Chapter 3418: Chapter 3418: We Can Leave

Chapter 3418: We Can Leave

It would take slightly more than an hour for them to arrive in Hong Kong.

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By the time they touched down, it was slightly over 5 p.m. Several cars were already waiting to pick them up by the time they arrived.

The convoy consisted of four jet-black Audi, and every single one of them was as expensive as the BMW Huang Xiaolong got for the members of the Huang Family.

Zhang Yuhan whispered in Huang Xiaolongs ear, Seems like the family on your mothers side is doing pretty well here!

Indeed. They were definitely pretty well off if they could send over four cars worth a hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones each. They would never be able to do something like that if they were a small family.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly. They hadn't been in contact for a long time, and from what he remembered, no one from his mothers side of the family came over to visit. Wang Meilan probably came from a super family, and they despised Huang Jiyuan for being a member of the branch family. As such, they never bothered to visit.

That was also the reason Huang Xiaolong hadnt seen them before.

Today, the Wang Family probably sent over the cars to pick them up as a formality. After all, the two families had no ties to speak of.

Naturally, they had no idea how terrifying Wang Meilans background was. If they knew that she was Huang Xiaolongs mother, the entire family would be present in the airport.

Huang Xiaolong didnt explain the intricacies to Zhang Yuhan. Instead, he chuckled, Youre doing pretty well for yourself. Patriarch Zhang, no one in the Zhang Family will dare to go against your order!

Zhang Yuhans status in the family was unshakable due to her relationship with Huang Xiaolong.

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Humph! Youre always bullying me! Zhang Yuhan pouted. Youre the strongest person in the world A patriarch like me is nothing in front of you! Even though she was complaining, a sweet feeling lingered in her heart.

The cars traveled along the streets, and Zhang Yuhan saw the prosperous city outside. Theres so many things to eat in Hong Kong, and their pancakes are the best! Oh, theres also ice cream

Huang Xiaolong stared at her in stunned silence.

Have you been here before?

A happy little smile formed on her face when she realized that she had more experience than Huang Xiaolong in something. Of course!

Hahaha, why dont you bring me around later?

A sweet giggle left her lips. Alright, taking into account great hero Huangs assistance, the weak little Zhang Family Patriarch shall bring you around!

Huang Xiaolong chuckled happily in response.

The two of them seemed to have returned to the time in their youth, when everything was going great.

An hour later, the car arrived at one of the luxurious waterfront manors in the southern part of the city.

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Even though the manor was large, it was one tenth of the area of the Blue Dragon Orchard at best. However, Hong Kong was a city with little land to spare. As such, the price of such a manor would be sky high.

The person who received the Huang Family was a middle aged caretaker, and he was really polite. He spoke to Wang Meilan, Are you Young Lady Meilan? The old master is entertaining a guest at home, and he arranged for me to bring you to your place of residence. When hes done, I will bring you over to meet him.

The old master was Wang Meilans older brother, and Huang Xiaolong frowned when he heard what he said.

Entertaining a guest?

They came all the way over from the mainland, and the other party chose to greet some other guests when he knew they were coming! No Not even a single member of the family came over to welcome them!

That was a little overboard. It was clear that they didnt care about their relatives at all.

Its fine. Well go over when my brother is free. Wang Meilan wasnt too affected, and she dismissed the fact.

Young Lady Meilan, please. He brought everyone into the manor.

How are my parents right now? Wang Meilan asked.

The old patriarch and his wife have been in seclusion all this time. They havent been out in a long time, and they are trying to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm. The middle aged man laughed, Now, the old master makes the decision in the family.

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Joy filled Wang Meilans heart. Wont that mean that my parents are going to enter the Nascent Soul Realm soon?


When Wang Meilan spoke to the caretaker, Huang Xiaolong realized that they were veering further and further from the main manor.

Huang Jiyuan and the others also noticed, and frowns were forming on their faces.

Noticing the look on their faces, the caretaker explained, We dont have too many rooms in the residence, and Young Lady Sisi has a lot of friends who will stay here when they visit. There are only two guest rooms in the eastern part of the residence, and Ill have to apologize in advance.

Two guest rooms in the eastern part of the residence?! Huang Chenfei flew into a rage. You arranged two rooms for the eight of us?!

Moreover, they were sent to the rooms in a corner of the residence!

It was clear that the members of the Wang Family didnt care much about Wang Meilans family.

They even thought of squeezing Wang Meilan, Huang Wen, and Zhang Yuhan into a room while leaving the other for the five men.

Huang Chenfei might be rash, but even the normally calm Huang Jiyuan was enraged. No matter what, he was considered a son-in-law of the Wang Family! Who would have thought that they would insult him after he came all this way to visit them?

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The caretaker frowned when he was questioned by Huang Chenfei. This is an order from the old master! If you have something against it, bring it up when you meet him!

Huang Chenfei roared, Were leaving! Its not like we wont have a place to stay Who do they think they are?! Theyre just a mere Wang Family. Its not like were begging them for something!

Wang Meilan was shocked, but she didnt know which side to speak up for.

Sisi, are these your relatives? Why are they causing trouble here? One of the ladies who were walking towards them spoke all of a sudden.

Wang Sisi turned to the caretaker and asked, Caretaker Chen Dong, whats going on?

Explaining the situation hastily, the ladies couldnt help but sneer, Its no wonder theyre acting like barbarians! Theyre from the mainland! Do they think that anyone can live in the Wang Family Manor? Humph. Its good that they got two guest rooms. Why are they grumbling?

Wang Sisi turned to Huang Xiaolong and snapped, If not for the fact that my father is willing to recognize you guys as our relatives, do you think that well send people over to pick you up from the airport? You can leave if you want. No one will stop you.

Her father was precisely the person the caretaker called their old master, Wang Quyang.


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