Chapter 3407: 3407

Chapter 3407: Rulai Vomits Blood

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The expression on the faces of those spectating the battle changed when they felt the terrifying energy coming from Rulai. Even the sages who were said to be on the same level as Rulai took several steps back.

After receiving the boost from the immortals of the western continent, Rulai’s aura was too horrifying!

A look of pain appeared on Ying Gou’s face when he felt the aura coming from Rulai’s body. His expression was twisted, and he failed to control the power surging through his body. He felt as though the corpse qi in him was getting purified, and he was like an ordinary mortal who was thrown into a furnace.

Sun Wukong wasn’t faring much better as demonic qi started to emerge from the top of his head.

Before it could get any worse, Huang Xiaolong reached out and a beam of icy blue light formed a wall around them. No matter how shocking Rulai’s aura was, it failed to penetrate the pillar of ice qi. The blue wall seemed to trap Rulai’s buddhist energy in the Kunlun Mountain!

Ying Gou and Sun Wukong slowly recovered.

With his expression sinking, a staff appeared in Rulai’s hand. It was the Evil Suppressing Scepter, and it was comparable to the Dharma Prayer Beads in terms of power. It was extremely effective against creatures of evil.

A green flag appeared in his other hand.

When the buddhas and holy beings of the western continent saw the items in Rulai’s hand, they sucked in a cold breath in disbelief.

Even when he summoned the Dharma Prayer Beads previously, they didn’t react so strongly. One could only imagine how special the green flag was!

It was the Green Lotus Treasure Flag, and it was an innate treasure created during the formation of the world!

There were five flags in total, and the other four were the White Cloud Boundary Flag, Mysterious Essence Water Flag, Chi Flame Radiant Flag, and the Fifth Direction Gold Flag. If one managed to gather all five flags, they would be invincible under the heavens!

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They would really be an invincible existence!

Even with his twenty petaled golden lotus, Rulai wouldn’t be able to defeat anyone who gathered all five flags.

Raising the Evil Suppressing Scepter, a ray of golden light tore through the space and smashed into the wall created by Huang Xiaolong.

A giant hole was formed in the wall, and cracks started to appear all around it. The icy qi all around disappeared when Rulai’s buddhist energy crashed against it.

Once again, an endless amount of buddhist energy swarmed towards Huang Xiaolong’s group.

The faces of Sun Wukong and Ying Gou changed once again.

Ying Gou was the incarnation of the origin corpse qi, and his body was no weaker than Rulai. However, Rulai was able to receive Hong Jun’s teachings, and he was on a different level. Ying Gou was no match for Rulai especially after Rulai refined all sorts of evil suppressing artifacts.

The Evil Suppressing Scepter shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

At the same time, the Green Lotus Treasure Flag tore through the air.

Rays of white light emerged from the flag and it possessed a shocking amount of power. The light rained down on the lands as the flag covered the skies.

The white light and golden buddhist energy fused together as it flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Who would have thought that Junior Brother Rulai would be able to reach the state of nirvana…” The Lord of Primal Beginnings gasped in shock.

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During the ancient war, Rulai wasn’t as strong as he was. As such, the western continent didn’t take part in the battle.

“That’s right. Now that he has reached a state of nirvana, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to match Junior Brother Rulai.” Laozi sighed.

As the Buddha Ancestor absorbed the power of the experts from the western continent, the leader of the sages, Lao Zi, had to admit that he was no match for Rulai.

“Hahaha! That little devil Huang Xiaolong is definitely going to be defeated by the Buddha Ancestor!” The Crape Myrtle Heavenly King laughed.

“No. You’re wrong. He’s definitely going to die!” The Myriad Treasures Dao Master sneered.

“Yeah! You’re right! Hahaha! I made a mistake!” The Crape Myrtle Heavenly King chuckled.

It was at that moment they saw Huang Xiaolong raising his hand to send a punch flying towards the Evil Suppressing Scepter. As the sharpest artifact, the Evil Suppressing Scepter was said to be able to shatter artifacts at the same level! However, it slammed into Huang Xiaolong’s fist without causing a scratch.

Instead, the pointed end of the scepter shattered!

It was like a branch that snapped.

Everyone felt their jaws dropping in shock when they looked at Huang Xiaolong.

After breaking the Evil Suppressing Scepter, Huang Xiaolong’s palm came crashing down from the skies. The giant palm print crushed the Green Lotus Treasure Flag like it was nothing.

As his palm descended, the flag was sent deep into the ground.

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The faces of Rulai, Lao Zi, and the others changed.

Another punch came from Huang Xiaolong, and his aura covered the mountain.

Before his attack could land, the entire mountain range trembled under its might.

The Queen Mother of the West and the other experts present felt the blood draining from their faces.

The Kunlun Mountain existed since the start of time, and no one could shake its foundations. Now, the entire mountain seemed to be at Huang Xiaolong’s mercy!

Pressing his palms together, Rulai tried to counter Huang Xiaolong’s palm with one of his own. A golden buddha appeared behind Rulai as it clashed with Huang Xiaolong’s strike.

What happened next was of no surprise.

Huang Xiaolong’s power was like the sea, and Rulai was like a drop in the ocean when compared to him. Huang Xiaolong’s palm smashed into the Buddha Ancestor and the members of the western continent behind him.

No one was left behind as they were sent flying into the skies.

A majestic sight could be seen as the great beings of the western continents soared through the skies.

Huang Xiaolong’s attack didn’t stop there. The Kunlun Mountain was its next target and nothing remained standing after he was done.

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The mountain peak was stripped bald, and the Queen Mother of the West’s palace that was on the western part of the mountain range was ground to dust.

With wide eyes, Lao Zi and the others watched Rulai crashing into the ground. His flesh was torn open, and blood leaked from every single orifice of his body.

Golden blood stained the ground.

As he vomited copious amounts of blood, Rulai gasped for breath. Luckily for him, he was still alive. However, his golden lotus was in a sorry state. It was filled with cracks as it laid on the ground a distance away from him.

Everyone along the mountain sucked in a cold breath when they noticed Rulai’s sad state. The Buddha Ancestor was beaten half to death by a random kid!


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