kill them and let them all go.”

“Of course, I got them to roll out of my Dragon Cave,” Long Yi smirked.

Huang Xiaolong roared with laughter. “So that’s what happened! Li Wei’s subordinate told me that the world master of the Heavenly Flame World fought with you in the past but no one knows the outcome of the battle.”

Long Yi was stunned for a second before chuckling, “They might have comprehended thirteen elements to the perfection level, but they have barely 1.0 billion units of grand cosmos energy. I smashed his balls with a single slap in the past! They’re probably too embarrassed to say that they lost, and they got everyone to guess the outcome of the battle… I wonder if he regenerated his balls… The next time I see him, I’ll shatter it again!”

Huang Xiaolong and Gu Yuan roared with laughter.

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When they were talking about the world masters, Chen Chao and over a dozen eminent elders were discussing the matter in a grand hall somewhere in the Myriad Star Palace.

“Who would have thought that she would obtain the Dragon Heart Grass…” Jia Fangyuan frowned. “I wonder where that b*stard came from. It seems like the experts around him have comprehended six or more elements…”

“Are we going to stop our plan now that he’s here?” another doyen asked.

Chen Chao glanced at the others before sighing, “Follow me to the Heaven Breaking Gate tomorrow. We’ll look for the Heaven Breaking Patriarch.”

“Alright!” Jia Fanguan and the others yelled.

The very next day, Chen Chao and the others left. They traveled towards the Heaven Breaking Gate together.


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