Chapter 3404: Chapter 3404: Buddha Ancestor, Th

Chapter 3404: Buddha Ancestor, This

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Others might not know who Sun Wukong was at a glance, but when they heard the cries, their hearts trembled.

What?! Great Great Sage?!

Sun Wukong?!

They couldnt help it as the Monkey Kings reputation was well known through the lands.

The Heavenly Palace was an existence that controlled the Immortal World, but the Monkey King managed to shake it up on his own! A single existence could cause the faces of the immortals to change! When the Jade Emperor gave the order to capture the Great Sage, Li Jing, Ne Zha, and Yang Jian had to join hands in order to deal with the monkey! The battle caused the heavens to shift and the seas to tremble! In the end, the Heavenly Palace could only return in defeat!

With no other choices, the Jade Emperor could only request for the Buddha Ancestor, Rulai, to deal with Sun Wukong.

Even after he was suppressed by the Five Finger Mountain, Sun Wukongs reputation shook the three worlds.

Sun Wukong really escaped! One of the old ancestors yelled in shock.

When Huang Xiaolong saved Sun Wukong previously, there were rumors that went around.However, the Heavenly Palace suppressed the news, and many people didnt think that the Monkey King actually escaped.

Moreover, they didnt believe he could! After all, the talisman was a true treasure that belonged to Buddha Rulai! It could suppress anything under the heavens! They didnt believe anyone had the ability to save Sun Wukong.

They seem to be going towards the Kunlun Mountain! Dont tell me hes planning to crash the gathering! In the past, he sneakily ate all the immortal peaches that were more than nine thousand years old!

Who is the green robed man traveling with Sun Wukong?! Not to mention the fact that theres a youngster riding the phoenix in front of them! A look of fear could be seen on the faces of the experts.

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They stared at each other as silence fell upon the lands.

After a long time, a trembling voice rang through the skies, He He cant be Huang Xiaolong, the Innate Devil Ancestor, right?! I heard that Huang Xiaolong was the one who saved Sun Wukong from under the Five Finger Mountain!

Huang Xiaolong!

Everyone froze in mid air.

Huang Xiaolong might have appeared recently, but he killed Zhao Qi, Yang Kai, and he kidnapped the Golden Brow Arhat before killing Chen Chong! He defeated the Wudang Goddess and the Tortoise Spirit Goddess with a single blow!

His reputation had already surpassed Sun Wukong!

Did they join forces?! If thats the case, the Gathering of the Immortal Peaches will turn into a bloodbath! Someone exclaimed in shock.

One of the Immortal Kings sneered, Buddha Rulai, Goddess Nuwa, Laozi, and the Lord of Primal Beginnings will be there! With them working together, not even a hundred Sun Wukongs and Huang Xiaolongs will be enough to raise waves in the Gathering of the Immortal Peaches! Theyre rushing to their deaths!

Immortal King Bai Qi is right. With the four sages present, there is nothing to fear!

We have to hurry in case we miss the battle!

Yeah! We cannot wait to see them die!

The experts traveling over increased their speeds.

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Just as Huang Xiaolong and the others were making their way over, those who had already arrived received the news of their appearance.

The immortals in the Kunlun Mountain broke out into an uproar.

The Crape Myrtle Heavenly King sneered, Its good that theyre here. We are only afraid that they will hide in their shells somewhere.

Now that they are finally coming, they could rest assured that no one would be leaving.

When his disciple, Chen Chong, was killed by Huang Xiaolong, there had been many people saying that he was a coward for not hunting Huang Xiaolong down.

He felt a sense of anger in his heart, but he couldnt vent it no matter how hard he tried.

The Queen Mother of the West, the Jade Emperor, Buddha Rulai, Goddess Nuwa, Laozi, and the Lord of Primal Beginnings sat on the platform in the middle of the meet.

Even though Rulai was the Buddha Ancestor, he was a junior among the rest. He was younger than Lao Zi and the Lord of Primal Beginnings, and he sat at the side.

How dare the monkey come The Queen Mother of the West growled. As the organizer of the Gathering of the Immortal Peaches, she couldnt forget the time when Sun Wukong stole the peaches previously.

A trace of rage could be seen on her face.

Goddess Nuwa was considered the prettiest lady in all three worlds, the Queen Mother of the West was comparable to her. They were pretty in their own rights, and she gave off an air of temptation.

It was no wonder the Jade Emperor spent so long in his pursuit of the Queen Mother of the West.

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The Jade Emperor turned to her and spoke, Junior sister, you can rest assured, With the seniors, Huang Xiaolong and the monkey wont be able to leave this place alive.

She nodded slowly before turning to the others. I will have to trouble senior brothers and sisters in a little bit.

The two of them were attendants of Hong Jun, and even though they werent his disciples, their identities were there for all to see. When they heard what she said, they nodded in unison.

Have Myriad Treasures and Golden Spirit arrived? The Lord or Primal Beginnings asked Shen Gongbao.

Master, they are here.

The Lord of Primal Beginnings and Heaven Piercer were martial brothers, and he could be considered their martial uncle.

Huang Xiaolong is most probably here for them. Bring them over to me. The Lord of Primal Beginnings spoke.

Bowing respectfully, he quickly brought the two over.

As everyone waited for the arrival of Huang Xiaolong and the others, the few figures appeared on the horizon.

Thats Huang Xiaolong! Hes the one riding the phoenix! Someone screamed.


When everyone turned to look at the person riding the phoenix, cries rang through the skies.

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So thats Huang Xiaolong!

Sun Wukong is there too!

When everyone was focused on Huang Xiaolong and Sun Wukong, Rulais gaze turned to the phoenix. He felt a bolt of lightning running through his body, and his face that remained expressionless for hundreds of millions of years changed instantly. Anger rushed through his heart as he got to his feet. His eyes were locked onto the phoenix.

Lao Zi and the others also noticed the phoenix, and weird looks could be seen on their faces.

Ever since the world was created, the Holy Phoenix was rarely seen outside of the Fruits and Flowers Mountain. Not many people had seen the Holy Phoenix, but those sitting on the platform could definitely recognize her.

Strange looks could be seen on the faces of the other cultivators present when they noticed Rulais weird behavior.

Buddha Ancestor, this Manjushri asked.

Even though Rulai didnt open his mouth, everyone could feel the killing intent rolling off his body.


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