Chapter 3405: Chapter 3405: Buddha Rulai’s Kill

Chapter 3405: Buddha Rulais Killing Intent

Everyone was shocked to feel the murderous intent leaking out from the Buddha Ancestor.

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As the Buddha Ancestor, the skies would change when he got angry. Now that he was ready to kill, the heavens would tremble!

However, no one knew why Buddha Rulai would be so angry!

Could it be because of Huang Xiaolongs appearance?

That shouldnt be the case. After all, no one knew of any grudges Huang Xiaolong had with The Buddha Ancestor himself.

Lao Zis voice echoed through the air, enlightening those present. Thats the Holy Phoenix!

Holy Phoenix?! She was said to be the mother of the Buddha Ancestor!

As they turned to look at Huang Xiaolong who was riding on the Holy Phoenix, a terrifying thought flashed through their minds.

It was something so far fetched that they didnt dare to believe!

The looks on their faces turned extremely colorful when they thought about it.

The buddhas and the arhats from the west felt a sense of unease sweeping through their bodies.

If the phoenix Huang Xiaolong was riding on was really the Holy Phoenix, he would be riding on Rulais mother! How could Rulai accept something like that?!

It was no wonder Rulai was so angry!

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Under their looks of disbelief, Huang Xiaolongs party arrived above the Kunlun Mountain.

As Ying Gou had transferred his appearance to that of a human and hid his corpse qi, no one managed to recognize him.

Sweeping his gaze across those present, Huang Xiaolong asked Sun Wukong, Is the Myriad Treasures Dao Master and the Golden Spirit Goddess here?

Stepping forward, Sun Wukong bowed respectfully, Your Highness, they are right there beside the Lord of Primal Beginnings!

Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned to the middle platform and he saw a young man and a young lady standing behind the Lord of Primal Beginnings. They were clad in a dao robe that was protected by countless formations. Moreover, their dao robes werent made of ordinary materials. They were made from innate artifacts that were born during the creation of the world!

As the two of them were disciples of the Heaven Piercing Sage, they possessed shocking levels of strength. However, their hearts started to pound in their chests when they noticed Huang Xiaolongs gaze.

Even though they were standing behind the Lord of Primal Beginnings, they felt a sense of fear filling their hearts. They might be strong, but they knew their place. They were far too weak when compared to the Holy Phoenix! If Huang Xiaolong managed to force the Holy Phoenix to be his mount, they were nothing more than specks of dust in his eyes!

They couldnt imagine how strong Huang Xiaolong had to be in order to force the Holy Phoenix to submit!

Speak. Where is your master? Huang Xiaolong didnt beat about the bush.

The only reason he came to the Gathering of the Immortal Peaches was to locate the Heaven Piercing Sage. He didnt wish to waste his time on formalities.

As soon as the words left his lips, the faces of Lao Zi and the others turned unsightly.

It was especially so for Rulai as killing intent raged through his heart.

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Finally unable to suppress his anger, Rulai opened his mouth and spat out an incantation.

As Buddhist runes formed around him, they transformed into phantoms of great beings as they charged at Huang Xiaolong.

The moment they emerged, the skies seemed to darken as buddhist energy enveloped the lands. The power that came from Rulai was tens of thousands of times stronger than the talisman he left on the Five Finger Mountain.

Those Immortal Emperors who were on the weaker side felt the buddhist energy transforming their bodies.

Just as the runes were about to smash into Huang Xiaolong, a bony white arm reached out from the side.

Even though the bony arm seemed to contain no power at all, it managed to stop Rulais attack. The supreme phantoms that were summoned crashed into it, but they failed to leave a mark.

The arm was like an immortal mountain that withstood the endless bombardment of buddhist energy.

When the phantoms disappeared, the bony white arm remained in its place.

Those standing around stared at the owner of the white arm in shock, and they discovered that it belonged to the other youngster who was traveling with Huang Xiaolong and Sun Wukong.

The Buddhist Ancestor, Rulai, frowned in shock.

All of a sudden, the Lord of Primal Beginnings exclaimed with a serious expression, Corpse King Ying Gou!

Corpse King Ying Gou!

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The Crape Myrtle Heavenly Emperor, and the others felt their eyelids jumping in shock.

As for the Immortal Emperors and those weaker, they stared at each other in surprise as they had never heard of Ying Gou.

Who is that?! One of the Immortal Emperors asked quietly.

Those around him shook their heads slowly.

Hes an existence who came to be during the creation of the world. He is the incarnation of the origin corpse qi of the Pangu World, and hes the ancestor of all undead creatures here. His strength is unfathomable. Someone explained. When they turned to look at the source of the voice, they were shocked to discover that Monarch Luya was standing behind them.

Bowing respectfully, they knew that as an existence who was the spirit of the Chi Flame. He was created during the creation of the world, and his seniority was close to that of the six sages on the middle platform!

When they heard Luyas evaluation of Corpse King Ying Gous strength, their expressions fell.

Ying Gou, youll be able to keep your life if you leave right now! Rulais expression fell. Otherwise, Ill suppress you under Elysium and refine your soul every day! You wont be able to reincarnate!

A sneer left Ying Gous lips. Rulai, others might be afraid of you, but Im not them! Ill give you a piece of advice. Get the f*ck out of this mountain range and stop annoying His Highness! Or else, hehehe

Or else what?! The golden light around Rulais body turned into a pillar that charged into the heavens.

Or else you wont be leaving today!

A ray of light shot out from the Buddha Ancestors eyes, and a golden lotus appeared beneath his feet. There were twenty petals on the golden lotus, and it was the lotus seat Rulai had since he attained enlightenment!

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Even though the twenty petaled lotus seat could be considered a peak-grade innate artifact, it had already surpassed the scope of power! It was connected to the fortune of the entire western buddhist continent, and nothing was able to stand in its way! Hong Jun even said that with the twenty petaled golden lotus, Rulai would be undefeatable!

A strand of beads appeared above Rulais head after the golden lotus appeared. That was his other treasure, the Dharma Prayer Beads. It had the same effect as the talisman he left on the Five Finger Mountain, but it was several times stronger! It could force the other party to return to their true form, and it possessed shocking suppressive abilities.

As if that wasnt enough, Rulai took out another artifact. It was a banner that contained endless buddhist energy. It was able to trap anyone he wished, and if he managed to capture someone, they wouldnt be able to break out unless they were stronger than Rulai himself!

Go! The prayer beads shot towards Huang Xiaolong and the rest with a single word.

Ying Gou and the others knew that they wouldnt be able to escape from the prayer beads no matter how far they flew, and Sun Wukong no longer suppressed his abilities. Releasing a heaven shaking roar, he transformed into a giant ape.

That was the true form of the Spiritual Radiant Stone Ape!

As Ying Gou was stronger, he didnt have to use his full strength to deal with Rulais attack. However, the corpse qi in his body started to go crazy and it became slightly more difficult for him to control.


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