Chapter 3443: 3443

Chapter 3443: Defeating a God of Creation

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“It’s my honor to host fellow cultivator!” Xuan Hai suppressed the shock in his heart and cupped his fists towards Huang Xiaolong. “How can I help you?”

“Did Pangu come to your Xuan Hai World in the past?” Huang Xiaolong asked all of a sudden.

Feeling his heart skip a beat, a frown formed on Xuan Hai’s face.

Even though Xuan Hai tried to hide his emotions, Huang Xiaolong still managed to catch something from his reaction.

It seemed as though Pangu had not only ventured into the Xuan Hai World in the past, but Xuan Hai had definitely seen the man.

“Are you here just to ask about this?” Xuan Hai muttered, “Pangu did appear in my Xuan Hai World, but he stayed for half a day before he left.”

“Do you know where he went?” Huang Xiaolong said while focusing on Xuan Hai’s reaction.

“I do not.” Xuan Hai shook his head. “We don’t even know each other that well. Why would he tell me where he plans to go?”

“Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong stared at him with a smirk on his face.

“What do you mean by that?!” Xuan Hai frowned and growled.

“Pangu has been missing for many years, and I suspect that it has something to do with you!” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

There was no point in beating about the bush any longer.

A trace of panic flashed through Xuan Hai’s eyes. Even though he tried to suppress it, Huang Xiaolong noticed it all the same.

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It was too bad Xuan Hai didn’t give Huang Xiaolong a chance to react as he released his aura completely. He turned into streams of light that shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

Every single strand of light had the ability to destroy a holy world.

Not even Huang Dinghai would be able to resist touching a beam of light.

Huang Xiaolong finally turned serious. That was the first time he was fighting a God of Creation.

Moreover, Xuan Hai wasn’t an ordinary God of Creation. He had already entered the major completion stage. At the very least, he had 3 billion units of grand cosmos energy.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t dare to be careless. He circulated all three creation arts at the same time. Grand cosmos energy poured out of his body.

The moment he did, the space around them started to tremble.

Unleashing his full strength of 3.8 billion units of grand cosmos energy, Huang Xiaolong’s revelation caused Xuan Hai’s expression to change. He didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to be so damn strong!

3.8 billion units of grand cosmos energy exceeded the scope at which he could fight back.

He might be at the grand completion stage, but he barely crossed the 3.2 billion units mark.


Huang Xiaolong sent two punches that slammed straight into the beam of light coming from Xuan Hai. They were shattered instantly.

The separate space they were in started to crumble. Chaotic streams filled the space they were once in, and they swallowed everything around them.

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Xuan Hai was forced to retreat, and he tumbled through the air.

As for Xuan Fang, he was killed by the shockwaves of the clash. Not even his dao soul was left.

Huang Xiaolong might not have entered the God of Creation Realm, but his strength was comparable to a God of Creation at the major completion stage! There was no way someone like Xuan Fang would be able to resist the impact of the exchange.

“Who the hell are you?!” Xuan Hai glared at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong might possess 3.8 billion units of grand cosmos energy, but Xuan Hai could feel that he wasn’t a God of Creation!

How in the world can someone possess 3.8 billion units of grand cosmos energy and not be in the God of Creation Realm?!

He had no idea what was going on.

Even after touring the universe, he had never seen anyone who could rival a God of Creation before entering said realm!

Not even the most terrifying of geniuses in all the lands had the ability to do so.

“My identity isn’t important,” Huang Xiaolong muttered. “Speak. Where did Pangu go?”

Suppressing the shock in his heart, Xuan Hai growled, “You might have 3.8 billion units of grand cosmos energy, but you forget that you’re in my Xuan Hai World! Moreover, you’re no God of Creation!”

The difference between experts who had broken into the God of Creation Realm and those who hadn’t was large! After all, God of Creation Realm experts could wield universe source energy!

Universe source energy was something even stronger than grand cosmos energy.

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That was the reason behind a God of Creation’s strength! A God of Creation who ascended would be able to beat an existence who had 1.2999 billion units of grand cosmos energy even though there was barely any difference!

“You might be right that I’m not a God of Creation, but don’t forget, I have 3.8 billion units of grand cosmos energy! You only have 3.2 billion!” Huang Xiaolong responded calmly.

The difference between them was more than 600 million units of grand cosmos energy.

If the difference between them wasn’t so large, Huang Xiaolong might accept the fact that he wasn’t an opponent for the other party.

Xuan Hai sneered as a spike appeared in his hand. The spike was several meters long, and it was completely white in color. It emitted a bone-chilling light. “That is true, but I think you forgot the importance of creation artifacts!”

The spike in his hand stabbed at Huang Xiaolong after he spoke.

Xuan Hai used everything he had in the strike! He even used the universe source energy of his Xuan Hai World!


A terrifying white tear split the heavens in two.

Just as the tip of the spike was about to stab into Huang Xiaolong’s body, a sword appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s hand to deflect it. In his other hand, a giant axe appeared, and he hacked at Xuan Hai. Without any time to react, Xuan Hai could only twist the spike in his hand to block the axe.


As Xuan Hai held on to the spike in his hand, he was sent smashing into the ground below.

Explosions rang out again and again.

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After crashing through countless continents, he finally stopped.

The battle between the two Gods of Creation at the major completion stage was terrifying and the holy world contained in the great world trembled. Experts of various creeds started to flee for their lives as they felt the shockwaves of the battle.

“What?!” Xuan Hai spat out a mouthful of blood as he crawled to his feet. “Pangu Axe!”

He thought that Huang Xiaolong was relying on his grand cosmos energy alone, and he didn’t expect the man to possess the Dao Emperor Sword along with the number-one ranked creation artifact, the Pangu Axe!


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Turning into a streak of light, Xuan Hai disappeared from the face of the world.

Huang Xiaolong summoned the Huang Long Cape and disappeared at the same time Xuan Hai did as he gave chase immediately.


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