Chapter 3431: 3431

Chapter 3431: Pangu World Creation Art

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“We should work hard too… As long as we enter the Spirit Severing Realm, we won’t drag Xiaolong down,” Huang Jiyuan explained.

Even though they knew that Huang Xiaolong was strong, they had no idea how strong he really was. In Huang Jiyuan’s eyes, they would no longer be burdens as long as they broke through to the Spirit Severing Realm.

“Alright! We’ll work hard and surprise Xiaolong when we enter the Spirit Severing Realm!” Huang Chenfei declared.

The atmosphere of the Blue Dragon Orchard changed as they started to focus on their cultivation. The members of the Huang Family made use of the great formation along with various herbs to increase their strength.

Of course, the main reason they were able to progress so quickly was because of the techniques Huang Xiaolong imparted to them. Even Combined Dao Ancestors couldn’t create techniques as intricate as Huang Xiaolong!

However, the part that shocked the members of the Huang Family was that Huang Xiaolong entered seclusion for several years.

“Did anything happen to Xiaolong? It’s been five years since he emerged!” Huang Wen looked at the palace where Huang Xiaolong was cultivating and frowned.

“We haven’t run into anything like it, but according to Huang Sheng’an, it’s nothing for experts above the Spirit Severing Realm to enter seclusion for years at a time.” Wang Meilan shook her head and explained, “We should wait for a little more. If Xiaolong is unable to emerge after several years, we’ll ask Huang Sheng’an to assist us in opening the door.”

In the palace, Huang Xiaolong refined the Pangu Axe diligently and a phantom could be faintly seen above the axe.

Dragons were swimming around the phantom, and the golden eyes on its face seemed to contain the power to pierce through the heavens.

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The more he refined the Pangu Axe, the clearer the phantom became. Eventually, it seemed to come to life.

Two more years passed.

With the phantom turning clearer than ever, it seemed to turn corporeal. It was the artifact spirit of the Pangu Axe, and it was something Pangu cultivated when he refined the axe.

Several days later…

Huang Xiaolong stopped as he looked at the axe hovering in the air before him. His eyebrows were tightly locked together.

After fully refining the Pangu Axe, Huang Xiaolong was shocked to discover that it wasn’t completed! In the past, Pangu had a fierce battle with another God of Creation, and the axe spirit was damaged. Now, the artifact was a semi-crippled item. Its power was half of what it was at its peak!

In order to restore the Pangu Axe to its former glory, Pangu needed to obtain several universe-level treasures.

It was difficult, and he eventually chose to leave the Pangu Axe on Earth. He used the spiritual qi on earth to slowly nurture the axe.

From the axe spirit, Huang Xiaolong learned that the Earth wasn’t any ordinary structure. It was made entirely from a piece of Blue Spiritual Stone.

The spiritual energy on earth would be able to restore the axe eventually.

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Of course, it needed a lot of time for that to happen.

Huang Xiaolong slowly kept the Pangu Axe away.

Even though it was semi-wasted, Huang Xiaolong still managed to obtain the Pangu World Creation Art after refining the axe.

With the axe in hand, he could finally cultivate by refining the origin energy of the Pangu World! With the pills he obtained in the Pangu Immortal Cave, Huang Xiaolong believed that it wouldn’t take long for him to reach the limit of his third small world.

Within ten million years, he was confident of entering the God of Creation Realm.

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As the third world in Huang Xiaolong started to circulate the Pangu World Creation Art, spiritual energy from the source of the Pangu World entered his body like a giant stream.

Several days later, Huang Xiaolong emerged from his palace.

When he left, he saw a giant group of people surrounding the entrance of his palace. Practically every single expert on Earth had arrived.

They jumped in fright when they saw Huang Xiaolong.

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“Xiao… Xiaolong, did anything happen to you?” Huang Chenfei asked.

“Why would anything happen to me?!” Huang Xiaolong glared at Huang Chenfei. He could easily guess what they were trying to do.

After all, he ran into the same situation many times before.

“You brought all of them over in order to force the entrance of the palace open, right?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “You guys won’t be able to open the door with my restrictions on it…”

Before he started the refinement process, Huang Xiaolong laid down formations around his palace to stop them from affecting his cultivation. Even the Grand Golden Immortal wouldn’t be able to scratch his palace after attacking for a hundred million years, much less these Enlightenment Realm experts.

An awkward expression formed on the faces of Huang Chenfei and the others.

Since everyone had already arrived, Huang Xiaolong didn’t chase them away. He asked them about the changes to Earth before distributing several bottles of pills.

In the next few days, Huang Xiaolong continued to circulate the Pangu World Creation Art. He devoured the spiritual energy from the origin of the world while refining the creation-level pills. His speed of improvement was astounding.

In the past, time flowed differently on Earth and the rest of the universe. That was due to a grand formation laid down by Pangu before he left. Now that Huang Xiaolong had refined the Pangu Axe, he gained control over the formation, and he synchronized the flow of time.

Several hundred years passed…

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Huang Xiaolong accompanied the members of the Huang Family around the nearby planets while cultivating. Traces of the Huang Family could be seen around the galaxy…

Everyone in the Huang Family entered the Void Immortal Realm after so many years, and Huang Chenfei was the quickest among them. He stood at the peak of the late-Ninth Level Void Immortal Realm, and he would be able to enter the Heavenly Immortal Realm soon.

One fine day, a crack appeared in space as a giant army started to swarm into the Pangu World. The soldiers were clad in golden dragon armor!

An army started to form up, and they formed a giant sea of experts.

The weakest among them was a Golden Immortal, and one of them roared, “The spiritual energy in the Pangu World is different from that of our Blazing Dragon World!”


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