Chapter 3435: Chapter 3435: You’re No God of Cr

Chapter 3435: Youre No God of Creation!

Huang Rong allowed them to get to their feet, and he asked an expert of the empire beside him, Is there news from Chen Jinfeis side?

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Chen Jinfei was the first casualty when the army confronted Huang Xiaolong. He was killed before the battle began

We should receive news soon. They should be arriving at the Shushan Immortal Gate as we speak, the expert replied.

Huang Rong nodded his head happily.

All of a sudden, a terrifying amount of death qi filled the skies.

The experts from the True Dragon Celestial Empire, along with those from the Pangu World, were shocked.

Those Those are Vicious Spirits! an expert from the empire yelled.

A hundred jet-black figures tore through the skies as they charged at the main hall of the Heavenly Court. It was obvious that they were the source of the death qi.

Jumping in fright, Huang Rong could see that those were no ordinary vicious spirits. Every single one of them was comparable to an expert with four or more elements at the perfection level. The strongest was comparable to someone who had six elements at the perfection level!

That wasnt the largest problem he had on his hands. The problem was the person controlling the vicious spirits!

When the members of the Pangu World observed the death qi coming from the spirits, they were shocked.

Kill the intruders! a marshal from the True Dragon Celestial Empire yelled.

A thousand experts soared into the skies in an instant, and all of them wore high-grade dao artifacts! Their weapons were of a comparable standard, and they were experts who had reached the grand completion stage in four elements or more!

That was the strongest army Huang Rong brought along with him for the expedition!

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The weapons in their hands shot out and a frosty blue light covered the lands. Even the five continents in the Immortal World could feel the power surrounding the Heavenly Court.

That was the power of absolute frost at the grand completion stage!

If a single expert unleashed that type of power, they might be able to take down ordinary Dao Venerables. However, a thousand of them unleashing the same level of power was enough to shake the heavens!

The space around the spirits turned into ice, and they failed to advance a single inch.

The power of absolute frost threatened to destroy the spirits, but right before they could freeze the spirits completely, a beam of light shot through the skies. It was like a knife that sliced through the world. The power of absolute frost was stopped dead in its tracks.

A thousand experts who attacked were forced backwards.

Everyone stared at the sudden change in shock.

Several figures emerged from the horizon.

The bodies of the newcomers were too tiny compared to the hundred vicious spirits, but the eyes of those from the True Dragon Celestial Empire widened when they saw the familiar face.

It was especially so for Huang Rong. Equal parts of terror and shock swept through his heart, and he jumped in fright.

Huang Huang Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong!

The experts of the empire who didnt know what he looked like were enlightened by Huang Rongs yell, and their legs went soft.

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In the past, Fu Luosen of the Excessive Darkness Celestial Empire was a famous figure who struck fear in the hearts of many. He was the Son of Creation of the Excessive Darkness Celestial Empire! Even an existence at the level of the Nether Spirit Palace Master, an expert who had reached perfection level in twelve elements, would tremble in his boots when he heard Fu Luosens name!

Now, Huang Xiaolongs reputation had long since eclipsed Fu Luosen!

In the younger generation, he was the strongest person in the universe! The greatest genius who ever lived, Huang Xiaolong!

The experts of the Pangu World didnt expect Huang Rong and the others to recognize Huang Xiaolong, and it went without saying that they didnt expect the looks of fear on the faces of those from the empire.

Isnt Huang Rong a prince of the True Dragon Celestial Empire?! How can he know Huang Xiaolong?!


The Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor questioned his entire existence, and many experts of the empire thought of the same thing.

Complex emotions welled up in their hearts.

As Huang Xiaolong casually strolled towards the palace, Mu Shuihan and the others walked behind him.

The hundred spirits parted to form a path for Huang Xiaolong, and they locked down the entire area.

A thousand experts of Huang Rongs trump card army retreated hastily when Huang Xiaolong approached.

Huang Huang Xiaolong, this is a matter between our empire and the Pangu World. You better not A marshal of the True Dragon Celestial Empire stood out to speak.

However, he didnt get to finish his sentence when Huang Xiaolong waved his arm casually to shatter the man into dust.

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Huang Rong and the others looked at him in shock. Wasnt the marshal an expert who reached the perfection level in ten elements?! How could he die just like that?

Huang Xiaolongs strength had already surpassed their wildest imaginations.

The members of the Pangu World fared even worse when faced with Huang Xiaolongs revelation. When Huang Rong killed several Combined Dao Ancestors before them, they thought that he was strong!

Now, a marshal of the True Dragon Celestial Empire suffered the same fate at Huang Xiaolongs hands!

Ill only say this once. Bring everyone from your True Dragon Celestial Empire and get out of the Pangu World. Otherwise, Ill kill all of you! Huang Xiaolong declared.

However, a smile crossed his face, and he added, No. Huang Rong, you stay.

Huang Rongs ugly expression turned a shade worse when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

How could he not understand what Huang Xiaolong planned to do? He was definitely not getting invited to some party hosted by Huang Xiaolong now that he was made to stay.

Huang Xiaolong, do you really think that were afraid of you just because of your identity as the Son of Creation of the Blazing Dragon World?! Our True Dragon Celestial Empire will not hesitate to eliminate you once and for all! Another marshal of the True Dragon Celestial Empire failed to suppress the rage in his heart, and he roared, Not even you master dares to mess with our old ancestor! Who the f*ck do you think you are?!

Squeezing the air slightly, Huang Xiaolong popped the man like a bubble when he was done speaking.

In my eyes, youre nothing more than garbage too Huang Xiaolong sneered. Ill give you ten minutes. If youre still in the Pangu World by then, all of you will die!

The experts of the True Dragon Celestial Empire could only turn to Huang Rong.

Time slowly passed, but no one dared to speak.

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Those from the Pangu World didnt dare to breathe loudly.

Huang Xiaolong, are you sure you wish to go against my True Dragon Celestial Empire?! Huang Rong finally sighed.

Youre wrong, Huang Xiaolong chuckled in amusement.

Staring at him in shock, they thought that he would propose a ceasefire between the two behemoths in the universe.

Your True Dragon Celestial Empire has been hell-bent on killing me. Youre the ones who chose to go against my Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire!

When Huang Sheng captured his father, Huang Long, and announced their ambitions to annex the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire, there was no going back. Neither party would stop till they were dead.

Huang Rong glared at Huang Xiaolong and snorted, Huang Xiaolong, your talent might surpass everyone in the universe, but you have to remember Youre no God of Creation! Now that you declared war on us, do you think your master can protect you forever?

Our old ancestor will surpass the God of Creation Realm soon. He will be the only supreme being in the universe. When that happens, you, your master, and everyone you love will die!


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