Chapter 3452: 3452

Chapter 3452: Are You Worried For Me

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Indeed, his hunch was right. There were many amazing treasures left in the depths of the space. He obtained a piece of dragon soul crystal that was several meters large.

The crystal was extremely precious! It contained an innate dragon soul, and that was something vastly different from a dragon soul that was sealed in the crystal after. An innate dragon soul contained extremely pure universe source energy. It was extremely useful for anyone from the Dragon Race, and even Huang Xiaolong would be able to gain a lot from it!

That wasn’t all. Huang Xiaolong also obtained quite a lot of treasures. There were pieces of Dragon Smelting Ore, Dragon Liquid, and even Dragon Essence!

The Dragon Essence could only be obtained from pure dragons. It could be made into various pills!

Huang Xiaolong even managed to obtain several pieces of universe-level dragon-attributed essence stones.

“This is good stuff!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up when he looked at the thick dragon spirit around the essence stones.

If he could fuse the dragon essence stones into his Huang Long Armor Set, he would be able to improve it by several levels!

It was said that only Gods of Creation could refine creation-level artifacts, but Huang Xiaolong was no ordinary Dao Venerable! He had more grand cosmos energy than ordinary God of Creation Realm experts!

Huang Xiaolong fell deep into thought. A day later, he saw a massive object glowing faintly in the distance.

“This… This… This is Dragon Marrow!” Huang Xiaolong looked at the objects glittering gold before him.

Dragon Marrow!

That was even more precious than everything he had found previously! It was one of the most important components for restoring the Pangu Axe!

Huang Xiaolong looked at the treasures before him in surprise. The more he looked at it, the happier he became. He didn’t think that he would hit such a huge jackpot during his trip!

Keeping the Dragon Marrow, Huang Xiaolong wanted to continue deeper into the void. However, he realized that it became tougher and tougher. Even with all his strength, he was no longer able to progress, and he could only turn around reluctantly.

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Huang Xiaolong decided that he would travel to the end of the Dragon Cave when his third world accumulated 1.2999 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

He could also come back when he wanted to break through to the God of Creation Realm.

After all, it was a perfect place to break through!

His speed on the way back was much faster than before. He left the separate space within half a day.

“Your Highness!” Gu Yuan and Long Yi greeted Huang Xiaolong the moment he returned.

Looking at the curious expressions on their faces, Huang Xiaolong knew that they wanted to know if he obtained the spiritual vein.

He nodded slightly and chuckled, “Yup, I got it.”

“Congratulations, Your Highness!”

“I only managed to obtain it because of your information. Other than this, I managed to obtain several other treasures.” After he spoke, he took out the Dragon Liquid and the Dragon Essence.

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“Dragon… Dragon Liquid and essence!” the two of them yelled in shock.

“That’s right.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled before handing it to them.

“No, Your Highness, we’ve been stuck at our current level for too long. You should use it for yourself!” Gu Yuan and Long Yi refused the treasures instantly.

“Just keep it. You definitely need it to break through after being stuck at the bottleneck for so long.” Huang Xiaolong laughed. “I have a little more, and there’s no need to stand on ceremony!”

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The two of them thanked Huang Xiaolong profusely before accepting the treasures.

With the two of them following closely behind, they emerged from the separate space.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t meet with Li Wei and the others immediately after emerging. Instead, he went around to subdue the dragonian beasts.

“Did… Did something happen to His Highness?” one of the guards behind Li Wei asked.

Li Wei was equally as worried. After all, Huang Xiaolong had said that he would be back in three days. It had already been five days since he left!

They might trust Huang Xiaolong’s strength, but they knew that things could always go wrong.

“Young Lady, do you think that he met the cave master of the Dragon Cave?”

The worry in Li Wei’s heart grew larger.

If he really ran into the cave master, wouldn’t that mean…

She couldn’t help but think of the scene where a giant dragon swallowed Huang Xiaolong.

“Young Lady, we should take our leave… It’s too dangerous to remain here!” the guard behind Li Wei urged.

A slap landed on the guard’s face the moment the suggestion was brought up. Li Wei glared at her guard and snorted, “If you say that again, I’ll kill you.”

The guard fell to his knees and apologized profusely.

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“Looks like I’m pretty good at judging people.” A voice rang through the air as three figures appeared in the void above them.

The person in the lead was obviously Huang Xiaolong.

Li Wei and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

“Your Highness!”

Li Wei looked at Long Yi and Gu Yuan suspiciously as she noticed that they were different from the dragonian beasts he had subdued along the way. Gu Yuan had already shrunk his body down, and he was barely taller than a regular human. As for his arms, he hid four of them with some sort of illusory art.

As for Long Yi, he was in his human form. Despite looking like a normal human, his body was split into two colors, and it looked really odd.

Huang Xiaolong introduced the two of them when he saw the look on Li Wei’s face. “You can call him Gu Yuan, and this is Long Yi.”

Gu Yuan was a hidden expert, and not many people knew that the cave master of the Dragon Cave was called Long Yi. As such, Li Wei’s party didn’t feel that anything was off when they heard the names.

“We greet fellow cultivators,” Li Wei greeted respectfully.

The two of them could see through Li Wei’s strength instantly, but they didn’t dare to put on airs. They nodded their heads in acknowledgment.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong brought them all out of the Dragon Cave.

“Your Highness, we were afraid that you would run into the cave master of the Dragon Cave!” Li Wei muttered.

Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow in surprise and he chucked in amusement. “Are you afraid that the cave master would devour me?”

Li Wei laughed in embarrassment.

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Beside them, Long Yi felt his eyes twitching as an awkward smile hung on his face. Gu Yuan forced himself to hold back his laughter.

“Your flying ship is a little too slow. Let’s use my Purple Lightning Peak,” Huang Xiaolong said as he retrieved his treasure.

“This… This is a pseudo-creation artifact!” Li Wei gasped.

Huang Xiaolong nodded casually and brought everyone on board.

As they traveled much faster than before, they returned to the Shi Li World in several months.

By the time they entered the Black Flame Holy World, a year had passed.

“Your Highness, that’s the Myriad Star Palace.” Li Wei introduced.

There were countless stars hanging in the space above, and there were many palaces situated on the dazzling stars.


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