Chapter 3434: Chapter 3434: Pretty Good

Chapter 3434: Pretty Good

You You killed General Chen Jinfei! one of the officers stared at Huang Xiaolong and roared in rage.

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The person he killed was one of the two most important generals in the expedition this time! He was a great general, and more than half the officers present were his subordinates!

Look! I killed a general from the True Dragon Celestial Empire. What about it? What can you do to me? Huang Xiaolong sneered.

The faces of the officers present turned extremely ugly.

Our True Dragon Celestial Empire is the strongest power in the universe! An officer yelled, Our old ancestor is the strongest God of Creation in the universe! He stands undefeated, and no one dares to go against us!

How dare you defy our order?!

Before he could throw out more threats, Huang Xiaolong sent him to meet his maker. He shot straight into the heart of the army before bursting into a mist of blood.

You talk too much. Huang Xiaolong snorted. All of you better get lost right now. Leave the Pangu World. Otherwise, Ill kill every single one of you! No one will be able to leave even if you want to!

Kill them all!

No one will be able to leave!

The expats of the Immortal World stared at each other in confusion.

Is that little b*stard crazy? Song Qianqian mumbled.

It was one thing to go against the True Dragon Celestial Empire, and it was a completely different concept to kill a general of the True Dragon Army!

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Moreover, he even threatened to kill every single member of the True Dragon Celestial Empire in the Pangu World!

From what she could see, he was mad.

Otherwise, he wouldnt dare to challenge the prestige of the True Dragon Celestial Empire!

Now, no one in the Immortal World dared to go against the True Dragon Army. Even the six sages chose to remain obedient. From what they knew, Hong Jun didnt dare to show his face around the True Dragon Army!

That could only mean that the strongest expert in the Pangu World was afraid of them!

Get out of the Pangu World?! One of the officers sneered, Youre too full of yourself!

Youre definitely going to die here today!

He pointed at Huang Xiaolong and cursed.

Naturally, he wasnt going to live for long after insulting an existence like Huang Xiaolong. A golden ray of light slammed into his chest and a giant area was blown apart.

With a single punch, he got rid of nearly half the True Dragon Army!

Staring at them with a cold gaze, a hundred dark figures appeared behind him.

Vicious Vicious Spirits! The experts of the True Dragon Army finally started to panic when they recognized the monstrous presence behind Huang Xiaolong.

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The strongest among them was comparable to Cang Xun, the leader of the ten overlords back in the Huang Long World!

Devour all of them, Huang Xiaolong ordered.

With his order, the spirits leaped at the members of the True Dragon Army. They were like wolves in a pack of sheep.

Every single one of them grabbed a huge bunch of experts from the True Dragon Army before throwing them into their mouths.

Swathes of soldiers were devoured every second.

The skies above the Dongsheng God Continent turned into a scene of a massacre as blood and flesh rained down on the lands.

Song Zhipeng and the others stared at the mess falling from the skies and were met with the head of an expert of the True Dragon Army!

His eyes were bulging, and the fear on his face couldnt be hidden. Chills ran through the bodies of the onlookers.

In fact, the experts of the Dongsheng God Continent werent the only ones who were shocked. Sun Wukong, Ying Gou, and the others were equally as stunned by the ferocious spirits.

What the f*ck are they?! We cant even kill them! one of the experts from the Immortal World cried out in shock when they realized that the army wasnt damaging their opponents.

Even though their bodies were blown apart by the True Dragon Army, they quickly gathered back together to restore the Vicious Spirit back to its peak state. It didnt pause for a second as it continued to massacre.

As they were formed from the death qi of the universe, there was no way they could be slain by amateurs like the True Dragon Army!

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It didnt take long for the True Dragon Army to suffer massive losses.

When the officers started to panic, they were easily dealt with by the Heavenless Devil Ancestor and the others with a single punch.

The army that covered the skies was whittled down bit by bit.

After several hours of killing, there was only a single man left!

He was the strongest officer left after the two were killed by Huang Xiaolong before the start of the battle.

Glaring at Huang Xiaolong, he roared, Who the hell are you?!

Huang Xiaolong.

The members of the Pangu World had no idea what his name meant, but it was like a clap of thunder in the officers mind. A look of terror appeared in his eyes as he took several steps back.

Youre from the Blazing

Huang Xiaolong dealt with the officer before he could complete his sentence. The power of absolute poison at the grand perfection level turned the officers body into nothingness.

When they were done, Huang Xiaolong took a step forward and opened a spatial tunnel to the Heavenly Court. Sun Wukong and the others disappeared in an instant.

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A well-built youngster sat on the throne in the Heavenly Court, and one could easily see the power he wielded from the aura he emitted. He was someone Huang Xiaolong was extremely familiar with, the palace master of the Mystery Pavilion back in the Huang Long World!

Huang Rong!

The prince sent by the True Dragon Celestial Empire was precisely Huang Rong, and a row of experts from the Pangu World stood obediently before him.

Of course, those who could enter the hall were in the Combined Dao Ancestor Realm! Anyone weaker could only stand outside!

The person standing at the forefront was the Grand Golden Immortal!

I greet Prince Huang Rong!

The True Dragon Celestial Empire will conquer the universe!

The experts of the Pangu World fell to their knees in an instant.

A smile hung on Huang Rongs face. Thats right. Now that my True Dragon Army has set off, well exterminate everyone who refuses to submit!

Those in the hall sucked in a cold breath as they could picture the miserable end of those who refused to listen.


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