Chapter 3422: Chapter 3422: Wang Family’s Banqu

Chapter 3422: Wang Familys Banquet

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Wang Quyang cried out, That That I got people to do the calculations! We will be able to earn more than a hundred million low-grade spirit stones each if we complete the project!

Hao Chengren used the same look Hao Lu had when he looked at Wang Quyang.

Eventually deciding against explaining himself, he shook his head in disappointment before disconnecting.

Several moments later, Wang Chongan, a grand elder of the Wang Family, brought Wang Sisi into the hall. They saw Wang Quyang staring blankly at his phone as he lay slumped on the sofa.

They didnt know what could make Wang Quyang so dejected.

Patriarch, I have brought the young miss Wang Chongan said cautiously.

However, Wang Quyang seemed to have not heard him.

Daddy! Wang Sisi yelled when she saw that her father was still stuck in a daze.

Finally snapping back to reality, he looked at the two of them. Even so, the look on his face didnt change. The confident look on his face was no longer there.

Daddy, whats going on? Wang Sisi couldnt help but ask.

Wang Chongan couldnt shake the bad feeling in his heart when he saw the dejected Wang Quyang.

The patriarch of the Hao Family just called me to cancel all the projects we were working on.

What?! Wang Chongan yelled. Could it all be because of Hao Lu?! Wang Chongan yelled.

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Im afraid things are not that simple. Wang Quyang shook his head.

Patriarch, do you mean Your nephew?!

Wang Quyang nodded. Im afraid so. That is most probably why Hao Chengren chose to break all connections with our family! He canceled all the cooperation we had!

Wang Sisi and Wang Chongan yelled in shock.

What?! Wang Chongan muttered. Wouldnt that mean that the Hao Family will lose a lot too?! They will have to pay a lot in compensation if they choose to stop everything now!

A conservative estimate would put their compensation at nearly five hundred million low-grade spirit stones!

Wang Quyang sighed. He chose to do it anyway

Even if they had to pay more than five hundred million low-grade spirit stones, they were willing to stop all connections!

There is no way he chose to stop because of those bumpkins! Wang Sisi interrupted. The Hao Family is one of the top families in Hong Kong, and their foundation stretches back more than a hundred years! Even a top-tier family from the mainland would be able to pressure them into breaking off all connections with us!

Of course, that was everything Wang Sisi thought.

Thats what I think too There might be some other reason involved. Wang Chongan added.

Wang Quyang muttered, His Highness Why do I feel that the way they address him is so familiar?

No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt put his finger on it.

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Hurry up with your investigation on my nephew!

Yes, Lord Patriarch, there will be a report out by tomorrow! Wang Chongan promised.

All of a sudden, a ray of light emerged from the depths of the Wang Family. A strong wave of qi filled the manor.

Wang Quyang and the others looked at each other as joy filled their eyes.

Its the old master! They entered the Nascent Soul Realm! Wang Chongan yelled with joy.

Wang Quyang was excited as he got to his feet. This is great! My parents entered the Nascent Soul Realm at the same time! This is amazing!

Although the Wang Family might not be focused on cultivation, their family standing would increase by quite a lot with two Nascent Soul Realm experts at the helm.

As soon as Wang Quyang was done speaking, two figures spared into the skies as they stood above the manor.

Wang Quyang, Wang Chongan, and the experts of the Wang Family quickly ran towards the two figures.

Father, Mother! Wang Quyang greeted.

The members of the Wang Family bowed respectfully.

The two of them were Wang Shiming and Guo Xue, Wang Quyangs parents.

As they descended from above, they scanned the crowd.

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Its our familys blessing for the two of you to enter the Nascent Soul Realm! Hahaha! Our Wang Family is blessed by the heavens! Wang Quyang flattered.

Wang Shiming roared with laughter.

I will inform the family immediately! We will hold a massive banquet tomorrow to celebrate, and we shall invite the patriarchs of the various families in Hong Kong! Wang Quyang continued.

Alright! Wang Shiming grinned. Now that he and his wife entered the Nascent Soul Realm at the same time, it was something worth celebrating.

Wang Quyang quickly passed the order. Invitations were sent out to the patriarchs of the families in Hong Kong. Practically everyone important received a gold branded invitation from the Wang Family!

In an instant, everyone in the city learned of their breakthrough!

As the members of the Wang Family were busy sending out invitations, Huang Xiaolong and Zhang Yuhan were staring out of the giant glass panels that surrounded their suite. They admired the view of Hong Kong from above.

Your Highness, the patriarch of the Hao Family has arrived at the lobby. He requests for an audience. Do you think The person in charge of the Xilai Hotel, Zhao Hanwen, spoke cautiously.

With his position, he knew how important the Hao Family Patriarch was. Even the high officials in the city would have to lower their heads when talking to him.

Let him wait. Give me an hour before you bring him up. Huang Xiaolong spoke without turning his head.


Opening his mouth slightly, Zhao Hanwen was stunned. An hour?! Wouldnt that make it

Leave. Huang Xiaolong indicated for Zhao Hanwen to take his leave.

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Not daring to go against the order, Zhao Hanwen bowed before leaving the room. When he arrived at the lobby of the hotel, he saw Hao Chengren waiting in the center of the hall and he made his way over quickly.

Seeing Zhao Hanwen, Hao Chengrens eyes lit up and he asked, Brother Zhao, how did it go?

Zhao Hanwen paused for a second.

Seeing Zhao Hanwens expression, Hao Chengren thought that Huang Xiaolong wasnt willing to meet him. His expression sank, I was too rash I shouldnt have tried looking for His Highness without arranging a meeting!

Just as he was about to leave, Zhao Hanwen explained, Wait! His Highness told me to wait for an hour before bringing you up!

Hao Chengren revealed a face full of joy. Is that true?! He looked at Zhao Hanwen before grabbing his hand.

Yes. Zhao Hanwen looked at Hao Chengren like he was looking at a weirdo. He felt that Hao Chengrens reaction was too exaggerated.

Just a moment ago, he was afraid that Hao Chengren was going to fly into a rage.

Hao Chengren didnt stop there. Hugging Zhao Hanwen, he thanked, Thank you, thank you so much!


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