Chapter 3449: 3449

Chapter 3449: Expert with Six Ancient Bloodlines

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Two days later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the deepest part of the Dragon Cave.

He took so long as he went around capturing more dragonian beasts.

Of the dozens that he caught, all of them were comparable to experts who had comprehended twelve elements to the perfection level. There were even two that were comparable to experts who had comprehended all thirteen elements to the perfection level. As for the strongest among them, he had already formed grand cosmos energy.

In fact, the strongest of the beasts had accumulated 100 million units of grand cosmos energy!

No matter which celestial empire Huang Xiaolong threw the beast into, it would be considered a peerless expert!

Just as he approached, a heaven-shaking roar caused the space around them to tremble.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback.

With his abilities, he could see two experts fighting in the depths of space before him. Both of them were extremely close to entering the God of Creation Realm!

Either one of them could beat Huang Dinghai up into a pulp. In fact, they were even stronger than Huang Jia who was devoured by Huang Xiaolong.

That meant that they were stronger than experts who had 1.2 billion units of grand cosmos energy!

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Huang Xiaolong released his dao souls before proceeding towards the battlefield.

Dragon qi was rampaging around the depths of the Dragon Cave and it was more than enough to tear an expert who had comprehended thirteen elements to perfection level to shreds. Of course, that couldn’t stop Huang Xiaolong. He strolled in like it was nothing.

It didn’t take long for him to arrive.

He could see that one of the parties involved in the fight was a twin-headed dragon! It had one white head and one black head, and Huang Xiaolong was surprised to discover the existence of a beast like that!

That was the first beast of its kind…

Huang Xiaolong was sure that it was the only one in the universe!

The twin-headed dragon released a dragon breath that was a combination of powers. The power of reincarnation, life and death, and yin and yang was contained in the blast.

The dragon’s opponent was a giant. From the looks of it, they were both existences who were created along with the universe. There was a deep blue glow in his eyes, and it held six different pseudo-creation artifacts in its six arms! There was a blade, a sword, a halberd, an axe, a spear, and a hammer! When he swung all six of them, it was as though the world itself was descending on his opponent!

Moreover, the giant looked like he had six different ancient bloodlines!

Huang Xiaolong had seen geniuses with three ancient bloodlines, but that was the first one he had seen with six of them! The giant had shattered the laws of the universe! It was somewhat like his creation of three worlds… It was a miracle that wasn’t meant to happen! Of course, creating three worlds was of a much higher level than possessing six ancient bloodlines.

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“Gu Yuan, the universe-level spiritual vein belongs to my Dragon Cave! Don’t even think about it!” the dragon roared with all his might.

The giant snorted in contempt, “Long Yi, if I can’t get it, neither can you!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled when he heard their conversation. It seemed as though there was an actual treasure in the Dragon Cave!

The things he lacked the most were universe-level spiritual veins and creation pills! As long as he had enough of it, he was sure that he could accumulate 1.2999 billion units of grand cosmos energy in his third world!

Huang Xiaolong grinned, and the fluctuations revealed his location to the two who were locked in a bitter battle.


Roaring with rage, they released their aura completely. A horrifying shockwave traveled towards Huang Xiaolong and cracks started appearing in the void around them.

They were existences who were infinitely close to the God of Creation Realm. No matter how casually they released their attacks, it was something that would crush a dao venerable who had comprehended thirteen elements.

Revealing himself, Huang Xiaolong stood his ground as he looked at the two of them.


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They stared at him in fright.

“I wonder who fellow cultivator is…” Gu Yuan asked while staring straight at Huang Xiaolong. Long Yi shifted his focus to Huang Xiaolong as the two of them realized the threat the newcomer posed.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t care about their reaction, and he chuckled, “I’m Huang Xiaolong.”

“Huang Xiaolong?” Frowns formed on their faces. They hadn’t heard of him before, but from the strength he displayed, he shouldn’t be some nameless junior.

“I didn’t think that the Dragon Cave would hold a universe-level spiritual vein.”

Killing intent surged through their hearts when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“Hehe…” The twin-headed dragon sneered, “Brat, are you sure you’re strong enough to set your sights on the spiritual vein?” It licked its lips and continued, “The bloodline in your body isn’t any weaker than Gu Yuan. If I devour your blood essence, I’ll probably be able to enter the God of Creation Realm!”

Gu Yuan and Long Yi had already reached the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm. They were a mere step away from breaking through, and they were looking for all sorts of methods to enter the God of Creation Realm. They wouldn’t pass up any chance of advancing!

Gu Yuan stared at Huang Xiaolong with an equally greedy look in his eyes.

Chuckling with amusement, Huang Xiaolong explained, “You’re right. My bloodline is one of a kind, and if you devour my bloodline, you’ll definitely be able to enter the God of Creation Realm. However, are you sure you’re my match?”

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Gu Yuan and Long Yi stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

How is he so confident in himself?!

“I, Gu Yuan, have traveled through countless worlds. I’m the strongest existence under the God of Creation Realm! I refuse to believe that you’re better than me!”

It was no wonder he was so confident in himself. He had six ancient peerless bloodlines, and he was definitely unbeatable by experts who weren’t Gods of Creation. If not for the dragon essence and dragon qi in the Dragon Cave, Long Yi wouldn’t be his match either!


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