Chapter 3419: Chapter 3419: Envying Wang Quyang

Chapter 3419: Envying Wang Quyang

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Afraid that they wouldnt recognize her, Wang Sisi continued, Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My father is Wang Quyang, and hes the current patriarch of the Wang Family.

Wang Meilans expression finally changed when she heard her nieces haughty tone.

Do you really think that we like to stay in this dilapidated shack of yours? Huang Chenfei roared in rage, The place we live in is several thousand times better than this!

Were leaving! Huang Chenfei snapped.

Wang Meilan looked at Huang Xiaolong, and he nodded slightly.

Eventually, Wang Meilan chose to give in.

The members of the Huang Family made their way to the entrance of the Wang Family.

When they passed by Wang Sisi, Huang Chenfei grumbled, The cars you sent to pick us are the worst we have ever been in

Wang Sisi was stunned for a second, but rage filled her heart when she realized that he was referring to the cars her father specially arranged for the members of the Huang Family.

If you leave, dont ever think of coming back! Wang Sisi snapped.

In the future, even if your father kneels for an entire year in front of our manor, we wont be back. Huang Xiaolong said coldly.

The lady who sneered at Huang Chenfei a moment ago fanned the flames at the side. They are too arrogant. Who the hell do they think they are? Do you need me to get someone to teach them a lesson?

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Yeah! Theyre just a bunch of bumpkins from the mainland! Do they know who theyre talking to?!

Wang Sisis friends snapped angrily.

Her friends were the descendants of several upstart families in Hong Kong, and their families werent strong enough to stand in the upper echelon of the world. It was no wonder they had no idea who they were dealing with.

After thinking about it, Wang Sisi shook her head. Nevermind. Whatever the case, it wouldnt be appropriate for them to cripple her aunt.

Caretaker Chen Dong stood there silently and he didnt know what to say when he watched them leave.

You can return. When my father asks, you can tell them that the members of the Huang Family left in a fit of rage after complaining about the size of the room. Wang Sisi ordered.

Yes. Chen Dong replied.

When Wang Sisi looked at their leaving figures, she harrumphed, Humph. Our manor is located in the middle of the mountain, and theres no need to send them off. They can walk down to the station themselves.

Chen Dong didnt dare to go against Wang Sisis order and he nodded obediently.

When left the courtyard, Huang Chenfei spoke to Wang Meilan, Mum, I told you that they wouldnt necessarily welcome us when we come. Look at what happened

Wang Meilan paused for a second, and he explained, Your uncle is receiving guests, and the Wang Family Manor might really be out of rooms.

Humph. Do you really believe them? I swept the area with my divine sense a moment ago. There are more than thirty empty rooms in the heart of the manor. Its fine if they refuse to let us use them. They even arranged the furthest rooms for us! Do they really think that well make a mess of the place?

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Wang Meilan didnt say anything in response.

As a Golden Core Realm cultivator, she made a sweep of the manor when she entered. She discovered the rooms long before they were brought into the manor.

I heard that the Xilai Hotel is pretty good. Ill get someone to arrange two presidential suites for us right now. Huang Xiaolong interrupted.

The Xilai Hotel was one of the most famous hotel chains in the world! They had branches all over the world!

Xiaolong, will we really be able to get a presidential suite there? I heard that the Xilai Hotel is extremely popular! People might not even be able to book an ordinary room there! Huang Chengfei raised a single eyebrow in shock.

Wang Meilan and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong.

All of them were familiar with the Xilai Hotel, and they knew how difficult it was to book a normal room there.

However, Zhang Yuhan chuckled at the side. Have you all forgotten Xiaolongs position on Earth now? If the strongest person in the world cant get a room there, he wont deserve his reputation!

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in amusement, Relax. They might not have ordinary rooms, but they will definitely keep several presidential suites empty. Moreover, the Xilai Hotel is owned by the Wharton Family, and their old ancestor is my subordinate.

The Wharton Family was one of the largest families in Western Europe. They were also an ancient family whose history extended back several hundred years.

When their conversation was going on, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived at the entrance of the Wang Family. Just as he was about to contact the old ancestor of the Wharton Family, a group of people left the main hall of the residence.

There were several grand elders of the family following behind Wang Quyang, and they walked behind an old man with a face full of white beard.

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Elder Lu, we will have to count on you for the project well be working on. Wang Quyang spoke respectfully.

The old man nodded slightly and he didnt bother putting on airs. Relax. Our patriarch is extremely interested in the project. He hopes that we will be able to work together well.

Wang Quyang laughed, Elder Lu, it will be great if you can put in a good word for us with your patriarch.

When the bearded old man saw the group of people standing in his way, his eyes widened in shock and his mind went blank. He didnt bother replying Wang Quyang.

The grand elders of the Wang Family were surprised, and they looked at the members of the Huang Family who were standing at the entrance.

Elder Lu, this

Elder Lu ignored Wang Quyang as he rushed towards Huang Xiaolong. He whispered softly, Your Highness, is that you?

Your Highness?!

Wang Quyang and the others were cultivators, and they were slightly shocked at the sudden change. Why would Elder Lu call some random guy His Highness? The Hao Family didnt seem to have someone named that, right?

As Huang Xiaolong wasnt facing Hao Lu, the old man failed to recognize Huang Xiaolong.

When he finally turned around, Hao Lu jumped in fright as he fell to his knees. Hao Lu of the Hao Family greets Your Highness!

Hao Lu didnt know that Your Highness would be here, and I hope

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Before he could complete his sentence, Huang Xiaolong interrupted him. Enough. You can get up now. He looked at Wang Quyang and the others. From what he could see, Wang Quyang and the others were hosting Hao Lu of the Hao Family.

Lets go. Huang Xiaolong spoke to Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan after allowing Hao Lu to get to his feet.

Hold it! Wang Quyang stopped them, and he yelled, Third sister, is that you?!

Third sister?!

Hao Lu wasnt the only one who was stunned. The members of the Wang Family stared at Wang Meilan in shock.

It was especially so for Hao Lu. He felt a bolt of lighting running through his mind.

Was the Wang Family actually connected to the godly Huang Family?!

Wouldnt that mean that Huang Xiaolong was Wang Quyangs

If the news got out, the entire city would tremble! The more he thought about it, the more Hao Lu started to envy Wang Quyang.


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