Chapter 3439: Chapter 3439: Huang Sheng’s Rage

Chapter 3439: Huang Shengs Rage

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He wasnt the only one who was shocked. The faces of the other experts changed instantly.

Impossible! How can he be a God of Creation?!

The aura Huang Xiaolong released continued to climb. The amount of grand cosmos energy soon broke through the 1.4 billion mark.

1.5 1.6 1.7 It didnt stop there.

When it crossed the 2 billion mark, it didnt show any signs of slowing down!

Eventually, it stopped when he released 2.6 billion units of grand cosmos energy.


Huang Xiaolongs strength was comparable to a universe-level volcano that erupted suddenly. It had the power to turn the universe upside down, and the attacks that approached him were blown to bits. A single thought flashed through the minds of the experts of the five superpowers.

Hes invincible!

Under the God of Creation Realm, Huang Xiaolong was an unbeatable existence.

They were sent flying under the sudden impact, and when they landed, they vomited mouthfuls of blood. Those who were a little weaker were completely crippled. Miserable cries filled the skies.

You You Youre no God of Creation! How can you possess 2.6 billion units of grand cosmos energy?! The expert of the True Dragon Celestial Empire stared at Huang Xiaolong with an incredulous look.

One could only cross the 1.3 billion mark after entering the God of Creation Realm! However, Huang Xiaolong had double that!

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Lord Huang Jia, Huang Xiaolong seems to possess three small worlds! An expert of the True Dragon Celestial Empire pointed out.

His possession of three small worlds was no longer a secret.

It was also the reason he was hailed as the most talented expert in the universe!

The expressions of the others sank. If Huang Xiaolong reached the limit of all three worlds, he would possess 3.9 billion units of grand cosmos energy before he stepped into the God of Creation Realm!

The absurd number caused their hearts to run cold.

One had to know that God of Creation Realm experts would only possess 1.3 billion units of grand cosmos energy after they broke through. With Huang Xiaolongs strength, he would be comparable to a perfection-level God of Creation!

Hurry up and run! Contact the old ancestor! Huang Jia, the expert of the True Dragon Celestial Empire, roared. His body shook once, and he turned into his true form. His claws reached for the formation trapping them in an attempt to tear it to shreds.

If Huang Xiaolong only had 1.3 billion units of grand cosmos energy, he would be willing to give it a shot. However, any notion of fighting back disappeared once Huang Xiaolong revealed his strength.

After all, not even God of Creation Realm experts would be a match for him, much less those present!

Seeing as the strongest cultivator present was planning to run, everyone else started to attack the formation around them.

A sneer left Huang Xiaolongs lips. Since he chose to reveal his strength and the fact that he killed Huang Shengdao and the others, there was no way he would allow them to escape!

The twin blades in his hands started to dance as blade light filled the space contained in the formation. The Dao Emperor Sword also transformed into a giant dragon that swam in the air around him.

Blood filled the skies.

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In less than two hours, the only ones left were Huang Jia and four other experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire.

Huang Xiaolong didnt kill them for a reason. Since Huang Sheng planned to devour Huang Long for his bloodline and essence energy to strengthen himself, Huang Xiaolong could devour the bloodline of the members of the True Dragon Celestial Empire to enter the God of Creation Realm!

After all, their bloodlines came from the same source!

He might not be able to progress by much if he devoured the bloodline of other experts, but it was a different story as they all had the Huang Long Bloodline!

It also went without saying that devouring experts of a certain level would be useful. Only experts who had crossed the 1.0 billion unit mark would be effective!

Huang Xiaolong, Im not Huang Shengdao! If anything happens to me, the old ancestor will definitely emerge to investigate the matter personally! Huang Jia roared. He will definitely discover that youre behind this!

Thats great. Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Huang Jia stared at him in shock.

It might not be a good thing to draw Huang Sheng out of seclusion, but on the other hand, that would interrupt Huang Shengs goal of devouring his fathers bloodline!

He wasnt afraid that Huang Sheng would be able to discover his presence. After all, he planned to wipe the entire area clean the moment he was done. He refused to believe that Huang Sheng could draw any conclusions with nothing to work with.

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong sealed the energy in their bodies before throwing them into the Sun Moon Furnace. He planned to devour them when the time came.

Opening the restrictions around the palace, he entered the main hall. With the assistance of the Dao Emperor Sword, he approached the final seal.

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When he finally opened the seal, he discovered countless spiritual herbs and spiritual veins lining the space within. There were only two universe-level spiritual veins, but there were more than a dozen bottles of Dao Emperor Pills.

At least I didnt waste my time Huang Xiaolong sighed.

Soon after, he threw everything of value into his furnace. When it was done, he shattered the space around him with a single punch. He wiped away all traces of his presence, and he reformed the space around him before leaving. Even if Huang Sheng arrived, he wouldnt be able to restore the space to what it once was.

With the Huang Long Cape, he hid in the void before he took his leave.

With that, there were no traces of him ever entering or leaving the Dao Emperor World.

Several days later

A figure appeared in the space around the Dao Emperor Palace.

The man was clad in golden robes, and he was able to wield endless power!

Huang Sheng had arrived!

As soon as he did, killing intent rose in his heart. His expression was ugly as he looked at the space around him. The experts he sent to capture Huang Shengdaos killer were elite cultivators of the True Dragon Celestial Empire, and Huang Jia was an important figure in the upper echelons! Huang Jia had hopes of entering the God of Creation Realm, but all of them were gone.

Not a single expert remained.

Huang Sheng waved his arm around as he tried to restore the space around him. However, his expression turned a shade darker when he realized that he couldnt do a thing!

Entering the Dao Emperor Palace, he tried to look for traces of the assailant.

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It was too bad Huang Xiaolong eliminated any trace of his presence.

You better not let me find out who you are!

Otherwise, Ill torture you for eternity!


Huang Shengs voice resounded through the Dao Emperor World.

The news quickly started to spread, and the great worlds trembled when they realized that the experts of the five factions were killed by a mysterious expert.

Huang Xiaolong didnt care too much about what happened as he stepped onto a random star in the vast space. He laid down countless restrictions around him before sitting down cross-legged. He started to devour the five experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire.


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