Chapter 3423: 3423

Chapter 3423: Everyone Went to the Xilai Hotel?

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Not too long after Hao Chengren arrived, a white browed old man wearing ancient robes entered the hall.

Zhao Hanwen and Hao Chengren jumped in fright when they saw the old man. They ran over to greet him hastily.

“Elder Mu!”

Elder Mu!

There were three elders and two ancients in Hong Kong, and they were the people with the highest seniority in the city!

Even patriarchs of the Hao Family could only be considered juniors in their eyes.

Seeing as Hao Chengren was present, Elder Mu was slightly stunned. He nodded slightly and asked, “It seems like Patriarch Hao is also here to greet His Highness!”

Zhao Hanren felt his heart trembling in fear. Could Elder Mu also be there to meet His Highness?!

The five seniors hadn’t appeared in the outside world for a long time. Even the leaders of the top families in the city might not be able to request an audience with them. Now, Elder Mu ran all the way over to meet Huang Xiaolong!

Hao Chengren chuckled respectfully, “Elder Mu, you guessed correctly.”

“Where is His Highness right now?” Elder Mu couldn’t help but ask.

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As Hao Chengren turned to look at Zhao Hanwen, the latter explained, “His Highness is currently enjoying his time with his family. He told me to bring Patriarch Hao up after an hour. Since Elder Mu is also here, I will make a report to His Highness!” He turned around as soon as he spoke.

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Grabbing Zhao Hanwen, Elder Mu waved his hands in panic, “No, no, no! There is no need to trouble His Highness! I’ll wait here, and you can make the report when you bring Hao Chengren up later. If I allow you to disturb His Highness, I will be a sinner! Even a hundred deaths wouldn’t be enough for me to atone for my sins!”

Zhao Hanwen’s jaws dropped in fright.

Elder Mu didn’t want him to make the report as he was afraid he would interrupt the other party’s personal time!

“Brother Zhao, you should listen to Elder Mu.” Hao Changren spoke all of a sudden.

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Zhao Hanwen nodded.

Even so, it didn’t take long for someone else to arrive. The newcomer was clad in black robes, and he was extremely well-built. A fierce and strict aura surrounded him.

When the black robed man entered the hall, he was stunned to see Elder Mu, Hao Chengren, and Zhao Hanwen. It was especially so when he saw Elder Mu.

“Elder Mu!”

The black robed man ran over and greeted respectfully. A smile formed on his face as he looked at Hao Chengren. “I didn’t think that Patriarch Hao would be present…”

Elder Mu grinned, “Who would have thought that Patriarch Xu would come! Are you here to greet His Highness too? Looks like your information network is pretty good…”

The Xu Family was ranked in the top three families of the city, and Xu Zhonghang, the patriarch of the Xu Family, was a supreme expert in Hong Kong! In fact, he seemed to be a little more important than Hao Chengren.

Xu Zhonghang chuckled when he heard what Elder Mu said. “Seems like Elder Mu and Patriarch Hao are also here to greet His Highness. How am I well connected? The Wang Family got news of His Highness’ arrival and I ran all the way here after hearing about it!”

Wang Quyang got Wang Chongan to look for news on Huang Xiaolong, and Wang Chongan went to ask people he knew from the other families. That was also how everyone learned of the news.

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Elder Mu chuckled, “If the Wang Family is asking around, we should be expecting a lot more people in a little bit.”

“Elder Mu, did you also come because of the Wang Family’s inquiry?” Xu Zhonghang asked.

Elder Mu nodded while laughing.

Indeed, important people started to show up every few minutes. It seemed as though the patriarchs and old ancestors of the super families in Hong Kong had gathered in the Xilai Hotel.

However, all of them came alone, and they didn’t bring the experts of their families along with them. It was clear they were afraid to annoy Huang Xiaolong.

Naturally, not everyone had the qualifications to meet Huang Xiaolong.

In one short hour, thirteen people arrived!

Aling with Xu Zhonghang, Elder Mu, and Hao Chengren, there were sixteen top-tier existences in the lobby!

When Zhao Hangwen saw all of them standing in the lobby, he was shocked. He felt his legs going soft as any one of the sixteen could cause the city to tremble with a single stomp. Now, all of them were waiting patiently in the lobby of the hotel to meet Huang Xiaolong!

Zhao Hanwen didn’t know who Huang Xiaolong actually was, but it seemed as though the patriarch of the Wharton Family was also being respectful to him.

When Zhao Hanwen’s imaginations were running wild, a skinny old man who was clad in azure robes arrived. Lighting bolts flashed about his body, and when he entered the hall, everyone felt a wave of pressure slamming into them.

Even Elder Mu was stunned at his arrival. After regaining their composure, everyone ran over to greet the newcomer.

“Elder Ye!”

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He was the leader of the three elders of Hong Kong, and he could be said to be standing at the top of the hierarchy in the city! His combat abilities were stronger than Elder Mu by quite a bit.

When he saw everyone sitting in the hall, he snickered, “Looks like I’m the latest.”

Laughter filled the lobby.

Elder Ye turned to Elder Mu and laughed, “Old Mu, you like to roam the world, and you’re uncontactable most of the time! What a coincidence to see you here.”

“Brother Ye has to be joking. If you wish to meet me, you can get the little brat from your family to contact me.”

The entire hall bustled with activities now that Elder Ye was here.

However, none of them dared to speak loudly, and even when they joked around, they did so in hushed voices.

Eventually, Zhao Hanwen brought Hao Chengren up after an hour and informed Huang Xiaolong of everyone who had come.

“Bring them up.” Huang Xiaolong replied.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhao Hanwen brought the various experts up to meet Huang Xiaolong.

The night passed uneventfully.

As for the Wang Family, their banquet was extremely lively. The various families sent over experts to attend the banquet and to congratulate Wang Shiming and Guo Xue.

However, Wang Shiming’s expression wasn’t great. No matter how he looked at it, everyone who arrived were from smaller families. Not a single patriarch or old ancestor from the great families were there.

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Wang Shiming called Wang Quyang over and asked about it.

Wang Quyang was equally as surprised. He called Wang Chongan over and ordered, “Go check out why the patriarch of the Shao Family and the others aren’t here.”

The Shao Family and several other families were on pretty good terms with the Wang Family, and it didn’t make sense for them to be absent.

Very quickly, Wang Chongan returned with the report.

“What?! The patriarchs of the Shao, Zhang, and the other families went to the Xilai Hotel?” Wang Shiming stared at Wang Chongan in shock.


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