Chapter 3406: 3406

Chapter 3406: Don’t Blame Me If I Don’t Take Hong Jun Into Account

Everyone jumped in joy when they saw that Sun Wukong had already been forced to transform into his true form. They were even happier when they saw that Ying Gou was on the verge of losing control of his abilities.

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“Hahaha! Who do they think they are?! The ancestor forced them to reveal their true forms the moment he attacked! How dare someone like that call himself the Corpse King?!” One of the arhats laughed.

It provoked a sound of laughter from everyone else, and even the Heavenly Kings heaved a sigh of relief.

“Martial Brother Rulai is indeed powerful.” The Queen Mother of the West chuckled. Her radiant smile caused the Jade Emperor’s heart to waver once again.

When everyone was laughing happily, Huang Xiaolong casually reached out his hand and he seemed to make a grab at the prayer beads that were floating in the skies.

“What does he think he’s doing?” The Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva frowned.

“Does he think he can grab our ancestor’s prayer beads with his hands?!” Maitreya laughed.

Nuwa shook her head slowly. It wasn’t because she was looking down on the ‘Innate Devil Ancestor’ Huang Xiaolong, but it was because she knew how terrifying Rulai’s power was. Not even Laozi, the Lord of Primal Beginnings, or anyone present would be able to achieve such a feat!  They wouldn’t be able to defend themselves with their full strength, much less grabbing the prayer beads with their hands.

If Laozi, the Lord of Primal Beginnings, and herself wouldn’t be able to do so, she didn’t believe that Huang Xiaolong had the ability to!

Rulai snorted in amusement when he saw what Huang Xiaolong was doing. The banner in his hands started to flutter in the wind as it shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

Layers of restrictions opened in the air around the banner, and it started to turn into a massive pagoda capable of tapping the gods! 

Every single layer contained a buddhist world and they emitted radiant golden light!

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The Kunlun Mountain started to tremble as golden light enveloped the lands.

The world seemed to turn into a giant buddhist world as the golden light turned into waves that charged towards Huang Xiaolong, Sun Wukong, and Ying Gou!

Huang Xiaolong ignored the banner completely as he continued to grab at the beads.

The prayer beads might be protected by layers of formations, but they were completely useless in front of Huang Xiaolong. With an invisible hand piercing through the formations like they didn’t exist, Huang Xiaolong held the beads.

In front of everyone present, Huang Xiaolong casually pulled and the prayer beads came crashing down from the skies.

The power of the beads dissipated instantly. The power that was rampaging about Sun Wukong and Ying Gou’s body started to calm down, and everyone stared at him in disbelief.

Nuwa was shocked, and so was the Lord of Primal Beginnings and the others!

Rulai was stunned. The Dharma Prayer Beads was one of his strongest artifacts! It was able to suppress the other party, and they wouldn’t be able to use their full strength! How in the world was Huang Xiaolong able to use his power?!

How could Huang Xiaolong not be affected by the power of his prayer beads?!

With energy surging in his body, Rulai used even more power to activate the banner.

As the banner received more energy, the devouring force around it increased.

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At the same time, Rulai tried to retrieve his prayer beads.

In the instant Huang Xiaolong grabbed at the beads, the space around the banner started to shift. The figures of Huang Xiaolong, Sun Wukong, Ying Gou, and even the Holy Phoenix started to distort in the eyes of everyone present.

Their figures started to turn blurry, and they seemed to be sucked into the world contained in the banner.

The first person to be sucked in was Sun Wukong.

When Sun Wukong messed about in the Heavenly Palace in the past, no one managed to contain him. He was strong, and he became even stronger after Huang Xiaolong gave him a little help. He reached a whole new level of strength, but it was a pity he was up against Rulai, one of the six sages of the saint world!

The power of the banner was just too strong!


When Sun Wukong disappeared into the world contained by the banner, everyone cheered.

Ying Gou transformed into a sea of corpse qi as he tried to resist the power of the banner.

As a sneer left Rulai’s lips, he knew that it was a matter of time before Ying Gou was captured. After all, the Divine Banner was able to suppress all evil in the world. No matter how strong the corpse qi was, it would eventually be suppressed by his buddhist energy.

Rulai turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

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He wanted to see how the little brat would resist the unstoppable might of the Divine Banner.

Nuwa and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong in anticipation.

Raising a single finger, Huang Xiaolong pointed at the banner. A ray of light tore through the terrifying buddhist energy around the banner, and it slammed directly into the artifact.

A massive hole was blown through the giant banner that spanned god knew how many miles long.

Those standing along the Kunlun Mountain would have mistaken the Divine Banner for a piece of flimsy paper if not for the fact that it managed to suppress Sun Wukong a second ago.

With the appearance of the massive hole, the buddhist energy that filled the skies popped like a balloon. The banner shrank and fell to the ground. The golden light disappeared completely, and it became no different from a broken tree branch.

Sun Wukong who was sucked into the buddhist world reappeared beside Huang Xiaolong.

With the sudden destruction of the Divine Banner, Rulai received a massive backlash. He retreated and crashed into countless tables filled with divine fruits and herbs. The immortal peaches scattered across the ground as though they were cabbages that grew at the side of the road.

The twenty petaled golden lotus below Rulai started to dim.

As everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock, silence descended on the lands.

The strongest expert in the western region, one of the six sages, Buddha Ancestor Rulai, was defeated with a single strike from Huang Xiaolong!

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Huang Xiaolong remained expressionless. Rulai was the strongest expert he met since he stepped into the Pangu World, but he was comparable to the Extreme Bliss Celestial Emperor he ran into in the World of Departed Souls.

In the World of Departed Souls, Huang Xiaolong killed the Extremely Joy Celestial Emperor who had eight hundred million units of grand cosmos energy. They were nothing in front of Huang Xiaolong then, much less the current him.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Rulai and stated, “I’ll spare your life after taking Hong Jun’s reputation into account. If you make another move on us, you can’t blame me for dealing with you.”

Rulai’s expression was ugly to the extreme after he was forced to retreat. After hearing what Huang Xiaolong said, he felt even more humiliated.

“Preposterous!” Rulai growled. “You barely managed to gain the upperhand during the exchange! Do you really think you can beat me?!” After he spoke, the golden light around his body started to swirl. “All buddhas to their position!”

Every single saint who came from the western continent rose into the skies. They appeared behind Rulai, and they seemed to become a single being.

With the support of the various buddhas and arhats, the light around Rulai increased in intensity once again. It seemed to possess the power to suppress the heavens!


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