Chapter 3446: 3446

Chapter 3446: Subduing the Dragonian Beasts

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Seeing as they were about to be wiped out, Huang Xiaolong finally moved. He didn’t do too much, and he casually reached out to toss whatever beast surrounded the flying ship into the Sun Moon Furnace.

No matter how many came, Huang Xiaolong dealt with them with a single move!

When Li Wei saw how Huang Xiaolong finished one of them off with a single move, she was shocked. The shock she felt grew with the number of beasts Huang Xiaolong made disappear.

One had to know that the dragonian beasts were comparable to experts who had comprehended three elements to the perfection level! There were even some who were comparable to experts who comprehended four elements to the perfection level!

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She could tell that Huang Xiaolong was strong when they first met, but she didn’t expect him to be that strong.

The dragonian beasts were like toys in his eyes!

The guards behind her were equally as shocked. However, they were stronger than Li Wei, and they could tell that Huang Xiaolong’s method of dealing with the beasts was incredible! Whenever he grabbed their neck, he would seal off all their strength!

That was the terrifying part of his attack.

Capturing them wasn’t the scary part, but the truly terrifying part was subding them by sealing off their strength!

How strong did he have to be in order to accomplish that? They had no idea, but they knew that one definitely had to be countless times stronger than the other party before they could do that. With the strength of the dragonian beasts, not even the palace master would be able to do that!

Two days later…

Huang Xiaolong looked at the silver-colored dragonian beast that was attacking them, and he threw it into the Sun Moon Furnace all the same.

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“That’s the 38th one!” Li Wei felt her throat going dry.

In two short days, Huang Xiaolong had already captured thirty-eight dragonian beasts!

They came in all shapes and sizes, and a single one of them would be priceless in the market. If he sold them all, how much money would he get?!”

A weird expression formed on Li Wei’s face.

“Sir, according to our reports, the Dragon Heart Grass is up ahead,” Li Wei said carefully as she stood behind Huang Xiaolong. She no longer dared to speak to Huang Xiaolong like she did in the past. Even though she was respectful when she spoke to him several days ago, the reverence she had for him made her even more polite.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly.

“How many dragonian beasts are there?” Huang Xiaolong asked all of a sudden, shocking Li Wei and her guards.

“We… We’re not sure about that,” Li Wei muttered. “However, the natural dragon qi in the Dragon Cave makes it the best cultivation spot for the dragonian beasts. There shouldn’t be less than a thousand of them residing in the cave.”

A thousand…

That was her roughest estimate.

Of course, that was the lowest estimate.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. If there really were a thousand dragonian beasts, he would look extremely cool if he made them follow behind him. As Huang Xiaolong had the Huang Long Bloodline, his true form was that of a Golden Dragon anyway. He found the dragonian beasts somewhat to his liking.

“Is the Dragon Cave owned by anyone?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but ask.

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Li Wei looked at her guards, and they replied respectfully, “We heard the owner of the Dragon Cave possessed unfathomable strength. Several people said that they met the owner of the Dragon Cave, but no one knows if they’re telling the truth.”

“Oh? Unfathomable strength?” Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“Yes. Not even we know how strong he is. I heard that the world master of the Heavenly Flame Holy World exchanged blows with him in the past, but no one knows the outcome of the battle. The world master is an expert who comprehended all thirteen elements to the perfection level!”

A sense of worship filled the two of them when they spoke about the world master of the Heavenly Flame Holy World.

To them, he was an existence akin to the gods!

Even though they were in the Shi Li World, the world master of the Heavenly Flame Holy World was considered an expert who stood at the peak of the power pyramid!

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but turn a little curious.

An hour passed in the blink of an eye as they continued onwards.

“Dragon Heart Grass!” Li Wei saw a stalk of golden herb on the mountain range up ahead, and she yelled in shock.

When Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the herb, he discovered an alluring golden stalk of the herb swaying in the wind.

After exclaiming with joy, Li Wei leaped into the air with her guards and arrived before the herb. Just as she was about to grab the stalk, a giant claw descended from the void.

By the time her guards saw the claw, they knew that it was too late to react. They might not know how strong the other party was, but they knew that it was the strongest dragonian beast they met since entering the Dragon Cave.

If the claw were to land, they would definitely die a horrible death.

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As they made their preparations to say farewell to the world, the claw stopped in mid-air. It was as though it struck an invisible wall.

The two of them sucked in a cold breath in shock.

“Relax and collect your herb.” A calm voice rang in their minds.

It was none other than Huang Xiaolong.

Snapping back to reality, they didn’t dare to delay any further. Retrieving the Dragon Heart Grass, they returned to the ship. When they stepped onto the flying ship, they heaved a sigh of relief as they never felt so close to death before.


Seeing as its treasure had been taken away, the dragonian beast raised its head and released a heaven-shaking roar that caused the earth below to shake.

It revealed its true form immediately, and the experts on the flying ship gasped in fright. It was as large as a mountain!

“How dare you!” With a shake of its body, the beast swiped its claws at the flying ship that was the size of an ant compared to itself.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even bother looking at the beast that was comparable to a Dao Ancestor who comprehended seven elements. With a flick of his wrist, he sent it flying into the mountain range below.


The massive beast shattered countless peaks along the way as the heavens trembled under the horrifying pressure.

Li Wei and the others stared at Huang Xiaolong with their mouths agape.

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“Let’s go.” Huang Xiaolong crossed his arms behind his back and declared.

Snapping back to reality, Li Wei nodded like a wooden chicken before ordering them to proceed onwards.

In order to create the medicine, they needed two stalks of Dragon Heart Grass. They needed to locate one more.

Before they left, Huang Xiaolong casually looked at a spot in the void in the distance.

Sometime after Huang Xiaolong’s group left, a group of experts emerged from the void.


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