Chapter 3447: 3447

Chapter 3447: Chaos Essence Dragon Phoenix Egg

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If Li Wei saw them, she would definitely recognize the armor they were wearing.

When they emerged, they looked in the direction of the flying ship and one of the young men in the group said, “He’s pretty strong… How many elements do you think he has comprehended? Eight? Nine? Ten?”

The person standing in the middle of the group, an absolute beauty, muttered, “He should have comprehended ten elements…”

“How… How is that possible?”

“That’s impossible! We didn’t hear of anyone matching his description in the Shi Li World!”

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Those standing around her frowned.

Ordinarily, one would be extremely famous in the Shi Li World if one comprehended ten elements.

“He might not be from our world…” The beauty muttered.

“Who cares if he is! Even if he comprehended ten elements, it doesn’t matter! We’re on the Fourth Princess’ order to find the Chaos Essence Dragon Phoenix Egg! If he dares to ruin our plan, I’ll chop him up with my axe!” a tough-looking man in the group who had a beaded face, growled.

Those standing around chuckled, but the lady sighed in disappointment, “Stop acting so barbaric all the time!”

The bearded man could only smirk in amusement.

A moment later, all six of them left.

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In the following days, Huang Xiaolong captured several more dragonian beasts. They might be strong, but they were nothing compared to the beast that was protecting the Dragon Heart Grass.

They couldn’t find the remaining stalk no matter how much they looked.

Of course, herbs at that level would be rarely seen no matter how optimum the environment was for its growth. However, Li Wei started to panic.

“Relax. As long as there are any Dragon Heart Grass left, we will definitely be able to find it,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“Yes…” Li Wei replied hastily.

As they continued onwards, Huang Xiaolong sucked in a breath of dragon qi as it became denser in the air around him. “The dragon qi here is really pure…”

One could only imagine how high-quality it was if Huang Xiaolong showed his appreciation for it.

Li Wei giggled, “You’re right! In the depths of the Dragon Cave where the cave master resides, it’s said that the dragon qi in the air is so thick that crystals can be condensed from it! There have been experts who found many dragon spiritual stones there. One of them that was the size of a palm sold for a hundred million dao coins!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “Then we should really take a stroll in the depths of the Dragon Cave. Let’s see if we can find a few of those.”

The dao coins in the universe he was in were different from those in the Blazing Dragon World. As such, Huang Xiaolong’s wealth was useless there! Of course, he had tons of treasures in the Sun Moon Furnace. He could easily sell away a few of them for an astronomical amount!

Li Wei giggled. “You’re messing with me! With your strength, why will you be short of dao coins?”

She realized that her compensation amount was like a joke in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Several more days passed.

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Other than meeting a dozen or so dragonian beasts, Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain several dragon-attributed spiritual herbs.

Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain a huge portion of them after killing experts who were also there on adventure. There were many dao artifacts among them, but other than the high-grade ones, he gave everything to Li Wei’s group.

The respect and awe they had for Huang Xiaolong grew by the day.

“Dragon Heart Grass!” Li Wei pointed towards one of the mountain peaks ahead and yelled with joy.

Turning to look at the mountain peak ahead, Huang Xiaolong saw the golden herb emitting dazzling radiance.

Li Wei wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Her guards were equally as stunned.

They finally found the other stalk!

The guards behind Li Wei became a lot more obedient this time. They didn’t rush out like before.

Indeed, Huang Xiaolong flicked his finger and a giant dragonian beast appeared. The beast had wings and a row of spikes growing out of its back. The aura it emitted was terrifying, and it was definitely stronger than the beast from before.

“Sword Dragon!”

Li Wei and the others gasped in unison.

A Sword Dragon was one of the strongest types of dragonian beasts! It was faster and stronger than the beasts of the same level.

Huang Xiaolong grabbed at the void, sealing the sword dragon off immediately. He tossed it into the Sun Moon Furnace like before. Even though it was comparable to an expert who had comprehended nine elements, it was nothing more than a newborn chick compared to Huang Xiaolong.

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If he had to compare the beast to someone, it would definitely be stronger than Yuan Tianyi who hunted him down in the past.

Seeing as Li Wei and the others were still stuck in a daze, Huang Xiaolong could only remind them to pick the herb.

After retrieving the herb, Huang Xiaolong got them to go even deeper.

A month passed in a flash, and in the month that they had been in the Dragon Cave, Huang Xiaolong managed to collect more than five hundred dragonian beasts. As they neared the depths of the cave, those he caught were comparable to experts who had comprehended 10 elements.

He collected herbs and dao artifacts along the way, and he even found several top-grade spiritual veins that were of the dragon attribute! Just those themselves were worth trillions!

However, that was nothing but chump change to Huang Xiaolong.

There wasn’t a need to mention a trillion dao coins when quadrillions were the units Huang Xiaolong used to classify pocket change.

Li Wei and the others felt like they were in a dream when they saw the number of treasures he collected.

“Huh?” Huang Xiaolong saw a massive secret region appearing in the distance all of a sudden.

There were two massive eggs in it, and the color on the shells were exactly the same. Dragon qi swirled around the eggs, but that wasn’t all. There was a trace of phoenix qi and chaos essence qi around the eggs.

“That… Those are Chaos Essence Dragon Phoenix Eggs!” Li Wei yelled.

“Oh?” That was the first time Huang Xiaolong heard of those.

Li Wei explained, “The eggs are laid after a Chaos Essence True Dragon mates with a Chaos Essence Phoenix. The moment the eggs hatch, the baby would possess extreme talent!”

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Huang Xiaolong nodded his head slowly.

He knew about the dragon and the phoenix.

If that was really the case, the eggs would definitely be a treasure that surpassed the worth of everything he obtained in the Dragon Cave thus far!

Six figures flew over when Huang Xiaolong decided to retrieve the eggs.


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