Chapter 3436: Chapter 3436: True Dragon Celesti

Chapter 3436: True Dragon Celestial Empires Suspicion

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Huang Xiaolong reached into the void and dragged Huang Rong towards him. Holding him by the neck, he growled, Come back again when Huang Sheng breaks through.

Despite what you think, he wont be able to surpass the God of Creation Realm!

That is because before he does, Ill kill him and devour his essence spirit!

His voice rang in the minds of those present.

It wasnt a threat he threw out in a fit of anger. Huang Sheng was planning to devour Huang Long to surpass the God of Creation Realm, and since the enmity had been sown, Huang Xiaolong would devour him before he got the chance to kill his father!

If Huang Sheng had any hopes of surpassing the God of Creation Realm, Huang Xiaolongs chance would be infinitely greater if he devoured Huang Sheng!

The experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire stared at him like he was crazy. His threat was too childish! In fact, it was the greatest joke of all!

Huang Xiaolong, youre a pitiful little man Huang Rong mocked. Do you really think you can devour our old ancestor?!

Theres no need for you to worry about it, Huang Xiaolong muttered. You wont live to see the day when that happens. After he spoke, a ball of flame started to eat away at Huang Rongs body.

The Huang Long Flame caused Huang Rong to scream in pain. Even with his Huang Long Bloodline and indestructible physique, he failed to withstand the flame. He was like a rag that was set aflame. He might not burn fast, but no one could put the fire out.

The experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire heard the heart-wrenching cries from Huang Rong, and their expressions changed. Fear, rage, hatred, and anger clouded their hearts as they glared at Huang Xiaolong.


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Go back and tell His Majesty to avenge me!

Huang Rong roared.

Attack! Save the Sixth Prince!

If anyone dares to escape, Ill kill you personally!


The marshals and generals of the True Dragon Celestial Empire charged at Huang Xiaolong in unison.

Members of the Pangu World, listen up! If you choose to remain idle, our old ancestor will kill you when he comes! another marshal screamed.

The Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor and the others stared at him in shock, but they didnt know if they should advance.

A smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face and the Pangu Sword appeared. Several billion stands of sword qi filled the skies.

The sword qi tore through the defenses of those from the empire.

Blood filled the skies in an instant.

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Kill! The Heavenless Devil Ancestor waved his hand and an endless amount of devil troops appeared. They charged at the army of the True Dragon Celestial Empire. Sun Wukong waved his arm to summon an army of monkeys, and the corpse qi around Ying Gou turned into an uncountable number of undead creatures.

The Holy Phoenix returned to her true form, and the massacre started.

With a frosty look in his eyes, the Pangu Sword in Huang Xiaolongs hands soared through the skies. No one had the power to stop a monster like him.

Everyone who was touched by the sword turned into ash.

When the experts of the Pangu World witnessed the one-sided massacre, they were too shocked to speak.

Was that really the True Dragon Army that had the power to sweep through the universe?!

Was that the True Dragon Army that conquered the Heavenly Court in a matter of days?!

The killing continued for two whole days, and the experts of the Pangu World would never forget what happened.

A shade of crimson red filled the skies. Even the ocean ran red from all the killing.

When the True Dragon Celestial Empire realized that they didnt possess a single chance of winning, they discovered that the entire space had been locked down by Huang Xiaolong. They couldnt run even if they wanted to.

Huang Xaiolong, you will die a miserable death! Huang Rongs spirit looked at the corpses that were piled high, and he screamed. Our Celestial Emperor and the old ancestor will never let you off!

His body had long been destroyed by Huang Xiaolong. The only reason his dao soul was still alive was because Huang Xiaolong chose to keep it there.

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Relax. Huang Dinghai and Huang Shengs end will make you feel like you got lucky, After he spoke, he threw Huang Rong into the Sun Moon Furnace.

When he was done, he looked at the experts of the Pangu World.

The Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor and the others fell to their knees in an instant.

Eventually, Huang Xiaolong chose to let them off.

Leaving the Heavenly Court, he returned to the Shushan Immortal Gate.

He left the very next day. He expected Huang Dinghai to learn about what happened in the Pangu World, and he knew that it was time to leave. Since he had already achieved his goal in the Pangu World, there was no need to linger.

As Sun Wukong, Ying Gou, and the Holy Phoenix begged him to take them with him, the three of them went along with the Huang Family when they left the Pangu World.

After leaving, they stared at the boundless universe around them in awe.

So thats what the universe looks like Huang Chenfei gasped.

Huang Xiaolong grinned. That was also his reaction when he stepped into the vast universe for the first time.

Regardless, he didnt bring them back to the Blazing Dragon World. He brought them to the World of Departed Souls. After refining the World of Departed Souls, he knew that even an expert at Huang Shengs level would be unable to break into it.

Several years passed

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Huang Xiaolong allowed them to settle down in the World of Departed Souls before setting off.

His next destination was the Blazing Dragon World!

When he returned, the old dragon nagged at him, You little brat! Why are you always stirring things up?! Look at the mess you made in the Pangu World!

It was clear the old dragon knew what happened to the True Dragon Celestial Empire.

Anyway, you did great! Good stuff! I had long since wanted to knock them down a peg! The old dragon roared with laughter in the next moment.

Master, is there any reaction from Huang Shengs side?! Huang Xiaolong asked.

He has been focusing on breaking through Unless the skies collapse, he wont leave the True Dragon Celestial Empire. You can rest assured that he wont do anything crazy. Whatever the case, you have to be careful. Huang Dinghai and the others have been looking into Huang Shengdaos disappearance. He probably suspects something. You better keep yourself in check.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. He knew how serious the matter was. If they managed to discover the truth, the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire would have to face the wrath of five celestial empires!

As for Huang Rong, he sent someone over to get you. He wants me to hand you over to them, but I broke the mans legs before throwing him back to the True Dragon Celestial Empire.

The Blazing Dragon spoke a little more about the matters that happened in recent years, and Huang Xiaolong asked about Huang Long.

Have you found the Pangu Axe?


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