Chapter 3421: Chapter 3421: I’ll Speak to Wang

Chapter 3421: Ill Speak to Wang Quyang

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Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had left, the members of the Huang Family followed closely behind. They quickly left the Wang Family Manor.

Wang Meilan hesitated for a moment, and she chose not to stay.

Third Sister! Wang Quyang yelled.

However, he failed to get them to stay.

Opening his mouth slightly, Wang Quyang wanted to say something, but he decided against it in the end.

We shall send His Highness off! Hao Lu got to his feet when he saw that Huang Xiaolong and the others had left.

Wang Quyang felt a sense of regret and loss when Wang Meilans figure disappeared into the distance, but he didnt understand why he would feel that way.

Elder Lu Wang Quyang approached Hao Lu and asked, You addressed my nephew as His Highness May I know what that is all about?

A cold look appeared on Hao Lus face and he snorted, Theres no need for you to address me as such in the future. I, Hao Lu, will no longer be associated with your Wang Family. As for the project we were working on, you can pretend I didnt say anything about it. Were calling it off! Do not look for me in the future.

The faces of Wang Quyang and the members of the Wang Family changed.


Is this because of my nephew?!

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Hao Lu ignored Wang Quyangs cries, and he left the manor. Wang Quyang raced behind him and yelled, Elder Lu, our families stand to earn more than a hundred million low-grade spirit stones from the project!

A hundred million!

That was a hundred million per family!

Hao Lu paused for a second, and he glared at Wang Quyang. He sneered in his heart when he realized that Wang Quyang was still thinking about the money when he offended the only person on Earth no one could afford to offend. That wasnt all. He humiliated the other partys family!

Previously, he felt envious that Wang Quyang had such a powerful backer. From the looks of it, there was no longer anything to envy. In fact, he pitied Wang Quyang a little.

Wang Quyangs heart started to pound when he saw the pity in Hao Lus eyes.

After staring at Wang Quyang for several seconds, Hao Lu shook his head and left. He chose not to say anything.

After several attempts at making Hao Lu stay, they could only give up as he left the manor.

Patriarch, the person making the decision is the patriarch of the Hao Family! Even if Hao Lu refuses to work with us, he wont have the final say! One of the grand elders spoke to Wang Quyang.

Thats right! We should contact the Hao Family Patriarch directly!

Wang Quyangs expression finally loosened up when he heard them. Indeed, the person calling the shots was the Hao Family Patriarch. Even if Hao Lu refuses to work with them, it wouldnt matter!

The projects remuneration amounted to a staggering hundred million low-grade spirit stones! Wang Quyang refused to believe that the Hao Family Patriarch would give up on it.

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Should we send out some people to investigate the third young lady? One of the grand elders asked.

Get them to investigate my nephew.

And hurry up! Wang Quyang snapped.

He was extremely curious as to why Huang Xiaolong would cause Hao Lu to be so respectful.

After they left, Huang Xiaolong contacted the old ancestor of the Wharton Family. He didnt beat about the bush as he requested for several suites in the Xilai Hotel in Hong Kong.

When the old ancestor of the Wharton Family received Huang Xiaolongs order, he was shocked, but delight filled his heart. He fell to the ground and he cried tears of joy.

Your Highness, please rest assured that I will immediately make the arrangements!

After Huang Xiaolong disconnected the call, the old ancestor personally contacted the person in charge of the Xilai Hotel in Hong Kong. He arranged for four presidential suites and he arranged for Huang Xiaolongs transport.

Remember, when you meet His Highness, you need to show utmost respect! You need to be even more respectful when you meet me! The old ancestor of the Wharton Family roared.

In fact, there was no need for any reminders as the person in charge of the Xilai Hotel was no fool. He didnt dare to tarry at all as he arranged everything as per the old ancestors instructions. Even if his brains werent working, he could guess that Huang Xiaolong was someone important!

Even so, the old ancestor of the Wharton Family couldnt relax as he readied the fastest plane as he rushed over to the Xilai Hotel in Hong Kong personally.

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Not too long after the order was given, four limousine style Rolls Royce went to pick Huang Xiaolongs family up. Moreover the person in charge of the hotel personally arrived to greet him.


Are you His Highness? The person in charge of the Xilai Hotel asked.

Did Old Wharton send you?

The person in charge of the hotel stared at Huang Xiaolong in stunned silence. When he heard how Huang Xiaolong addressed the old ancestor, he nearly jumped in fright. Yes Your Highness, the old ancestor sent me over, and you can call me Little Zhao!

The person in charge of the Xilai Hotel in Hong Kong had status comparable to the patriarchs of the large families, but now, he had to lower himself in front of Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in amusement.

Not too long after the cars arrived to pick the Huang Family up, Hao Lu returned to the Hao Family.

WHAT?! His Highness has arrived in Hong Kong?! The patriarch of the Hao Family trembled in shock when he heard the report from Hao Lu.

Yes, Lord Patriarch. Thats not all. He brought his family along with him.

Is that true?! Hao Chengren, the patriarch of the Hao Family, continued, His arrival brings honor to our city!

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In his eyes, Huang Xiaolongs family was filled with gods. It was an incomparable honor for the members of the great families in Hong Kong to welcome them!

Actually I met His Highness and his family in the Wang Family Manor. Hao Lu decided to speak of the matter that was troubling him.

Oh? Wang Quyangs manor? Hao Chengrens body trembled slightly.

Yes. Hao Lu explained everything that went down. Like Hao Lu Hao Chengrens envy for Wang Quyang reached its peak when he heard that the Wang Family Patriarch was Huang Xiaolongs uncle! However, the more Hao Lu said, the uglier Hao Chengrens expression became.

His Highness was exceptionally pissed when that happened Hao Lu said. Patriarch, this Do you think that we should continue working with them?

Bullsh*t! Cancel them! Cancel them all! Call off every single project we have with the Wang Family! Call Wang Quyang right now and tell him its an order from me! Hao Chengren snapped.

Yes, Patriarch! Hao Lu replied respectfully.

However, Hao Chengren seemed to have thought of something and he continued, Wait. Ill tell him myself.

Wang Quyang was about to get people to summon Wang Sisi when his phone rang. His anger was at its peak, and he wanted to take the chance to properly lecture his daughter, but he couldnt help but pick up his phone when he saw that the call came from Hao Chengren. He greeted respectfully, Patriarch Hao

Im calling off all cooperation with your family! Before Wang Quyang could say anything, he continued, Every single project that we started will be canceled! As for those that we havent We wont be working on it together!


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