Chapter 3420: Chapter 3420: In Two Days

Chapter 3420: In Two Days

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When Hao Lu was starting to get jealous of Wang Quyangs connections, Wang Meilai revealed an awkward expression and she said, Yes. Its me.

Even though there was a strange look on her face, Wang Quyang didnt bother too much about it. It was really his sister, and from the looks of it, their status was shocking! To someone who was trying to kiss up to the Hao Family, it was a great thing!

Third Sister, its great that youre back! Its been so many years, and I failed to recognize you! You look too young, and I didnt dare to assume that it was you. Hurry and enter the hall! Ill call the rest out right now!

Wang Meilan couldnt help but reveal an awkward expression. She didnt move an inch as she turned to look at Huang Xiaolong. Huang Chenfei couldnt contain the anger in his heart when he saw how his uncle was acting. Theres no need for that! Your daughter chased us out of your Wang Manor, and as your lowly relatives from the mainland, we wouldnt dare to enter your main hall.

Wang Quyang and the members of the Wang Family were shocked. Even Hao Lu, who was envying Wang Quyang a moment ago, frowned. Wang Quyangs daughter actually had the guts to chase His Highness and his family out of the Wang Family Manor!

Complex emotions filled Hao Lus heart.


Wang Quyang looked at Wang Meilan as he tried to confirm what Huang Chenfei said.

Wang Meilan didnt say anything, but the truth was clear for all to see.

Go! Bring Sisi over right now! Wang Quyang roared with anger as he ordered a grand elder from the Wang Family to execute his order.

Not daring to dally, the grand elder knew that things were getting serious.

Huang Xiaolong didnt say a word as he remained quietly at the side.

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Wang Sisi and her friends were planning to play some games to get rid of their pent up frustrations from their interaction with Huang Chenfei and the others when the grand elder arrived. He was called Wang Chongan, and he stopped the ladies.

Uncle Chongan, whats going on? Wang Sisi asked when she saw the flustered look on her uncles face.

The patriarch The patriarch has summoned you! Wang Chongan didnt have time to explain himself, and he continued, Hurry up! Hes waiting for you in front of the main hall!

Now?! Wang Sisi pouted. We have stuff to do. Well head over in a little bit.

She didnt bother about the fact that she chased the members of the Huang Family away. After all, she was a princess in her fathers eyes, and even if she arrived late, he wouldnt scold her.

Wang Chongan panicked when he heard her response. The patriarch is raging right now, and Lord Hao Lu is also present! They are all waiting for you!

Raging?! Lord Hao Lu?! Wang Sisi found it weird and she continued to ask, Why is my father angry? She thought about it, and realized that she hadnt messed up recently. He shouldnt be angry with her, right?

She remained obediently in the manor for half a month, and she couldnt cause trouble even if she wanted to.

Wang Chongan realized that there was no point in explaining himself to her and he grabbed her arms. As he dragged her away, he cried out, Ill explain it to you on the way there!

Wang Sisis friends looked at each other in surprise.

Should we Should we go over and take a look? The lady who scolded Huang Xiaolong and the others was the first to suggest.

All of them nodded their heads as they followed closely behind.

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They really wanted to know what could make the Wang Family Patriarch rage.

Wang Sisi couldnt help but ask, Uncle Chongan, whats going on?!

Sisi, did you chase the Third Young Lady and her family away?

Who are you talking about? Wang Sisi failed to react in time, and she didnt think that Wang Chongan was referring to Wang Meilan.

Shes the sister of the patriarch, and we arranged to pick them up from the airport when they came!

Oh? Those bumpkins from the mainland? Wang Sisi sneered.

Did you actually do it?! Wang Chongan felt his heart thumping in his chest when he saw how nonchalant she was acting.

She nodded her head, and she snorted, Yeah. Uncle Chongan, you might not know what happened, but they scoffed at the rooms my father prepared for them! I told them that they could leave if they didnt like it!

Wang Chongan might not know what happened during their interaction, but he got the big picture.

Young lady, when you meet the patriarch and the third young lady later, you have to apologize to them! Wang Chongan warned.

Why should I?! Wang Sisi snapped. They should be the ones to apologize!

By the time she was done, they arrived.

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Wang Chongan didnt have time to explain, and he warned her quietly, Stop it! Your aunts son seems to be an important figure. We shouldnt offend him.

Wang Sisi pouted, but she didnt think too much about it. To her, her Wang Family was a superpower in Hong Kong, and she felt that there was no one she couldnt afford to offend. After all, they were extremely well connected in Hong Kong.

Wang Chongan soon brought the group of girls to Wang Quyang.

Daddy! Wang Sisis temper changed the moment she arrived. A sweet smile formed on her face and she greeted the other experts of the family, Uncles

Forcing a smile on their faces, the grand elders didnt know how to react. Normally, they would allow her to do what she wished. But

Wang Quyang forced himself to be serious as he snapped at her, Sisi, did you chase your third aunt out of the manor?!

Wang Sisi felt her heart trembling in fear when she heard her fathers tone, but the fear disappeared when she knew that no punishment would befall her anyway. Daddy, you arranged for them to live in our manor, and they didnt even thank us! They picked on every small detail, and when I told them off, they yelled at me! I told them to leave if they didnt like it here.

I wouldnt lie to you! Since they want to leave, why should I beg them to stay?!

Wang Quyang didnt dare to allow his daughter to continue speaking and he quickly snorted, Enough! He turned to look at Wang Meilan and a brilliant smile formed on his face, Meilan, I spoiled this little girl In fact, I wasnt considerate enough when I arranged for your residence. Alright. Ill let her apologize to you and well call it at that. What do you think?

Hao Lu shook his head silently at the side when he heard what Wang Quyang said. It seemed as though the man had no idea how serious things were now that he chased Huang Xiaolong out of his residence. With Huang Xiaolongs status, it would be a miracle if disaster didnt befall the Wang Family now that Wang Sisi humiliated his entire family. How could an apology suffice?

When he learned that the Wang Family expected Huang Xiaolong to squeeze in a room with other people, he knew that things were basically over for the Wang Family.

Wang Quyang was clearly belittling Huang Xiaolong. To make things even worse, he insulted Huang Xiaolongs family!

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Wang Meilan hadnt said anything when Wang Sisi screamed in anger, Nonsense! Why should I be the one to apologize?! Who do they think they are?! As soon as she spoke, she turned to walk away.

You! Wang Quyang was enraged, and he yelled at her, Get back here right now!

Ignoring him, Wang Sisi continued to walk away.

Even though his face turned green with anger, Wang Quyang turned to Wang Meilan and the others and he explained, Meilan, you have to forgive this kid. When her anger subsides in two days, Ill get her to apologize.

Two days?!

Huang Xiaolong who remained silent all this while finally spoke up, Theres no need for an apology. Were leaving. As soon as he spoke, he left the Wang Family Manor.


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