Chapter 3425: 3425

Chapter 3425: Wang Meilan Shall No Longer Be My Daughter

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In the lift, Wang Sisi grumbled, “Who does he think he is?! Humph. You’re paying him a personal visit and he dares to put on airs.”

She completely forgot the fact that not a single person from the Wang Family went to the airport to pick them up.

When Zhao Hanwen heard her disrespectful tone, a frosty look appeared in his eyes as he turned to glare at her. If he was allowed to, he would have killed her on the spot.

Wang Quyang didn’t expect Zhao Hanwen to react so strongly to what his daughter said. He was the person in charge of the Xilai Hotel in Hong Kong, and his position was unshakable. He didn’t expect Zhao Hanwen to know Huang Xiaolong!

Even though he was shocked, he had to explain her actions to Zhao Hanwen. “Mister Zhao Hanwen, my daughter said it without much malice. Please forgive her.”

He snorted, “That better be the case.” He no longer glared at her and Wang Sisi realized that her back was drenched.

When the father and daughter duo were stuck in a state of shock, they arrived.

After getting them to wait at the door, Zhao Hanwen entered the room to notify Huang Xiaolong. He emerged after some time to summon them.

They were brought to the main hall, and the supreme existences who came to pay Huang Xiaolong a visit turned to stare at them. Elder Mu, Elder Ye, and the old ancestors and patriarchs of the super families stood respectfully before Huang Xiaolong like a bunch of obedient students.

When their gazes turned to Wang Quyang and Wang Sisi, they felt as though a mountain was pressing down on them.

They felt their legs going soft, as their hearts thumped in their chests.

In the past, Wang Quyang thought that they were only connected to the Huang Family for their family interests. The current scene far exceeded his expectations.

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Even the most important person in Hong Kong, Elder Ye, didn’t dare to breathe loudly in front of Huang Xiaolong!

If he didn’t personally witness the scene, he wouldn’t believe it even if he was beaten to death!

“What do you want?” Huang Xiaolong’s voice came from the center of the hall.

Wang Quyang’s face twitched uncontrollably as he forced a smile. He looked at Wang Meilan and said, “Umm… Third sister, our parents came out of seclusion today and they wish to meet you now that they learned that you have arrived in Hong Kong. I’m here to apologize on their behalf. Please come back to the Wang Family Manor!”

He dragged Wang Sisi to her knees.

“Sisi, why aren’t you apologizing to your aunt and your cousin?!”

Wang Meilan was delighted when she heard that her parents were thinking about her. She couldn’t help but smile when she heard that Wang Quyang came over to personally invite her back.

“There’s no need for your apology. Since they wish to meet my mother, why didn’t they come here themselves?” Huang Xiaolong’s voice rang through the hall.

Staring at him in stunned silence, Wang Quyang didn’t know how to respond.

“When we left, I told your daughter that even if you kneeled before us for an entire year, we won’t be going back.”

Wang Quyang’s face fell.

“Xiaolong!” Wang Meilan could no longer hold her emotions back and she cried, “Let’s forget it!”

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Sighing in his heart, Huang Xiaolong knew that his mother was too soft-hearted. Even after the Wang Family neglected her, she still hoped to return. After all, the person begging her to return was her older brother, and Wang Shiming and Guo Xue were her parents.

Huang Xiaolong spoke to Wang Quyang, “If they really wish to meet my mother, they can personally come over to the Xilai Hotel. Whatever the case, we will not be stepping foot into your Wang Family Manor.”

Wang Meilan wanted to say something, but she eventually chose not to.

“You can leave now.” Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother looking at Wang Quyang or Wang Sisi as he ordered.

With a pleading look, Wang Quyang stared at Wang Meilan. However, Huang Xiaolong shook his head slightly when she looked at him with a final attempt to plead on their behalf.

The father and daughter duo were eventually escorted out of the hotel.

When they finally returned, Wang Shiming asked, “What happened!”

Wang Quyang shook his head as he looked at his parents.

However, Wang Sisi roared in anger, “That little b*stard said that even if my father kneeled for a year, he won’t step into our Wang Family Manor!”

Wang Shiming flew into a fit of rage when he heard what she said. He smashed the cup in his hands.

“Did that little Huang b*stard really say that?!” Guo Xue asked.

“That’s not all. He said that if you wish to see them you can personally head over to the hotel to beg!”

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Guo Xue snapped, “Who do they think they are?! He’s just a mongrel son of a branch member of the Huang Family! Does he not know that we’re his grandparents?! How dare he call us to go over?!”

Wang Shiming didn’t say anything, but from the looks of it, he was angry at Huang Xiaolong too.

However, Wang Quyang thought of the scene where Elder Ye and the others acted subserviently in front of Huang Xiaolong and he muttered, “Actually, he might be a lot more important than we think he is!”

“So what about it?! Can he disrespect his elders because of a little bit of power? This is nonsense!” Guo Xue snapped.

Wang Shiming waved his hand and ordered, “Get Wang Chongan to go over to tell that dog b*stard that if he doesn’t appear in front of me, he will no longer be welcome in my Wang Family Manor! Wang Meilan shall no longer be my daughter!”

Wang Quyang wanted to persuade them, but he was shut down instantly by Wang Shiming. “Enough!”

It didn’t take long before Huang Xiaolong and the others received Wang Shiming’s ‘warning’. When Wang Meilan heard what Wang Shiming said, the blood drained from her face.

“Mum, you heard what they said.” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

The last ray of hope in her heart was extinguished and she left Huang Xiaolong’s room in low spirits. Soon after, Zhang Yuhan entered to invite Huang Xiaolong out for dinner.

“Shall we go out for some pancakes and ice cream?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Nodding slightly, a grin formed on Zhang Yuhan’s face. “Will you accompany me?”

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“Of course I will! Why wouldn’t I go when a beauty is inviting me for dinner?”

The two of them invited Huang Wen and the others, but they were politely rejected as crafty smiles formed on the faces of the members of the Huang Family. Other than Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan, everyone else grinned mischievously when they saw that Huang Xiaolong was planning to go out with Zhang Yuhan.

T̺͆h̺͆i̺͆s̺͆ c̺͆h̺͆a̺͆p̺͆t̺͆e̺͆r̺͆ u̺͆p̺͆l̺͆o̺͆a̺͆d̺͆ f̺͆i̺͆r̺͆s̺͆t̺͆ a̺͆t̺͆ n̺͆o̺͆v̺͆e̺͆l̺͆-̺͆b̺͆i̺͆n̺͆.̺͆c̺͆o̺͆m̺͆

It didn’t take long before they arrived at the night markets. When they alighted, Huang Xiaolong could see that the street was filled with vendors selling delicious food.

“I guess I’m going to enjoy myself tonight.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

When the two of them were enjoying each other’s company as they strolled along the streets, a completely different scene was playing out in the Wang Family Manor.

Wang Shiming, Wang Quyang, and Guo Xue sat in the main hall with dejected looks on their faces.

They just got off one of the many phone calls they received through the night, and every single person who called them was the patriarch of the super families in Hong Kong. There was no exception as they called off all cooperation with the Wang Family.


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