Chapter 3432: 3432

Chapter 3432: True Dragon Celestial Empire’s Army

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“General Chen, should we attack their Heavenly Court?” one of the officers asked.

Before they arrived, they did a detailed investigation of the Pangu World. The strongest power was the Pangu Heavenly Court, and their status in the world was equivalent to the True Dragon Celestial Empire in the Blazing Dragon World.

General Chen nodded his head. “Send the army out! Attack the Pangu Heavenly Court. The most important thing we have to do is to conquer their region. We cannot give them time to react! In the best-case scenario, we will take down their Jade Emperor immediately!”

“Yes, General Chen!”

Half a day later…

The Jade Emperor was enjoying a game of chess with the Queen Mother of the West in the courtyard when his subordinate, Great White Golden Star, ran into the courtyard. “Your Majesty, we’re in trouble!”

A frown formed on the Jade Emperor’s face, and he placed down his chess piece. “What’s going on? Why are you acting all flustered?”

He was thinking about whether he should dismiss his subordinate from his position when he saw the anxious look on his face.

“There’s an army charging right at us! We… We…” His chest heaved up and down in panic.

The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother of the West stared at him in shock.

“Army?! What army are you talking about? Did the Devil World send their troops?”

It was no wonder the Jade Emperor would think that way. After all, the Heavenless Devil Ancestor had once led a campaign against the Immortal World.

“No! Your Majesty, they don’t seem to come from our Pangu World! They claim to be members of the True Dragon Celestial Empire, and we have to leave right now! They are almost upon us!”

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“True Dragon Celestial Empire?!” Their faces changed.

Isn’t the Pangu World covered in spatial storms? How did the members of the True Dragon Celestial Empire enter?!

The two of them knew of the True Dragon Celestial Empire from the trips they had made to the Blazing Dragon World in the past.

“How many people came?!” the Jade Emperor leaped to his feet and asked. He retrieved the Heavenly Mirror and looked into it.

“I have no idea! The army is too damn large, and we can’t make an estimate!”

As soon as the words left his lips, an image formed on the mirror. The Jade Emperor saw the chaotic scene where the army was charging straight at them, and from what he could see, there were easily a trillion troops!

A chill ran down his spine.

It didn’t take long for the troops of the True Dragon Celestial Empire to occupy the Heavenly Court. They announced the fact to the Immortal World and ordered every single expert in the Golden Immortal Realm or higher to pledge their allegiance.

If they didn’t surrender after a month, their factions would be exterminated!

The Immortal World broke into chaos in an instant.

It didn’t take long for another order to come from the True Dragon Celestial Empire. They set a bounty on the Jade Emperor’s head, and they would reward anyone who could give them a lead on the Jade Emperor one grand dao spiritual vein!

They summoned the six sages, but they failed to do a thing to Rulai who was suppressed by Huang Xiaolong.

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Next, they started to search for the Pangu Axe.

“The Pangu Emperor’s Pangu Axe? Could the axe be in our Pangu World?!”

“The members of the True Dragon Celestial Empire shouldn’t lie…”

“Aren’t they afraid that other people would fight with them for the axe?”

The Immortal World erupted instantly.

“Do you guys feel like ascending to the Immortal World to take a look?” Huang Xiaolong asked as he looked at the Huang Family members.

They nodded in unison.

“We heard from Patriarch Ye Zhaolong that the spiritual qi in the Immortal World is extremely dense! We wish to take a look there…” Huang Chenfei spoke. “Xiaolong, what do you think?”

Looking at the fervent gaze in their eyes, Huang Xiaolong nodded. “Alright. Get yourselves ready. I’ll bring you guys to the Immortal World tomorrow. However, you need to understand one thing. You won’t be able to return once you ascend! Unless you reach the same level as me, you won’t be able to travel across worlds freely.”

Of course, he referred to the God of Creation Realm. Dao Venerables wouldn’t be able to travel as they wished even if they reached the perfection stage.

With their talent, Huang Xiaolong knew that there was no chance for any of them to reach the God of Creation Realm.

As such, they would never be able to return to the mortal world once they left.

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Hesitation appeared in their eyes.

It was especially so for Zhang Yuhan, as she couldn’t bear to leave the Zhang Family behind.

“Actually, all of you will reach the peak of the late-Ninth Level Void Immortal Realm soon. It won’t be long till you need to ascend,” Huang Xiaolong explained.

However, he didn’t force them to make a decision.

At night, the members of the Huang Family and Zhang Yuhan came to look for Huang Xiaolong.

“Xiaolong, we thought it through. Let’s go to the Immortal World!” Huang Jiyuan declared.

He looked at every single one of them, and he saw the resolute look in their eyes.

Without much fanfare, Huang Xiaolong brought them to the passage he opened up. With another punch, he tore a passage to the Immortal World.

However, he discovered that something was off the moment he returned to the Immortal World.

“The True Dragon Celestial Empire conquered the Heavenly Court?” Huang Xiaolong finally heard their name again.

“Yes, Your Highness, half a month ago, the army of the True Dragon Celestial Empire attacked our Pangu World. They didn’t use much effort to take over the Heavenly Court, and the Jade Emperor is now a wanted criminal,” Mu Shuihan explained. “The entire world is trembling in their shoes, and according to them, any expert above the Golden Immortal Realm will have to report to the Heavenly Court to pledge their allegiance to the True Dragon Celestial Empire. Anyone who refuses will have their faction exterminated!”

“I’ve heard that the True Dragon Celestial Empire is the strongest power in our universe! Their old ancestor is the strongest expert in the universe, and everyone who refuses to submit will die a horrible death.”

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “They definitely added the last part themselves…”

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Mu Shuihan revealed an awkward expression, and he explained, “Indeed… However, the six sages confirmed the news, and it should be real.”

“Do you plan to submit?” Huang Xiaolong looked at Mu Shuihan.

Falling to his knees in panic, he yelled, “I will only be loyal to Your Highness!”

The look on Huang Xiaolong’s face finally started to ease up, and he explained, “Let me enlighten you on the relationship between the True Dragon Celestial Empire and myself… We won’t rest till the other party is dead!”

Mu Shuihan gasped in shock. He didn’t think that Huang Xiaolong would be the enemy of such a terrifying existence.

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“In a few days, I’ll head over with you guys.” Huang Xiaolong snorted. Soon, he notified Sun Wukong, Ying Gou, and the others. He told them to call the Heavenless Devil Ancestor and the Yin Yang Devil Ancestor.


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