Chapter 3415: Chapter 3415: Pangu Treasury

Chapter 3415: Pangu Treasury

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The Heavenless Devil Ancestors brain was spinning when he saw Huang Xiaolong approaching. Huang Huang Xiaolong, the Pangu Immortal Cave is left behind by Lord Pangu! Why dont we split it four ways?!

You might be strong, but you wont be able to take the entire treasury for yourself!

If the three of us join hands, we wont be afraid of you!

The Heavenless Devil Ancestor reappeared beside the other two as soon as he spoke.

He was clearly trying to pull the Heaven Piercing Sage and the beast over to his side. Indeed. They locked on to Huang Xiaolong with their auras the moment they heard what he said.

Huang Xiaolong continued on towards the Heavenless Devil Ancestor expressionlessly.

Fellow Cultivator Heaven Piercer and Jade Sea, Huang Xiaolong defeated Rulai along with the experts of the western continent during the Gathering of the Immortal Peaches in the Immortal World! We will only be able to deal with him if we work together. Otherwise, none of us will be able to escape! The treasury will fall into his hands!

What?! The faces of the other two changed.

Heavenless nodded. Thats right. He used a single palm to send all of them flying. Rulai is currently suppressed under the Five Finger Mountain, and no one knows if hes still alive. If we choose to work alone, we will die a miserable death! He will definitely kill us all in order to keep the news of the Pangu Immortal Cave from the outside world!

Their hearts shook a little when they heard what the old devil said.

With a complicated expression appearing on his face, the Heaven Piercing Sage eventually nodded.

The beast took a little longer, but he eventually agreed.

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Huang Xiaolong couldnt care less. No matter how strong they were, it was only relative to the other experts of the Pangu World. They were nothing he couldnt deal with with a single punch.

Back in the World of Departed Souls, the Extreme Bliss Celestial Emperor, Fu Luosen, and more than ten thousand experts formed an alliance against him. Even so, all of them were killed!

The experts there were some of the strongest experts in their respective celestial kingdoms!

If they were to compare raw strength, they were hundreds of times stronger than Heavenless and the other two.

Huang Xiaolong muttered, Alright, you can make your move now. Since he was going to deal with them anyway, he could do it all at once.

The three of them looked at each other silently, but the Heavenless Devil Ancestor transformed before the others could react. Devil qi filled the skies and he hid himself in the mix.

The Heaven Piercing Sage released even stronger sword qi compared to before.

Four swords flew around him, and they were the Immortal Punishing, Immortal Slaying, Immortal Trapping, and Immortal Extermination Swords!

Lightning filled the Pangu Immortal Cave all of a sudden.

With the power of all four swords, not even existences who lived since the start of the creation of the world could hide.

As for the Jade Sea Golden Eyed Beast, it summoned a tsunami that swept towards Huang Xiaolong. As the sea had been refined by the beast, a single drop of water was as heavy as a thousand mountains!

No matter how strong ones physical body was, they would most probably turn into meat paste if the tsunami struck them!

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Huang Xiaolong raised his right arm and he tore through the devil qi in the air. He grabbed the Heavenless Devil Ancestor by the neck and dragged him out.

At the same time, his left hand sent all four swords flying. Taking the tsunami on with his body alone, a burst of golden light emerged from his body and it formed a sphere that shot towards the Jade Sea Golden Eyed Beast.

He shattered the tsunami in the blink of an eye, and the golden sphere crashed into the beasts chest.

The Jade Sea Golden Eyed Beast felt an incomparably powerful force crashing into its body, and despite its strong defense, it felt its body falling apart.

As for the Heavenless Devil Ancestor, fear filled his eyes when he saw what Huang Xiaolong did. He couldnt wrap his head around how someone could be so strong, and the most frightening part was that the other party wasnt even a God of Creation!

Naturally, he could tell that Huang Xiaolong was still half a step away from entering the God of Creation Realm.

Like himself, Huang Xiaolong was at the peak of the Dao Venerable Realm. They were both in the perfection stage, and he didnt understand how their strengths deferred by so much!

The Heaven Piercing Sage and the Jade Sea Golden Eyed Beast were equally as shocked.

They didnt believe the Heavenless Devil Ancestor when he spoke of Huang Xiaolongs achievements a second ago, but now, fear filled their hearts.

When they joined hands, they knew that even if they couldnt fight against existences in the God of Creation Realm, they were invincible under the God of Creation Realm! Despite that, they were crushed by Huang Xiaolong before he used his full strength!

Huang Xiaolong tightened his hands a little and the Heavenless Devil Ancestor felt like his body was about to burst apart.

I know that you can reconstruct your physical body as long as your black lotus is intact. Huang Xiaolong sneered. However, I can ensure you live a life worse than death even with the ability to come back to life!

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The Heavenless Devil Ancestors expression finally changed.

The nirvana flame emerged and surrounded the old devil.

Miserable screams filled the skies.

The Heaven Piercing Sage and the Jade Sea Golden Eyed Beast watched on with horror in their eyes.

The Heavenless Devil Ancestors formless body would never be affected by ordinary flames. However, they were shocked to hear his screams.

Since the Pangu World trained in the way of immortality, they followed a fundamentally different cultivation system from the Blazing Dragon World and the Huang Long World. As such, the Heavenless Devil Ancestor and the others had no idea what the nirvana flame was.

Even so, he was as strong as Huang Dinghai and the others.

Half an hour passed in the blink of an eye.

After the old devil was refined by the nirvana flame, he submitted to Huang Xiaolong.

As for the Heaven Piercing Sage, he handed the Pangu Sword over obediently. The Jade Sea Golden Eyed Beast agreed to serve Huang Xiaolong.

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The fact that the Jade Sea Golden Eyed Beast received Pangus guidance before shocked Huang Xiaolong.

Do you know where Emperor Pangu is now? Huang Xiaolong asked.

Since the creation of the world, I havent seen the old emperor.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong allowed the Heavenless Devil Ancestor to get up and he kept the Pangu Sword. He brought all of them towards the entrance of the Pangu Treasury, and he tore through the restrictions around it.

The Pangu Treasury obviously contained a shocking amount of wealth. There were creation-grade pills, pseudo creation-grade flying ships, and countless grand dao spiritual veins. The amount of precious herbs were uncountable.

Huang Xiaolong kept the Pangu World Creation Pills and left the rest to the Heaven Piercing Sage and the Jade Sea Golden Eyed Beast. As for the Heavenless Devil Ancestor, he could be begging on the streets for all Huang Xiaolong cared. They didnt leave him a single herb.

With a painful expression, the Heavenless Devil Ancestor watched as they split the treasures among them.

The Pangu Immortal Cave was a priceless treasure, but Huang Xiaolong didnt take it away.

After they left, Huang Xiaolong went back to look for Sun Wukong and the others. He had been gone for an hour.


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