Chapter 3427: 3427

Chapter 3427: Kunlun Palace

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When he arrived, Huang Xiaolong circulated his true essence. Rays of light emerged from the sword. Under the illumination of the Pangu Sword, a crack appeared in the space above him.

Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though Liu Huang said that the Pangu Sword could open a path to the Kunlun Secret Region, it hadn’t been tested. As such, Huang Xiaolong was still a little apprehensive.

Huang Xiaolong finally relaxed when he saw that it worked.

Without hesitation, Huang Xiaolong entered the passage.

After entering the Kunlun Secret Region, Huang Xiaolong discovered that it was covered in immortal qi!

He was shocked. Wasn’t immortal qi only supposed to exist in the Immortal World? How could there be immortal qi in the Kunlun Secret Region?

It was truly incredible.

Of course, the immortal qi in the Kunlun Secret Region couldn’t be compared to the immortal qi in the Immortal World.

As he used his dao souls to observe the region, he utilized the sword qi in the Pangu Sword to look for the whereabouts of the Pangu Axe.

Even though the Pangu Sword would only react when it was a certain distance away from the axe, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t afraid at all. After all, the Kunlun Secret Region wasn’t infinitely large. He would be able to comb through the entire area in a matter of days.

That was also the reason he could tell his parents that he would only be away for several days.

Huang Xiaolong stood on the Pangu Sword as he soared through the air. He went towards the largest land mass in the region.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong noticed a giant city. Without much fanfare, he dragged the strongest expert towards himself.

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From the man, Huang Xiaolong learned that he was standing over Xian City, and the strongest expert was the old ancestor of a certain family. He wasn’t weak, and he was an expert in the Great Void Realm.

One had to know that the strongest expert on earth, Yuan Hui, was only in the Enlightenment Realm. The old ancestor of the family in Xian City was three large realms stronger than him!

One had to enter the Spirit Severing and Soul Condensation Realm before one could see the gates of the Great Void Realm.

The old ancestor felt his heart stop beating when he was grabbed by Huang Xiaolong. He was discussing some matters with the members of his family when he was dragged through the air.

However, he didn’t get the chance to open his mouth as Huang Xiaolong searched through his memories directly.

After learning what he wanted, a look of joy formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

“A treasure appeared in the Golden Dragon Mountain Range?”

From the memories of the Great Void Realm expert he pulled, Huang Xiaolong learned that the Kunlun Secret Region wasn’t as peaceful as it once was. A weird sight was seen in the Golden Dragon Mountain Range several days ago, and everyone could guess that an absolute treasure was about to appear!

There were various guesses made, and practically everyone concluded that an ancient treasure was about to appear!

Could it be?

Was the Pangu Axe about to appear?

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Huang Xiaolong released the old ancestor and threw a jade bottle over. He tore through the air, and the old ancestor stared into the skies in shock.

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Not too long after Huang Xiaolong left, several hundred figures tore through the air.

“Old Ancestor!”

“Senior Zhou Yu!”

Those who arrived were those who were speaking to Zhou Yu just a moment ago.

“Senior Zhou Yu, did anything happen?!” One of the patriarchs who was invited by Zhou Yu asked.

Everyone in the hall was shocked when Zhou Yu disappeared.

“It’s fine!” Zhou Yu shook his head and sighed. He looked at the jade bottle in his hands, and curiosity made him open the cap. He saw countless spirit stones contained within, and it was an amount he couldn’t imagine! Moreover, every single one of them emitted a faint amount of immortal qi.

Zhou Yu’s hand trembled slightly.

Those were… Immortal spirit stones.

Could that be the legendary immortal spirit stones of the legends?!

Even if one had the money, they wouldn’t be able to buy a single one.

When Zhou Yu was still stuck in a state of shock, Huang Xiaolong started his journey to the Golden Dragon Mountain Range.

It was a little far from the city, and it was located in the snowy plains in the north of the region.

With Huang Xiaolong’s speed, he would be able to arrive after an entire day’s worth of traveling.

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He wasn’t slow at all, and in order to save time, Huang Xiaolong tore through the defenses of various factions to get there.

His actions incurred the ire of many powers, but he didn’t give half a sh*t as he sent them flying with a single slap.

Those who were sent flying weren’t weaklings, and old ancestors of their factions in the Grand Completion, Tribulation, and Void Immortal Realm were sent flying.

No matter who it was, they failed to stand up to the monstrous existence that was Huang Xiaolong!

Their expressions turned ugly when they were trashed, but the fear soon filled their hearts. The more they thought about it, the worse it got.

Half a day later…

Huang Xiaolong entered the central region of the Kunlun Secret Region.

The central region was the territory of the strongest power in the region, the Kunlun Kingdom! The Kunlun Palace was like a pillar that supported the heavens as it stood tall in the middle of the region.

After Huang Xiaolong entered the area, he frowned when he saw the giant structure. It would take quite some time if he wished to take a detour. After all, the palace was countless miles long!

A massive army appeared all of a sudden and surrounded Huang Xiaolong.

“How dare you! Intruder, stop right there! This is the forbidden region of the Kunlun Kingdom, and we’ll kill any trespassers!”

Huang Xiaolong pointed casually and a golden beam of light sent the experts who came out flying. The ray of light didn’t stop there as it continued to slam into the palace.

A giant explosion rang through the skies and the Kunlun Palace which stood tall for countless years trembled. A giant hole was blown through it, and it started to collapse on itself.

The experts in the city raised their heads to look at a scene they would never forget as long as they lived.

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The rubble rained down on the lands, and Huang Xiaolong didn’t stop there. He charged straight through the forbidden region.

“Chase him!”


Amidst countless roars, the experts of the Kunlun Palace charged into the skies in an attempt to hunt him down.

Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly when he noticed the number of people chasing behind him. He stopped for a second, and he was surrounded instantly.

“Who are you?! Why would you destroy my palace?” someone in the crowd growled.


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