Chapter 3424: 3424

Chapter 3424: He’s My Grandson! How Dare He Not Come?!

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“Yes, old master.” Wang Chongan replied.

“Do you know why they’re there?!” Wang Shiming frowned. He broke through to the Nascent Soul Realm with his wife, and the patriarchs of the Shao and Zhang Families should be waiting in line to congratulate them! Who would have thought that all of them would run over to the Xilai Hotel?!

Moreover, all of them went at the same time!

What was weird was the fact that they didn’t send a single expert over to send their congratulations!

“This… We haven’t found out why.” Wang Chongan replied. “I will personally head over right now to look for the reason.”

“Alright, go.” Wang Shiming ordered. “Look into it properly.”

Wang Chongan left the hall with haste.

“Quyang, what do you think this is all about?”

“This… I have no idea…” Wang Quyang shook his head.

“Quyang, you didn’t improve much these few years… If you keep this up, you won’t be able to enter the high-level Golden Core Realm even after thirty years!” Guo Xue berated him. “Even though the company is important, your individual strength should be placed before everything else. The lack of experts in our family is the reason we are unable to enter the upper echelons of Hong Kong!”

“Look at them! Look at the number of Nascent Soul cultivators those super families have!” Guo Xue continued, “From tomorrow, you shall focus on your cultivation. Enter the high-level Golden Core Realm in three years!”

Wang Quyang chuckled in embarrassment, “Mother, it’s not that easy to enter the high-level Golden Core Realm…”

Wang Shiming interrupted him, “I know what you’re thinking about. You think that as long as you have money, you will be able to hire Nascent Soul Realm cultivators! However, you can’t read their minds. What if they plan on betraying us?”

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As the three of them chatted with each other, they lost track of time. However, Wang Chongan returned all of a sudden and there was an extremely weird look on his face.

Wang Shiming and the others were shocked when they saw his expression.

“Did you find out what happened?!”

“Old master, they… All of them went over to visit a single person!”

One person?!

“Who could that be?”

“They call him ‘His Highness’.” Wang Chongan’s expression became even more strange.

Wang Shiming and the others stared at him in shock. However, Wang Quyang yelled in shock “What?! His Highness?!” Could it be…

Wang Shiming and his wife looked at Wang Quyang with a questioning look.

“Quyang, do you know who that is?” Wang Shiming asked. He tried racking his brains, but he couldn’t come up with anything.

Wang Quyang opened his mouth, but he didn’t say anything.

Eventually, Wang Chongan had to do the explanation for him. “The person they are referring to is the Third Young Lady, Wang Meilan’s son.”

“Meilan?!” The name was too foreign for either of them.

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“Yes. Father, if I didn’t guess wrong, the youngster they are referring to should be Meilan’s son.” Wang Quyang’s tone turned serious. He quickly spoke of the matters that happened when Wang Meilan came to visit them.

When they heard that Wang Sisi threw the members of the Huang Family out of the Wang Family Manor, they fell silent for quite some time.

“In fact, the Shao Family Patriarch and the Zhang Family Patriarch aren’t the only ones there. The patriarch of the Xu Family is there too.”

“Are you talking about Xu Zhonghang?!” Wang Shiming yelled in shock. “Did he go all the way there just to meet my grandson?!”

Xu Zhonghang was the patriarch of one of the strongest families in Hong Kong! The patriarchs of the Shao and Zhang Families couldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as him!

“Yes. Old master, more than thirty people went over to see him…” After a short pause, Wang Chongan continued, “Even Elder Mu and Elder Ye went.”

“Elder Mu and Elder Ye?!” Wang Shiming looked at Guo Xue as shock filled their eyes.

As they sat there with Wang Quyang, they couldn’t think of what to do.

Wang Chongan stood at the side quietly as he knew that the news was too shocking.

The old ancestors and patriarchs of more than ten super families in Hong Kong, including Elder Mu and Elder Ye, personally went to visit a youngster in the Xilai Hotel!

“Have you found out anything about my nephew?” Wang Quyang broke the silence.

“I asked the grand elders of the other families, but when they heard who I was asking about, they refused to say anything about him.”

The three of them looked at each other in silence.

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“Go to the Xilai Hotel right now and order Wang Meilan and her son to come over. Tell her that I summoned her.” Guo Xue snapped before turning to Wang Shiming. “What’s her son’s name again?”

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Wang Shiming shook his head slowly when he realized that he didn’t know.

The two of them had only seen Huang Xiaolong once, and it was when he was a three year old kid. They didn’t bother asking Wang Meilan for his name.

“I’m afraid she won’t come…” Wang Quyang shook his head.

Guo Xue glared at him and snorted, “I am her mother. Does she dare to defy my will? As my grandson, does he dare to not come when I order them to?!”

A bitter smile formed on Wang Quyang’s face and he sighed, “Alright. I’ll personally head over to invite them over.”

Wang Shiming muttered, “Alright.”

As such, Wang Quyang got the car ready and he decided to bring his daughter along with him.

“When you arrive, you better show more respect when you meet your cousin. Am I clear?!” Wang Quyang growled at her the moment they boarded the car.

Wang Sisi snapped back at him, “Alright, alright! I’ll even kneel to apologize to that b*stard, are you happy now?!”

Huang Xiaolong ordered for Elder Ye and the others to leave him when Zhao Hanwen came over bearing the news that Wang Quyang and Wang Sisi were there to see him.

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“Throw them out.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Just as Zhao Hanwen was about to carry out his order, Wang Meilan entered the room and snapped at him, “Xiaolong, he’s your uncle!” Turning to Zhao Hanwen, she muttered, “Bring them up here.”

Zhao Hanwen didn’t dare to do anything without Huang Xiaolong’s approval and he turned to look at Huang Xiaolong with a pleading expression.

Huang Xiaolong eventually nodded his head and Zhao Hanwen went down to bring the two of them over to the suite.


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